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Should I Start My Grow From Clones or Seeds?
Do Roots REALLY Grow in the Dark?
What Should I Know about Ordering Seeds and lones thru the Mail?
What is Marijuana and what Effects Could it Have on Me?
What are Common Mistakes Made by First Time Growers?
How Much Will I Yield?
What are the Different Types of High Associated with Indica, Sativa and Hybrid Strains?
What are the Different Growth Characteristics Associated with Indica, Sativa & Hybrids
How Do I Choose a Strain?
How Do They get Strains to Taste Different?

Growroom Design and Set-Up
Fan Controler for Under $30
What Reflective Materials can I use for my Grow Room?
How Can I Vent Through The Sewer?
How Should I select my Grow Space?
How Do I add Ventilation to my Grow Area, What Can I Do about Smell?
What Range Should I Maintain for my Growroom Humidity and Temperature?
How Do I Design a Fan Powered Cooling System for my Growbox?

How Much Ventilation Do I Need in My Grow Room?
How To Dampen Noise from PC Fans
DIY: How Can I Build a Compact Hood with an Intergrated Light Trap?
Should I Choose a Round or Square Pot for my Plants?
Where Can I Buy Growing Equipment and Supplies?
How Do I Power 12v Computer Fans?
How Much Co2 Should I Add?
How Do I Install a Duct Fan to Operate Most Efficiently?
Building your own Inline Fan
Stickydank's Basic CO2 Method
Lighting Coverage Primer (Jackerspackle's)
How Do I Rig an Electric Float Switch Reservoir Controller?

Choosing your First System
Hydro vs. Organic
Why Should I Grow using Medium Filled Containers?
Why Should I Grow using Aeroponics?
Why Should I Grow using Hydroponics?

Odor Control
How do I Control Odor with Ozonators?
How To Build an Inexpensive Carbon Air Scrubber?

How Much will it Cost to Run my Light?
What is a Suncircle? (Circular Light Mover)
How Do I Convert a Common Home Security Light into a Remote Ballast Grow Light?

What are Compact Fluorescents and How Can I use them for Growing?
What Do All of Those Lighting Terms Mean?
How Can I Hang an Adjustable Reflector in a Box-Grow?
Basic Info on Fluorescent Lighting
Can I Use Foil on my Flourescents?
What are Light Cycles and How Do I use Them?
How Do I Build my own Cool Tube?
PAR for Plants, Lumen for People
Should I use a Light Mover?

How Can I Improve the Air Flow in Air Cooled Light Hoods?
Can Blacklights be used for Growing?
How Do I Manipulate the Photoperiod for Larger Yields?
Metal Halide safety and Fixture Recommendations
How to Read Light Level with an SLR Camera?
What Distance Should my Light be from my Plants?
What is Photosynthesis?


How Do I Position a Rectangular Hood in my Rectangular Garden?
Can I use Foil to Reflect Light?
Is a Dimpled or Polished Reflector Better at Reflecting Light?
Are Mirrors Good for Reflecting Light?
What is Black and White Poly and How Do I use It?
How Can I Effectively Hang and Clean Mylar?
How Can I add a Glass Shield to a Reflector?

Why are F2 Seeds Less Expensive?
Should I Start with Bought Seed?
Which Seeds Should I Buy?
Marijuana seeds - Where can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Safely?
Why are Seeds Different Colours?

How Should I Store My Seeds?

Germination & Techniques
How Do I Germinate Seeds?
Preparing Seeds for Easier Germination
Is There a Faster way to Germinate Seeds? (Scarification)
How Do I Germinate Seeds in Soil?
What is an Idiot Proof Way to Germinate Seeds?

Germinating Cannabis Seeds (for Bio Growers)
Vapour's Rockwool Germination Technique
Vegemite's Seed Germination Technique (Rockwool)
KiDKiND's Germination Technique
Joe's Seed Germination Technique (Rockwool)
How Do I use Oxy-Plus for Seed Germination?
The Germination Process of a Dicot Seed
Soil Germination Problems

Growth After Germination
Why Do my Seedlings Stretch?
Why are my Seedling's Stems Purple?
When Should I Fertilize My Seedlings?
How Can I Make my Seedlings Stem Stronger?
How Can I Gently Fertilize my Seedlings with Guano?
How Can I Tell if my Bag Seeds are Healthy?

Vegetative Growth

What is Vegetative Growth?
How Does Plant Nutrient Metabolism Work?
How Many Hours of Light do I need for Veg Growth?
How Can I Tell if my Seedling is Male or Female without Flowering It?

Sexing and Blooming
What are Preflowers?
What is Stretch and How Can I Minimize It?
Flower Biology
How Can I Determine the Sex of Seed Plants with Clones?
How Do I Sex using a Paper Bag?
After 10 Days Flowering what Does a Male Look Like?
Should I Force Flower my Plants to Determine Sex, then Revert them to Complete Vegetative Growth Once the Sex is Known?
What Does an Emerging MALE Preflower look Like?
After 10 Days Flowering, What Does a Female Look Like?
How Do I Determine a Female Sex Plant from a Male?

How Dark does the Dark Cycle need to Be?
Growing Consensus Synopsis Paper: Should Fan Leaves be Trimmed?
What Do I do if my Plants are Growing too tall after Flowering?
What is an Hermaphrodite?
How can I Find the Exact Harvest Timing for my Strain?
Is UV Important for Blooming?
How Can I Manage a Tall Lanky Sativa Indoors?

Fertilizing & Feeding
What are Macro-/Micro-Nutrients, and What is each Responsible For?
The Never Ending Abuse of Phosphorous to Enhance Flowering
How Do I Mix up my Nutrient Solution?
How can I Properly Maintain my Hydroponic Nutrient Solution?
What Do the Three Numbers on the Fertilizer Label Stand for?
How Do I apply Hydrogen Peroxide?

Will my Nitrogen Source Affect the PH?
What is the Difference between Synthetic and Organic Fertilizers?

Foliar Feeding
How Do I Foliar Feed?
What is Earthjuice Catalyst and How Do I use It?
What is Spray-N-Grow and How Do I use It?

Nutrient Deficiencies & Sick Plant Symptoms
Plant Abuse Chart
Nutrient Disorder Problem Solver by Jackerspackle
Nutrient Profiles and Deficiencies by Mr. HIGHway
Iron (Fe) Deficiency
Plant Moisture Stress - Symptoms and Solutions
Do I Have Bad Room Syndrome?
How Can I get a Better Diagnosis of My Plant?
What are some causes of Slow Plant Growth?
Are the Leaf Tips Curling Up, Do the Leaves have Yellow Margins or Tips with Green Veins

Are The Leaf Tips Curling Down, Do They Have Yellow Margins Which are Turning Into Dark Dead Spots?
Do the Leaves have an Inter-Veinal Banding Appearance
Are your Leaves Light Green or Yellow in Colour
Do The Leaves Have an Overall Dark Green Color with a Purple, Red, or Blue Pigmentation?
Are Leaf Tips Yellowed and Curled Down?
Do The Leaves have Burnt Blotches on Them?

Standard Nutrient Flushing (Clearing) Formula
A Critical look at Preharvest Flushing
MisterIto's - Nutrient Flushing Formula
MisterIto's - Beginner Nutrient Flushing Formula

MisterIto's Bioponic Beginner Nutrient Formula
Why Should I Grow using Hybrid Bioponic Nutrients?


Organic Fertilizers, NPK Values and Amounts to Use
MisterIto's - Organic Nutrient Formula
How Do I Adjust the pH in Organic Solutions?
What is the Proper way to use Earth Juice?
Why Should I Grow using Organic Nutrients?
MrSoul's Guano Tea Method
What is an Earth Juice/Maxicrop Recirculating Res?
How Do I Make Guano Tea?
What Organic Based Fertilizer Should I Use?

What about Earth Juice?
Why should I Grow using Pure Organic Nutrients?
Why Should I use Worm Castings?
How Do I Produce my own Worm Castings?
Five Most Asked Questions About Earthworm Castings

Worm Farming
Worm Farming Basics
Feeding the Worms - Diet
Worm Farm Mainteinance
Starting a worm farm
Harvesting Worm Castings
Using Worm Castings

Organic Propagation
A Newbie's Guide to Organic Based Growing

How Do I Start a Compost Pile?

Bunzboy's Flora Feeding Schedule for Soil Growers.
MisterIto's - Chemical Beginner Nutrient Formula
MisterIto's - Chemical Nutrient Formula
Frenchie's Salt Fert Formula
What Chemical Based Fertilizer Should I Use?

Why Should I Grow using Chemical Nutrients?
Can I Give my Plants Extra Nitrogen?
Microorganisms and Organic Compounds in the Solution: Is Filtering Useful?
What is EDTA?
Chemist's Salt Fertilizer Recipes
Why Should I Grow using Pure Chemical Nutrients?
How Do I Adjust the pH in Chemical Solutions?
ChristianKungFu - Fertilizer Mix Examples
ChristianKungFu - Salt/Chemical Fertilizers (Introduction)
ChristianKungFu - Basic Elements and Nutrient Balance (Long)
ChristianKungFu - TDS, PPM, and EC
ChristianKungFu - pH
ChristianKungFu - Salts, E.C. and Leeching

OutDoor Growing
How Do I Fertilize Seedlings Outdoors?
Do I Need Fertilizer?
What are Some Different Fertilizers?

How can I Improve My Soil Outdoors?
Can I Foliar Feed Outdoors?
How Do I Tie Down my Outdoor Plant?
How Do I Grow Outdoor in Northern Countries?
Which Types of Mulch are Usable?
What about Poison Ivy Exposure?
What is Guerilla Growing and What Do I need to now about It?
How Do I Choose an Outdoor Growing Location?
How Do I Keep my Well Chosen Outdoor Plot Secure?
What are the Benefits of Mulching?
When are Average First and Last Frost in the U.S. and Canada?
How Do I Prepare my Outdoor Plot?
What are the Advantages of Growing in a Greenhouse?
How Do I Improve Outdoor Air Exposure and Yield, to also Reduce Chances of Mold?

OutDoor Pest Control
How Can I Control Pests Outdoors?
How Can I Control Normal Ants and White Ants Outdoors?
How Can I Control Caterpillars?

How Do I Protect my Outdoor Grow from Deer?
How Do I Deal with Bears?

Is it Safe to use Pet-Shop Preperations, that are Sold to Remove Chlorine from my Tap Water?

Can I use Water from the Dehumidifier?
How Much Water Do I Give my Clones & Seedlings When in Rockwool?
What is the "Lift the Pot" Method?
Why is my Reverse-Osmosis Water not pH Neutral?
How Can I Tell Whether my Drooping Plant is Overwatered or Underwatered?
About Wet - Dry Cycles

What is the Best Type of Water to Start with?
Is Tap Water ok for my Seeds and Plants?
How Do I Determine my Watering Schedule for Container Plants?
Why Do my Plants Droop after Flushing or Heavy Watering?
How Do I Water my Hard to Reach Plants?

Soil & Soilless Mixes
What is Soil?

What are Some Different Soil Textures?
What are Soil Amendments?
How Can I Test for Soil Texture at Home?
Using Coco as a Substrate
I'm a Beginner and need a Simple and Easy Soilless Mix.
Soul's Soilless Mix
Vic's Super Soil Recipes & Notes
~shabang~'s Worm Casting Method

Bongaloid's Corruption of ~shabang~'s Casting Method
Aallon's - Quick & Simple Soil Mix
Kumquat's Deluxe Potting Soil and Manure Tea
What is Soil Structure?
What Do you mean by Soilless Mix: What is It?
MR_NATURAL420's Perfect Potting Medium
What is Nutrient Lockout?
How Can I Measure the pH of Soil/Soilless Runoff?

What are Water-Absorbent Polymers and How Do I use Them?
Maximizing Root Growth in Soil Containers
What is Soil Food Web?
Treating Old Soil
What Size Pots Should I Use?
Eugene's Soil Mat Planting Method
How Do I use Capillary Matting with an Indoor Grow and Why Does it Help?
If I Change my Soil Grow to Hydro, Will it Taste Bad?
What is a Fortified Medium?

Why Do I Need to Transplant?
What is Root-Bound?
How Do I go from Rockwool to a Soil Mix?
The Merits of Transplanting Seedlings Deeply
How Do I Create Root Growth Lengthwise?
How can I Transplant my Plant into a Bigger Pot?
How Big of a Pot Should I Transplant Into?
BOG's Double Potting Technique
Nomad's Transplanting Technique
How Will I Know When my Plants Need to be Repotted?
When is the Best Time to Repot my Plant?

pH / EC / TDS / PPM
What are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Combo Meter?
What is the Difference between PPM and EC?
How Do I Tell if my PPM/EC is too High or Too Low?
What is a Good ph/EC/TDS Meter?
How Can I Raise or Lower the pH of my Soil Mix?
Are the Liquid Type pH Test Kits Accurate?
What pH Level or Range Should I aim For?
What Ranges Should I Maintain for my Hydroponic Nutrients pH, TDS/EC and Temperature?
What is pH?
What is a pH Buffer?

How Long Does the Seal last inside the Probe?
What Does pH Mean?
What is a TDS Meter and What Does it Measure?
How Do I figure out the PPM of my Fertilizer Mix?

Hydroponics & Info
Can I Add Stuff to the Reservoir to Change the Flavour of My Bud?
Should I use Lavarocks or Expanded Clay?

What are the Differences Between Aeroponic Misting and Fogging?
What is This Green Slime on My Rockwool?
What is Nutrient Lockout?
How Do I Build a Bato-Bucket/Dutch-Pot System?
How Do I Sterilize and Disinfect my System?

Simple Hydroponics, The Wick System
How Should I Clean My Grow Rocks?
Is There a Simple and Cheap way to Maintain Water Levels?
MrSoul's Rocks and Tray System
Aallon's Hydroponic System Construction Principles
Is pH Important?
Can I Use Industrial Grade Rockwool for my Hydroponic Medium?
What is Hydroponics?
Slow Sand / Rockwool Filter Info

Bubblers (DWC)
How Can I Build my own Bubbler?

What is a Bubbler/DWC?
At What Level Should the Nutrients be in the Bucket?
What Kind of Pump Should I use?/How Much Air Does Each Bucket Need?
How Can I Build a DWC Cooler Tub?
How Do I Start Seeds for DWC Bubblers?

What Should the pH of the Nutrients Be?

What Kind of Airline Should I Use?
How Can I get Rid of Slimy Roots?

How often Should I Change the Nutrients?
How Large should my Bucket/Container Be?
What Kind of Airstone Should I Use?
What Nutrients Should I Use? / How much Nutrient Should I Use?
How Can I Stop Algae From Growing In The Bucket?

How are the Salt Buildups Flushed Out of the Planters in Ebb & Flow?
Is There Anything Better than the Standard Planters with Most Ebb & Flow Systems?
How Do I Prep My Ebb & Flow Table, using Big RW Cubes?

How Often Should I Flood the Tray? (Flood Frequency)
How Long Should I Flood the Tray? (Flood Duration)

How Do I Grow Single Cola Style, Sea of Green Ebb & Flow ?
How High Should I set the Flood Level? (Flood Depth)
How Can I Heat my Reservoir Solution to Keep it in the Correct Range?
How Should I go about Transplanting the Minicube into the Rock Filled Planters?

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)
Building a 6" inch PVC Aeroponics Tube System
Glether's Easy NFT System
Designing Hydroponic Systems: The Importance of Flow Rate

Aeroponic Systems
How Do I Build Irish & Webby Aero Tubes?

What is an Aerospring and How Do I Build One?

Wick Systems
How Can I Build a Wick System to keep my Plants in Stasis?

Cloning Info
When Should I Take Clones from My Plants?
Can I Put Rooted Clones Directly into Flowering?
How Can I Hold Clones in Stasis? (The Fridge Method)
Clones in Stasis

Can I Have Mature Clones, without Wasting The Time Invested Growing the Seedlings?
How Do I Take Multiple Clones from the Whole Branch?
Why Are My Clones Wilting?
How Can I Package Clones for Shipping When Customs Will Not Be Involved?
Can Temperature Affect How Well My Clones Root?
What Should I Feed my Mothers Prior to Cloning?
How Can I Root Quicker using Cutting Scarification?
How Do I make my own Rooting Hormone?

Are Humidity Domes or Tents Important?
How Long Should my Clones take to Root?
Can I take a Cutting from a Plant in Flower?
Treating RockWool & Misting Cuttings with Oxy-Plus
What is Air Layering?

Cloning Methods
Got any Tips for Hard to Clone Plants?

How and Where Do I Cut My Clones?

Leaf's Cloning Method
DuctMAN's Cloning Advice
Mr. HIGHway's Cloning Method In Rockwool
Snoofer's Rockwool Cloning Technique
Slowhand's Oasis Cubes in Soil, Cloning Method
Crazy Composer's Soil Cloning Method
Dowzer's Peat Pellet Cloning Method
How Do I Clone in Perlite & Vermiculite?
How Do I Clone in Peat Pellets?
How Do I Clone in a Rainforest 242?
How Do I Clone using Rockwool?

Cloning Systems

How Clean Does my Cloning Equipment need to Be?
What is a Wick Cloner, and How Do I Build One?
How Can I Build my own Bubble Cloner?
What is the Cheapo-Aero Cloning Tub?
How Do I Build my own Aeroponic Cloner with Misters?
How Do I Build and use the Cheapo-Aero Cloner and Similar Units?
How Can I Test my New Cloner to see if it is working Properly?
Building a Cheapo-Aero Cloning Tub
How Should I Transplant Rooted Aero Clones to Soil?

How Should Cuttings be Prepared for Aero Cloning?
How to Build a Self Watering Clone Stealth Box
Take a Look at Some of The Variations of Home Made Aero Cloners

Pest Identification
What are Symphilids?
What Does a Spidermite Web Look Like?
The Imposter Ladybug
Spider Mites

Harvesting & Curing
What are Trichomes? Trichome 101
How to Build an Odorless Bud Drier
Fake Pot: What's The Deal with These Marijuana Alternatives?
How I Detect and Prevent Budrot?
What is The Best Way to Dry and Preserve the Cure for Smooth, Sweet Buds?

Drying, Curing, and Storage (Paper Bag Method)
Does Curing Affect Potency?
Does curing Affect Potency Part-2?
How Can I Tell When My Buds Are Dry Enough To be Cured?
How Do I Properly Dry and Cure my Harvest?
How Do I Cure My Harvest with Glass Canning Jars?
How Do I Quick-Dry By Buds?
What is the "Dry Ice Cure" (Freeze Drying )?

How Do I Re-Moisten Dry Buds?
When Should I Harvest My Plants?

Smoking your Harvest
What are Some Homemade Pipes I can Build?
How Can I Stop the Smell of my Smoking?
What are Bong Percolators and Diffusers?
How to Build a Light Bulb Vaporizer
How Do I Clean My Glass Pipe?

How Do I Build a Simple but Effective Lightbulb Vaporizer?
How Do I Cure My Pipe?
How Do I Break up Cannabis for Smoking?

Storing your Harvest
How Do I Store my Harvest to Maintain Quality?

How Do I Build my own Stash Box?
How Can I Easily Store my Freshly Made Honey Oil?

What Can I Use a Dessicant For To Help Drying?

Ballast Information
How Can I Build my own HPS or MH Light System?
Building and Buying an HPS System
Does the Bulb Have to Match My Ballast?

Lighting Info, Identification and Comparison

What is Color Temperature of a Bulb?
H.I.D Bulb Information
Can I Grow Using Halogen Lights?
What are Compact Fluorescents?
H.I.D Light Description
When Should I Replace my Lamp?
What is a Conversion Bulb?
HID vs. Fluorescents
What Type of Lighting is Best?
How Can I Improve my Indoor Lighting?

Product Information
Bulb information and Specifications
Where Can I Buy MH/HPS Lights?

Electrical & Safety
How Do I Convert Watts to Amps and Amps to Watts?

The Circuit which goes to my Grow Room only has Two Wires, but my Light has a 3 Prong Plug, What Should I Do?
Electrical Safety Hazard Warning, The Physical Effects of Electricity
How Many Lights/Watts Can I put on a 15 Amp Service?
What is an AFCI and Why Should I Install One?
How Do I Electrically Map my Place?
How Can I Offset the Energy Usage of my Grow Room?
Why has my Timer Switch Failed and what Should I Do?
When Do I Change my Ballast Components?
What is a GFCI?
Basic Wire Sizing Guide for US 120 and 240 Volts
How Do I Build a Short-Range Timer?
How Much Power Does my Lamp Really Use?

Do I Need to Install a GFCI in my Grow Room?
How Do I Install a GFCI?
How To Turn a PC fan into an Exhaust or Intake Fan?
Can I use a Dimmer Switch to Control the Speed of my Fan?
How Do I Convert Watts to Amps?

Basic Electrical Safety Guidelines
How Safe are these MH and HPS Lights?
How Do I Wire and Connect an In-Line Duct Fan?

Advanced Topics

Breeding for Beginers. Create Your very own Strain!
How can I Contribute as a Sativa Breeder?
How Should Strains be Named?

Can I Use Dessicant for Seed or Pollen Storage?
What is Colchicine and How is it Used?
What is the Nomenclature of Cannabis?
What is the Difference between an F1 and a Hybrid?
What is a Phenotype and What Does Phenotype Mean?
What is an F1, F2, and IBL?
What is the Probability that I Will Have a Female Plant Given X Seeds?
Can I Breed Effectively Indoors?

What Should I Look for In an IBL?
What are Gametes and Zygotes?
What is Linkage?

Breeding Strategies
What are the Different Types of Crosses?
How Important is Male Selection when Cubing?
How Do I Create a True Breeding Strain?
Soul's Selecting Breeding Individuals for Marijuana Production

How Do I stabilize a Clone Hybrid?
How Do I Backcross My Special Female?
What is Recurrent Selection?
What is Cubing?
What is Convergent Improvement?
What is Selfing?
What are all Female Seeds and How are they Created?
How Can I Get My Plants To Produce Feminized Seeds?
Does it matter which line is used for the Male?
How To Reverse Sex Using Silver Thiosulfate Solution


Lucas' Pollination Method
How Long can I Store Pollen?
Kryptonite's Pollination Method
Pollen: How To Collect It and use It.
Uncle Ben's Pollination Method

When Should I Pollinate my Female?

Selecting Males
What is a Bio-Assay?
How do I Select a Male?

Hybrid Vigour
What is Combining Ability?
How Do I Select for Combining Ability?
What is Hybrid Vigour?

Hashish and Oil
How Can I Make Ice Hash for Less Than $5 Outlay?
How Can I Easily, Cheaply and Quickly Press a Small Amount of Hash?
Mesh Sizing and Kif Screening
How Do I Make Ice Hash?
A Summary of Hash Extraction Methods
How Can I Make a Cheap Trichome Shaker?
What Is Hash and How Do I Make It?

Bunzboys 10 Steps, for The Cheapest Way to Make Hash.
How Do I Press Lower Quality Resins?
Simple Soap Purification
Dream Weaver's Easy Kief Maker
How to Build a Skuff Machine (Hash Tumbler)
Salvaging Moldy Buds & Making Trichome Butter
How to Make Butane Honey Oil

Growroom Efficiency

How Do I Accurately Measure my Grow Room Efficiency?
How Can I Offset The Energy usage of My Grow Room?
Can I Use Dry Ice To Provide CO2 For My Plants?

Improving your Yields
How Do I Prune to Increase Production?

How Do I supplement my area with Carbon Dioxide?
Whats a Good Method of Co2 Release for Small a Grow Space?
How Do I Manipulate the Photoperiod for Larger Yields
What are the Benefits of an Allotropic Cell?

Nutrient Formulations
How Do I Find out What's Wrong with my Plant?
What Do the Different Nutrients mean to Cannabis?
What Levels Should I Maintain for my Hydroponic Nutrient, Temperature, pH and TDS/EC?

Why add Silicon to Nutrient Solution?
Should I use Hydrogen Peroxide in my Nutrient Mixes?

What are The Best Ratios for General Hydroponics 3-part?
BD97's Recipe
Highgrade's Recipe
The 1-2-3 Recipe
Lucas Formula

Lothar's Recipe

Product Information
Doc's CarbonMax Bloom Enhancer
Dutch Master FoilTech
General Hydroponics
Prop-O-Gator Root Enhancer

Pests & Disease Control
How Can I get Rid of These Whiteflies?
How Can I make up a Nicotine Pesticide?
How Do I Use Neem Oil Without Getting My Plants All Oily?
How to Clean your Grow Room after Harvesting?
Kunta's Spider Mite Advice
What Biological Controls are Available for Fungus Gnats?
Chimera's Journal on Spider Mites
Common Insects - Id and Control
Are There Alternatives to Chemical Pesticides?

I've Got Spider Mites, Now What Do I Do?
How to Make your own Neem Extract Solution
How Do I Deter Slugs and Snails Without Using Chemicals?

How Do I Recognize and Prevent Root Rot in Soil?
How do I Identify and Prevent Root Rot?
How do I Recognize, Control, and Prevent Powdery Mildew?
Botrytis or Gray Mold

Powdery Mildew
Phytophthora Root Rot
Rhizoctonia Root Rot
Pythium Root Rot

Product Information
What's the 411 on Avid?

Growth Regulators & Hormones

What Types of Hormones/Growth Regulators are Beneficial?
What are Tropisms?
What Do Hormones/Growth Regulators Contain?
Does Seaweed act as a Growth Stimulant?
What are Hormones and What Do they Do?
How Can I use Spin-Out for Chemical Root Pruning?
What is Endocytosis and its role in Nutrient Uptake?

Propagation Techniques

How Do I Regenerate/ Rejuvenate/ Reveg a Plant after Harvest?
What is the Perpetual Harvest Propagation Method?
What is the Sea of Green Method?
What is Grafting?
What is Tissue Culture?
What is Trellising?

Training, Pruning & Supercropping

What is the FIM Technique?
What is Supercropping?
Smokinrav's Supercropping Technique
How Can I Train My Plants for a Lower Profile?
Show me How to do Early Vegetative Pruning and FIM?
How Do I Prune and Start Supercropping ?
How Do I Paperclip Train when not using Soil or Media?
How Can I Tuck Leaves to Increase Light Penetration?

What is the Paperclip Training Technique?

I Topped My Plants, Why is There No New Growth at The Nodes?

Screen of Green (SCROG)
What is SCROG (Screen of Green)?
Can You Give an Example of a SCROG Cabinet?
Can I use SCROG with Larger Lights Too?

How Does SCROG Improve my Canopy and Yield?
How Do I Best Fill the SCROG Screen?
What Should I use for a SCROG Screen?

Utility, Conversion Charts, Formulas etc.
How Do I use The RHCalc Online Calculator?

Converting Fertilizer NPK Ratings to PPM and Teaspoons per Gallon
What Temperature will My Growspace get and How Much Ventilation will I Need?
How Do I Determine the Number of Gallons my Container Holds?
How Do I Convert Between EC, CF, & PPMs?

Contacts with Law Enforcement
ACLU Bust Card
When is it Lawful for LEO to Search Me, My House or My Car?

What are the Federal Sentencing Guidelines?
Should I Ever Consent to a Search of My House or Car?
Probable Cause and Search Warrants (US)

Legal Questions
The Care and Feeding of Your Lawyer
Canada - Seed Legality, Seeds & The Mail, Car Searches
Consultation, Self-Incrimination, Retainers and Tricks by Blue Law

Canada - Cultivation/Possession/Trim Penalties, Bust Rights, Asset Seizure
How Can I find the Laws in My State?
Legalization of Marijuana - How Can I Help in Legalizing Marijuana?

Medical Usage
How Do I Make Medical Marijuana Capsules?
How Do I Apply for Medical Marijuana in Canada?
How Can Medical Marijuana Benefit Me?
How Do I Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in the State of California?

How Do I get access to Medical Marijuana and Clones?
Is Medical Marijuana Legal in my State?

Drug Testing
Drug Testing Info
Essential Drug Testing Information

How can I Safely Mail Smelly Items?
How Can I Minimize my Heat Signature?
How Can I Mail ROOTED Clones Properly?
How Do I Safely Purchase Cannabis Growing Equipment?
What are the Basics of Keeping a Low Profile?
The TRUE Golden Rule of Everything
What my Power Company had to Say about my Power Usage (UK)

What Security Tactics are Good for Outdoor Plots?
What Type of Lock Should I Buy?
Top Bottom