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These are the clones I will be using for the Purple Kush Grow Journal.
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This is what this grow will eventually look like.

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Sounds great. Congrats on being sponsored. I'll be sure to sub this and see the progress. There are other sponsored journal as well so this will be fun to watch.


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8/27/11 Update;

So far this is what's going on with this grow.

Rockwool Soak;

5ml B-1 (per/Gal.)

10ml Green Light Root Stimulator& Starter Soution (per Gal.)

Clonex dip.

Domed under 1-26 watt CFL. Opened after 5 days to mist. Then, every other day, to harden.

I put a few into 3 Gallon pots, may as well start there. What else,... it's been hot as hell, here in SoCal
for the last couple of weeks, so, the clones not under dome still, are under 400 watts. 77 degrees (workin' on that,...) and 30% humidity, under those lamps. I received my first nutes today (Thanks again!!). I'll update when the rest of the nutrients arrive. So far, I'm just misting the Rockwool with the same solution as above. Pictures to come!
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I have this grow mirrored on another site. One of the members wanted to know the nutrient line application rates.
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9/2/11 Update;
Sorry I haven't gotten the time for photos, and uploading until now. Enjoy!

The new nutrients are here! Had a blast unwrapping the presents.










I had a Nitrogen deficiency about a week to 10 days before these pictures were taken. I upped the ml of Farmers Pride Organic Grow (2-1-1) from 7ml, (half of the label, just to be sure for the first feeding), to the label suggested 15ml, for "Crazy Growth".


The results speak for themselves. These leaves have a shine, and the color is blue-green. They love whatever they are getting.









I should mention, I was adding 1/8th of a cup, of Hydrogen Peroxide, food grade, 3% per Gal. of solution. I'm going to stop that based on the Mycorrhizae.
So, the nutrient run down on the feed schedule is as follows (for the "Crazy Growth");

15ml Farmers Pride Organic Grow

15ml Farmers Pride Organic Bloom

5ml Farmers Pride Micro

2ml Farmers Pride K-Bud

4ml Farmers Pride Bio-Juice

4ml Farmers Pride Dark Matter

1 teaspoon of "Root Magic" Mycorrhizae powder.

I know I said I was going to give the label a run as is, but, this is the next desired move;

20ml Farmers Pride Organic Grow

No Bloom

5ml Farmers Pride Micro

No K-Bud

8ml Bio-Juice

8ml Dark Matter

3 teaspoons of "Root Magic" Mycorrhizae powder.
(24 hour “activation period” with Black Strap Molasses)

IF, the label fails (dependent upon how it fails), I'll try this.

I had heard that Bloom during Veg stage was counter-productive. Less P&K, and more N, and beneficial s.

But, again, I haven't given the label a real run yet, so, I guess, unless it breaks, I won't fix it.
I'll run the label. But, at least you know the thought process here.
Help! If you think this is off!

I like not having to mix concentrates. This is ready to use. It is smelly however.

The thermometer in the background, at least the bottom one, is off by about 6 degrees (hot).

There are brown spots on some leaves; these are from "hot spots" created by badly warped reflector from a hurried “Midnight” move.

There are some shots of 4 Juicy Fruit plants from seed in some photos. I plan on running Blue Planet nutes through them as well. In for a penny, in for a pound.

I have no idea why my camera dates the photos as 7/13/2011 ( or?). They were taken from 8/25/11 to 9/2/11. I think it’s from taking the batts out for a long time.

The clones come from my own mothers; however, all clones are dipped, and sprayed with Rose Rx 3 in 1 Fungicide/Insecticide/Miticide. Alternating each week with Neem, and Azamax. I really don’t like Mites, and PM. Even if they don’t need it they get it, at least during the Veg stage, I haven’t had any problems yet in flower.

The night before the first watering with Root Magic, I added the Root Magic and 2 teaspoons of “Black Strap Molasses”, to the feed mixture (Gal.). I kept the top off, because the molasses gets the “over 9.5 million colony forming units of “vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi” feeding and excited, which builds pressure in the gallon container. I have no idea where I heard that, but I did.

For the uninitiated, this is what that stuff is supposed to do;
“Mycorrhizae are naturally occurring fungi that assist plant roots in extracting moisture and nutrients from soil. Mycorrhizal root systems increase the absorbing area of roots 10 to 1000 times.Mycorrhizal inoculants stimulate the growth of Mycorrhizae fungi - the result is plants that require less watering and fertilization, grow more vigorously and that are less susceptible to mortality, drought, disease, stunting and transplant shock. “ Well, ok then.

I plan on vegging these for at least another month or more. I’m not in any hurry to flower them, and you should see the spectacular foot tall top cola typical of Purple Kush when you let it get a little shaggy before flipping.

Stay tuned as we can all help with the inevitable difficulties that this grow is sure to encounter. Pull up a chair, and enjoy the show. I’m goin’ full retard on this. Smokin’ and growin’ “Since1970”. :)

P.S. Some of these photos may be out of sequence.

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9/5/11 Update;
I‘ve stopped using any secondary beneficial’s. No SuperThrive, SilicaBlast, CalMag, AquaShield, or Liquid Karma. The thinking on that was bounced off of Corey, over at Blue Planet nutrients. We have a fantastic resource there, following our every move. That’s priceless, so I took advantage of it;
(Re-printed with permission)
Hey Corey!
Guess what came in the mail today,...?



Thanks so much for the opportunity!
I have a couple of questions;

I usually run SuperThrive, Liquid Karma, Silica Blast, CalMag, and Aqua Shield along with my regular nutes. Can I still continue to do this? ( see my grow journal for the mind set on this).

Is there a Kelp/Seaweed extract, similar to Liquid Karma in the Blue Planet line-up?

I think the theory on this is that Kelp and Seaweed have tremendous growth rates, often feet per day, and Botanicare wants to try to impart (whatever it is) some of those properties into Liquid Karma.

It's NPK numbers are; 0.1-0.1-0.5, so it's not just a Nitrogen boost.
Here's what Botanicare has to say;

Liquid Karma 0.1-0.1-0.5 represents a significant break through in plant nutrition. This is be cause it contains a full complement of metabolically active organic compounds not found in regular plant foods or supplements. These unique compounds are absorbed immediately and act as regulatory signals, activators or catalysts to produce synchronized and accelerated growth under all conditions. Liquid Karma functions as a growth engine because its high metabolic activity produces a large amount of energy, which is immediately transformed to growth. It contains fermented compost, Amino Acids, vitamins, plant extracts, Humic Acid, Seaweed Extract and carbohydrates.

What, if anything, is similar with Blue Planet? If there's nothing, first off, there is another potential product, (also Pest/Fungicide) and secondly that would almost force us to continue to use these additional products, along with Blue Planet nutes. Thoughts? It's late, and I'm turning in. But, I'll try to get a hold of you Saturday. Thanks so much for this opportunity Corey, I really, really appreciate it! Ttyl,
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Corey Stover to me
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The soil activator has seaweed tea and concentrated alfalfa tea in it. The alfalfa contains triacontanol which is a powerful growth regulator. The seaweed concentrate contains growth hormones that stimulate branching and root growth. The bio-juice as well as the other products also contains a ton of amino acids, vitamins, and natural chelating agents. The grow and bloom contain alfalfa meal and kelp meal as well which add a ton of minerals, vitamins, and trace elements. I use a variety of really great ingredients in my organics. I really try and throw everything including the kitchen sink into my organic line. You can run that other stuff but you really don't need it. If you do use it, please use sparingly. I know that my organic line-up is well balanced and a real winner imo. But, all the stuff you listed is really good....the super thrive is full of B-vitamins, silica is a great supplement, calmag is ok but I don't think you will need it....if you use, please use sparingly, the aqua shield...don't know what that is but I will look it up. I also want to launch some cloning products as well. I will keep you posted. I look forward to following your journals. Take care buddy!
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Best Regards,
Corey Stover
Blue Planet Nutrients

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Corey Stover to me
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oh, you are mixing the nutes with water, correct? Also, I wouldn't use any hydrogen peroxide....that stuff makes the environment too sterile. scratch a little mycorrhizae into the top few inches of the soil...that works really well.
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Since1970 to Corey
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Hey Corey!
Happy Saturday! Good to hear from you. I wonder if I could post this reply to my grow journal. You seriously know your stuff man, and putting this email out there will answer some questions subscribers have already addressed, as questions.

I have stopped using SuperThrive, and AquaShield, B1, and Liquid Karma. I have the same faith in your stuff, so I'll only run those, that-a-way, this will be a purely Blue Planet, (besides the occasional teaspoon of Molasses) grow.

I plan on cleaning up the blurred pictures on my journal. Also, was it correct to put the labels out there like that? I'll continue to improve the Grow Journals, and spread the love! I already have the 3-part trio in my cart online! Keep your chin up! Have a great evening.
On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 5:19 PM, Corey Stover <coreystover@gmail.com> wrote:
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yup, you can post it if you want :) Putting up pictures of my labels is great man. Thanks for spreading the love brother! Hey, if you ever need to ask me a question and you don't feel like typing it out, you can always call the number on my business card. Take care buddy and have a great weekend.
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Now, after a few solid hits of Blue Planet nutes, the plants seem to like it a lot. The only way to know that, was to stop everything else, but Blue Planet. Oh, there will be pictures, lol.







These all need to re-potted asap. I have re-potted the best of this bunch of clones. One took off like a shot from the gate, so I’m gonna let her be a mom. I stuck her in a 15 gallon pot. What should her name be? Lol. I think I’ll let her stick around. Purple Kush is always a good thing to have around. And its new growth was really remarkable. I’ll get an update pic soon.

I have a hypothesis;
I’ve run the nutrients up and down within the lowest label designated application rate, to the highest application rate I thought safe. The results look like this;

The plants are deep green in color, and appear very healthy, from the lowest application rate of 10ml of CNS 17 Grow to 30ml of CNS17 Grow. And, from 10 to 30ml of Blue Planet nutes, appear to have the exact same results.

The hypothesis is obvious; if the results are the same, why use more?

Unless you’re hopping them up in one way or another for a particular purpose (cloning, transplant, flower, insecticide, etc.)

Why not grow as inexpensively as possible? If it’s just a grow, with the main goal as healthy productive plants, apparently, this can be achieved with the minimum application rates. But as importantly, the nutrient line makes a difference.

If my plants look just as healthy using 10ml per gallon of CNS 17 Grow, or using 30ml of CNS 17 Grow, I prefer to use 10ml’s, for obvious reasons.

Now, if my plants look just as good using 10ml of CNS 17 which is more expensive than Blue Planet nutes, or look just as good using 10ml of Blue Planet Grow, which is a fraction of the cost, well, I prefer to spend less.

IF, the results are EXACTLY the same, no more, no less.
Which is why I’m posting this, it appears that is the case.

For those of you who like to tweak your brews, a less expensive line of nutes would allow you to add, mix, and cook up your favorite, for a lot less. Believe me, when you’re getting nuts, with the nutes, it feels a lot better knowing you’re messing with the least expensive, still effective, nutes you can play with! A good deal just feels good.

Food for thought. Stay tuned, stay high. :) :bong:
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Since1970, thanks for such a great post! I wish that more folks would look at the ingredients on my labels and compare that to what is in Botanicare products for example. As a small business owner, I have taken great care in formulating my products for superior results and I am continually making improvements on my formulations with each successive batch. Obviously, I would not be giving the stuff away if I did not believe in it :) Take care bro.


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Update Time !!
Ok! Here are the latest pictures of my Purple Kush, and the Juicy Fruit I threw in the batch.
I have a couple of concerns;
I’m concerned with the stretch of the smaller Juicy Fruit, (below). It has been directly under a 400 watt MH lamp since its sprouting. It’s getting plenty of light, however, when it was very young, I blasted the shit out of this plant, using a heavy dose of Nitrogen.


Here is its companion, this sprouted only about 6 days before the one above;

This one is bushier. In fact, it doesn’t look at all like the one above. I topped both of these plants at the same point in their development. Any idea if the Nitrogen overdose early on, is the cause of that stretching?
Interesting point;
The leaves did NOT show any signs at all, of nute burn, on the top plant, which received the Nitrogen shots. That’s my point, I wonder if there is a window of opportunity to cram a bunch of Nitrogen and force that kind of “Crazy Growth” with little or no adverse effects? Assuming, that the top plant isn’t adverse.

My other concern, are the leaves on the Purple Kush. They have not had a 5 fingered leaf ever. Since I re-potted, they have begun more predictable leaf development. I need to do this with all of the flowering plants. You can see that 2 of them have been put in 5 gallon buckets. However, as you will see, the spot I choose to flower this group of 6, would not house all 6, in 5 gal pots.

2 of the PK, which were the ones which came out strong, and were bigger than their siblings, were put into 15 gal pots. They were the strongest females, so they will become mothers.

As you can see, since they were re-potted, all of the post-re-potting leaves are 5 points or more. I’m going to assume that’s no coincidence. I’m cutting out a larger area for the next group to flower. Then I will put everything in 5 gal, or larger pots.

Now, all of these not re-potted, are either single, or more common, a 3 point leaf. Additionally, they seem to burn a lot more easily than plants in larger pots. When I re-potted the 3 gals into 5 and 15 gallon pots, the plants WERE NOT root bound!! Dunno what to make of that, except, whenever possible, space permitting, I’ll re-pot anyway.
Here is a shot of a PK, which is still in the 3 gal pot.


(below) a shot of the “stretchy” Juicy Fruit plant, that I hit hard with the Nitrogen, when it was about 2-3 weeks old.


NOTE; this plant has a 7 point leaf!! Wtf!?! This is a weird little plant; I’m trying to draw a cause and effect here. And then repeat it. It has nice broad indica leaves, and both plants are almost as green as each other.


(above) the other Juicy Fruit, both are seeds from Amsterdam. Both were topped early in life, but this one, seems to have reacted more predictably to it. This one is much bushier than its companion. The two don’t even look like the same strain, to be honest. Except that they are both Indica, they appear different. Additionally, this Juicy Fruit has 5, and 7 point leaves.


(above) this is the underside of the plant in the photo above this one. Juicy Fruit I’m told, and getting bushy.


(above) these are the 2 Juicy Fruit plants side by side.

Check out the tiny little plants these 2 were above. They have really grown!


(above) this is a picture of one of the still vegging Purple Kush. It is an example of the 3 pointed leaves that are prevalent on all of the 3 gal potted PK. I have 6 PK in the “flower closet”, and 4 left to veg longer, including the 2 mothers.


(above) picture of one of the Purp kush mothers.


(above) measurement of tallest (28 inches) PK mom.


(above) nice leaf structure and color. This is one of the PK moms.


(above) shot of the 2 Purple Kush moms together.


(above) shot of the 2 Purple Kush moms together. Plus Dog.


(above) shot of the 20 inch Purple Kush mom.


(above) shot of height of the smallest (20 inches) PK mom.
Here are pictures of the flowering Purple Kush, in a flower closet.












(above) Purple Kush in a flower closet.

Ok, now, my feeding regimen is exactly the label recommended for “Crazy Growth", and "Monster Bloom".

You’ll notice that most of the secondaries are using 2, and 4 milliliters per gallon of water. Nothing in the Crazy Growth schedule goes above 15ml, at its “craziest”, and “MonsterBloom” only calls for 20 ml at the most.

These nutes work, and using 2 ml per gal, of nutes that cost so little,(http://www.blueplanetnutrients.com), means these are a great bargain.

The temps in veg and flower are 77, and about 35-40% humidity. Allrighty then,… it’s kind of late, so I’ll wrap this update, up.

As usual, I want to thank Blue Planet Nutrients, for sponsoring this grow. So far, so good!

“Know Cannabis; Know Peace.”
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Recent update (11:35pm PT);
A couple of the Purple Kush still in the 3 gallon pots, are forming 5 point leaves. I guess I won't worry too much about the leaf formation.




All right, that's all there is for now. Blue Planet Nutes are clearly doing a great job. Those plants are happy. Stay High! Know Cannabis; Know Peace.


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Hi Since1970 -

Nice looking plants, :popcorn:

A thought on your Juicy Fruit that are different after topping - the one that is bushier may only be about 6 days older, but it was significantly more mature when it was topped than the less bushy one in terms of node development. If you count the nodes on the bushy one it was topped at something like 8 nodes (maybe more!) up - which will produce a plant that is extremely bushy when coupled with such tightly stacked nodes. The other less bushy one was topped at just above about the 4th node or so, which will in theory also produce a fairly bushy plant (though nothing like the other), but for some reason that plant stretched between nodes a lot, while the older plant grew really tightly stacked nodes. Did one get better light somehow? ;)

Can't wait to follow your grow. I'm doing a hydro grow with Blue Planet nutrients right now, and they are vegging really healthily right now. Take care, and :goodluck: the rest of the way. :thumb:


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Updated update Midnight;
Several of the Purple Kush still in 3 gallon pots, are showing 5 point leaves! I guess I won't worry too much, for now, about the leaf formation on these.




These plants are happy and green. The Blue Planet Nutrients are working, these plants are loving it! :adore:


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