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Guess I'm just introducing myself and here's what I'm about I guess lol.

I'm currently doing my first grow, dr60 secret Jardine tent, 250 mh/hps light 4'' vents tt fan and vitalink bloom and feed.

My plants are a week into flower, after 3 weeks of veg from sprout. I water every 2-3 days, when top inch of soil is dried out. And feeding nutes every 3rd watering.

From what I can tell the plants have responded well throughput with no major signs of deficiency or pests. My temps ib the day are 28celsius and humidity is 39% in the night it's 21celsius and 45% humidity which from what I can see and have read isoOk for flowering.
I've been adding a small bit of my feed to my bloom when I water and I did this the 2nd day in flower. Still no signs of deficiency.

If anyone has any help or info to help me I'd be more than greatful I'm sure I'm doing some things wrong just aren't seeing them.

Thanks in advance and for all the info I currently know because it's all stuff ibe read from here anyway.


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And also any help on rotating pics cus it's annoying as hell cheers

Good job on your pg 1 summary:goodjob:

imnot sure if you can rotate on 420, i do that before i upload, sorry im no help on that subject, I did see some (4 )options under the "settings" tab on my profile/home page. one mentions enhanced editor, or something like that, i never clicked there.


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cracked it and why has this happened

Finally I found out how to upload pictures the right way here's a 3 week veg and week into flowering bag seed plant. Still waiting to determine the sex. seems to have began to form two top koalas. Strange.... Any ideas why?? Cheers guys


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Day 8 into flower 5 females and still waiting for the other 4 to show sex.

Kinda hoping for males so I can grt the maximum from the 5 I have already got.

Anyway next watering I'll be adding 1/4 strength vitalink bloom they loved the grow feed during veg so hoping this will carry on.

They're currently at 2.4 ft and thriving the temps are 30 celsius and humidity is 44% and light is about a 8 inches away. I have a fan (oscillating) running just above the canopy and below the light have done since the start. some of the stems are over an inch thick which I believe is quIte good. Will post a picture of my setup in a bit.

Thanks for reading


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Looking good. :thumb:

Are you planning any technique's (defoliation, etc) for the flowering stage? Also have you considered doing a journal to get some tag-a-longs for your journey?


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Nah never thought of it. And to be fair I hadn't planned anything for the flowrring stage as I didn't defoliate in the veg stage.

Would this stress the planta now. And I'll look on how to make a grow journal

Thanks bud


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I'm not experienced enough to give a definitive answer to that. In my opinion removing a few fan leaves is not going to stress those plants as they seem very healthy.

The only reason I asked was because that tent looks very full and I expect they are gonna get even bigger. :thumb:
If your humidity and temperatures are where you want, there is no reason to do something new. If it ain't broke don't fix it! :21:


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That's it mate I planted 9 seeds in hope for abouy 5 females so I could fill the tent nicely.

Unfortunately if that is the right word, I've ended up so far with 6 showing sex and all being females lol. I think I'm going to have to consider the charitable thing and pass a few over to a friend.

I'd be interested to here about the defoliating thing though, something that's been running through my mind. I want to maximise the light penetration....

I'm gonna have a look at the grow journal thing now might have a pop at that.

How's your crop going??

Cheers bud


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My crop is going well. Got one if flower, sour deisel, and many more on the way. I just upgraded from all cfl to an HPS 150w so Im hoping to start getting some decent yields. :wood:

If you want to read about defoliation, nobody does it better than Bassman IMO. Check this out BASSMAN STRIPS HE HOLY GRAIL KUSH

He's dwc so its goes quicker than soil, but it gives you a very good idea of the technique.

Wrong Bassman Link. Heres the right one DEFOLIATION
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Sounds good man, I definitely think you'll get better yields with that 150hps. I know someone using cfls and he struggles to get big yields. But I guess a lot of it is down to the grower.

Thanks for the link aswell mate, I'll check it put now.

Cheers dude


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Hello and welcome to 420 magazine. Here you will find pro tips and tricks that anyone can accomplish. I just completed my journal but I have lots of goodies for new growers and veteran growers alike. Its a learning process and I am still learning as well. sEnd me a message when you do decide to start a journal. Cheers
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