New Year - New Hydro Grow - 2016

Ok well I've been out of country on business for a couple weeks sorry for not updating. The wife has done a hell of a job taking care of the babies while I was away. Here are pics taken last night, which was day 3 since the light schedule was changed to 12/12
Right now I'm just having issues determining sex on them I'm waiting a few days to let them develop a little more. Maybe I got lucky and ended up with all females.

Quick question, I'm currently tly using 3.5 gallon dwc buckets filled with 2 gallons of ro water. Would it be bad to switch to a bigger 5 gallon bucket? I just need to move the method lid from 1 bucket to the other. I have to take it off to clean the buckets anyway every week I was just thinking instead of putting it back in the same bucket to put it on a bigger bucket so I don't have to add a gallon of water everyday
No problem. Bigger bucket just makes for less often water add/change.

DWC is fairly easy going on how you do it. As long as you have a good air pump and stone then the main issue that can be a challenge is water temps too high. Make sure water stays under 21C (70 Freedom units) or so, or you risk problems like root rot.
Too soon to tell I think. Soon.
Make sure you take a clone of each one and label them sepperately same as the plant you took each clone from. Then when you do find out which one is best phenotype kill the rest of the clones and only grow the best one from then on.
Another thunderpaws was removed last night due to it having balls. Now I'm down to 4 out of 6 plants. The ultimate purple has hairs so she's a female, one of the thunderpaws is a definite female she is big and bushy, viper cookies should be female since it was a feminized seed, lastly is the last thunderpaws, it still hasn't shown whether it's male or female although I'm leaning towards a female. Based on how it looks compared to the 2 males I've chopped so far. I'll post pics later tonight
I started with 4 thunderpaws seeds, 2 turned out male, the 2 left on the tent are female. The 2 that are in the tent that are female, 1 showed very early that she was female around week 4 or 5 of veg, the other just showed sex 2 days ago. The female that showed sex early is a big bush and has excellent branching and a plethora of bud sites. Where as the other female is smaller and more bushed together and less spread open, more of a compact plant. I don't ever bring the plants in a room with white light they stay in that tent until harvest. I just switch out the bottom buckets with new nutes and fresh water every week. But I can try to take some pics with the lights off next time. Below are pics of just the thunderpaws that are female that are left in the tent
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