New Year - New Hydro Grow - 2016

Thanks, i usually use Attitude, or True North since their orders usually arrive pretty fast, This order though for some reason has taken forever. I did check the status of the order today and today it was updated saying that it has been shipped. So hopefully within the next 10-14 days I should receive the package with my seeds.

Ultimate Purple is growing out its set of 3 bladed leaves. The Thunderpaws are still growing out their first set of true leaves. The Thunderpaws already has roots growing out from the bottom. The stretch seems to have stopped on the seedlings so that's a good thing.

Ok so now that I have my lights in the tent up, the ac unit I'm getting this weekend. I decided to kind of plan out my grow a little bit. Since I am going to be mainlining the Ultimate Purple, this should allow ample time to get another seed caught up, Mainlining also requires me to top the plant, so when it gets its first topping, I will take the top as a clone and have it veg along with its mother, At some point I will also be popping that viper cookies, and that will make 3 plants in the veg room, when I switch the ultimate purple to flower, I will moster crop it at the 2 week mark of flower, and move those to the veg tent. After a couple weeks, the clones should be ready to go into flower, to join the mother, by the time its ready to be monster cropped, the first ultimate purple should be ready to harvest, and each plant afterward should be ready to harvest every couple weeks after that. If I keep the cycle going and switching new strains in and out of the grow then I should be able to harvest 1-2 times per month, With the plants being mainlined and growing around a tomatoe hoop growing nothing but colas, I should get a decent harvest per plant in the flower room while keeping the size of the plants down. Or atleast that's the plan so far. I just have quite a few things to get and setup before I can implement the plan.

If I have 4 plants in flower, that would give each plant 4sqft of grow space. Enough space I'm hoping to get 6-8ozs per plant per harvest.

I still have a couple nodes to go before I can start mainlining the ultimate purple and work out my plan for the rest of the grow and see what works best.

Any ideas how I can get the Thunderpaws to show sex early so I can take some clones off of a female? Instead of having to give it weeks to show its sex, its a lot of waste to have them grow out to basically right before flower, just to take a clone or 2 and just trash the rest of the plants. That's a lot of wasted time and energy both on my part and the plants. Theres gotta be a faster easier, and or better way.
For sexing I usually just label them, clone them, run the first batch in flower with the rest of my grow. They will show sex within 10 days. Then pull and discard the males. Once first harvest complete pick best pheno and discard the other females.
If you want to know sooner then flower them separate from the rest of the grow right away under a separate 12h cfl. That way you can start as soon as they are big enough to clone. But no need to rush they can go together with your other plants.
Ok so I got the ac yesterday, but the wife wanted to be cheap and got the floor model. Which didn't come with the hard plastic vent hose so that had to be ordered. I jimmy rigged it just for a few days until it arrives. The temps were steady at 73F all night long and that was with the tent finally completely all sealed up to allow the CO2 to accumulate in the tent.

I also transplanted the Thunderpaws into their own pots. I picked up 2 more buckets and a pump yesterday to accommodate all the plants I plan on growing. This way if all the Thunderpaws turn out to be female then I won't lose any yoeld. Here's a before and after
No need for a bigger fan I just needed the ac. My fan has always moved out enough air for my size of space. But more than doubling my lights and not having a source of cool air to get sucks into the tent by the fan was my issue. Now once I get the vent I'll vent it in the bucket like planned. Last night the temps were 73 and 74 so I'm right on the mark where I want to be. I just didn't like going higher than 86 degrees. Once I vent it in the bucket I'll be able to seal the room and bring the temps down even more. But thanks for the advice I'll keep it in mind for bigger grows
I've grown with hps and MH for years until I found a great company that makes full spectrum led panels. I e tried and tested many until I found the right ones. I no longer need any of the ballasts or bulky hoods that take up valuable grow space. In a 4ftx4ftx6.5ft area I would lose at least 8 inches of grow space from the top. Not to mention the added electric bill from running all the ballasts. Having to have the intake fan and an exhaust fan, plus the pain in the ass of switching from MH to hps between stages. And the costs of the bulbs. My electric bill is 1/3 of the cost it use to be. And I have more grow space in my tent with the hood ouy of the way, I can have the lights just a couple inches from the top of the tent and grow 6ft tall plants where as before it was about 4ft plants due to the lost space and heat from hps bulbs. That was a massive increase in yield per plant. I also supplement with CO2 so I can go to higher temps if needed due to living in the desert and it not getting cold where I live I needed to be able to hit the higher temps I just don't like to only if necessary.
High Sci, hope all is well!

Had to take a break and lost the end of your last grow but I'm happy there's a new one that I'm able to catch from the start this time around :cheesygrinsmiley:

Sorry if you posted about it already but did you get that rotating garden? :Namaste:
Yes I did its been setup now for over a month at the commercial grow.

Ok so its been a few days and a few things have happened. First I got my seeds yesterday from Bonza, it came with a wallet case for a galaxy note 3. That was a pretty cool gift to get with the seeds. Once I got them I went ahead and started to germinate 1 of the beans from Moxie the strain is called Viper Cookies. Its been about 24 hours since starting the germination via paper towel method and nothing yet but tomorrow I should see a taproot and be able to transplant it to the cloner box.

The ladies have had a bucket change on Saturday night, and will get new nutes either this week or next depending on how things go. The Ultimate Purple just had a small part of its root pop out of the bottom of the 4in rockwool cube. The Thunderpaws, have not popped through the rockwool yet.

All of the plants were showing signs of overwatering for the last couple days. I was dipping a shotglass into each bucket and pouring the shotglass over the rockwool cubes, to help the rapid start actually hit the roots and help them develop faster. I think that along with not having any hydroton at the bottom of each netpot were the problems. Today before lights off I added a layer of hydroton on the bottom of each netpot and I have not used the shotglass since yesterday. Maybe another day or 2 and they will straighten out now. I have noticed I usually have this issue if I don't have that layer of hydroton at the bottom of the netpot, or even until then roots come out of the rockwool. I'm assuming that's because while its all in the rockwool and the rockwool being too moist its hard to oxygenate the roots, but once the roots come out and have that inch of air and grow into the bubbles into the bucket I no longer have this issue, I am just doing my best until roots pop out. So hopefully now that they have started to pop out of the Ultimate Purple it will start to perk up.

The Ultimate Purple is growing well, minus the droopy leaves from the overwatering or under oxygentation. Right now it is sitting 4 nodes tall and growing out its 5th, the Thunderpaws are just 1 node behind the Ultimate Purple so they have caught up quite well.

Once the Ultimate Purple gets to node #6 I will begin mainline training on her. This will be my first attempt at this so if anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.

I did however goof up on the strains that I am growing. The Ultimate Purple and the Viper Cookies are 8wk flower strains where as the Thunderpaws are gonna be around a 10wk flower strain. And I am deciding whether or not to mainline the Thunderpaws as well. I just don't want to do all the work just to throw out a few of them and that time and energy be wasted because they turn out to be male. But then again if I don't I will lose out of potential yield by just letting it grow naturally. What do you guys suggest?

I will take and upload some pics after the lights come on tonight. I am still only using the 2 600watt led panels. I will turn on the 300 watt panel when its time to flower, and use my last 300 watt panel as side lighting for any plants that are grown without mainlining.
ok so sorry for not updating with pics last night but to be honest I got way too stoned and forgot.

My Viper Cookies popped out a taproot today so I put it in the cloner and set that up inside the grow tent. When it pops through the rockwool and roots come out through the bottom I will transplant it into a 3.5 gallon bucket.

The other plants are doing a little better sine adding in the hydroton at the bottom of the netpots. The Ultimate Purple is still a little too moist and you can tell by her leaves drooping. I do believe that it will straighten out once the roots become more exposed to air.

Here is the Ultimate Purple, Its leaves are still a little droopy, but no signs of deficiencies of toxicities yet. I am doing half strength feedings of general hydro 3 part series. 2ml of Micro, 1ml of Grow, 1ml of Bloom into each bucket along with CALMAG and Rapid Start. Once she gets 1 more node it will be time to top her down to her 3rd node, I will be turning the top I take into a clone.


Here are the Thunderpaws, 2 out of 4 of them look really well, the other 2 something happened with their leaves that made them twist like that since they came from the ground. The newer growths are all coming in normal so I am not too concerned. I also have another 12 seeds of Thunderpaws so this time around I am not going to be doing any breeding I will save that for a later date and time. I will be culling all males from the garden. And honestly I am hoping I get 1 or 2 females. I don't want them all to be female Since I need some of those buckets that are currently being used. Don't get me wrong if all 4 turn out to be female Ill be jumping for joy, but ill also be sad that I wont be able to grow more of the Ultimate Purple or more of the Viper Cookies. I was kind of hoping to be able to take a clone from each and grow them along with the mothers. I'm planning a really long veg time to fully maximize my tent. I may end up getting a couple more buckets but I would rather not lose the floor space and have that space for plant growth instead.





Here is a pic of the tent after adding in the cloner with the Viper Cookies.


That's basically it for now, today the vent for my ac should be coming in so I can keep the grow room sealed up with the ac unit inside the room. This will be especially beneficial to me when I start using the other lights to help keep the temps down inside the tent.
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