Psyentific Perpetual Harvest: Phase 1: Dream Queen Ebb & Flow 2010


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My perpetual harvest setup currently consists of 16 Purple Kush and 16 the Purps plants flowering and you may follow them here.
In the mean time I setup this journal to follow the veg progress of the Dream Queen, so let's get to it shall we? :yummy:

I've cloaked my small hall closet with mylar and installed a small Megagarden ebb and flow system. Temperature and humidity are not an issue and there is an above average gap between the floor and the bottom of the door. For this reason I only need one fan, at least until the ladies get bigger :dreamy:. The 8 clones were planted in 6" rockwool cubes 5 days ago and bask 24 hours a day beneath a MaxLume T5 2 ft. 4 bulb fixture. They're watered with Fox Farm Grow Big via a 15 minute timer twice a day.

Also, when supercropping the Purps I accidentally took one plant too far :yikes: and ended up topping her and making 1 nice looking clone and 2 smaller ones. They were rooted with gel in mini rockwool cubes and sit in a propagation tray on a heat mat under a MaxLume T5 2ft. 2 bulb fixture. I make sure there is always moisture built up on the walls and I dip the cubes in a bowl of Olivia's Cloning solution once a day. This is their 2nd day and so far they are still green and alive.


the setup





Dream Queen


the purps clones

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:oops: I almost forgot to mention, all the Dream Queen plants have been FIMed
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Glad to see you over here Munki!

Updates for Today

The clones are looking great and I'm continuing to dip them in Olivia's cloning solution once a day when I wake up. I check the pH of the solution every other day and so far it has remained in a nice range 5.6-6.0:thumb:. I mist them often along with the Dream Queen with pH 5.5-5.8 water. I can only assume that the roots are doing their job as there are no signs of wilting and the tiny buds' little hairs have browned and fresh green nodes of vegetative growth are poking through. Remember these gals were an accident and given my psyentific nature, abortion was not an option. They are a blessing.

The DQ ladies are looking lovely today, especially after their FIM job. I'll be changing the reservoir in a minute and will be following the Fox Farm Hydroponic Feeding Schedule starting with week 1. I will still have to wait for the solubles to arrive before I can add those to the mix.

enjoy the pics ;)

Purps Clones




Dream Queen


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Not sure which way to take your question, so I'll go all directions. The 3 purps clones came from 1 of my purps plants that I damaged super-cropping from my other simultaneous journal. The clones that the vegetating Dream Queen sprung from were bought at a store so I have no idea as to their history, as in if they came from one mommy or multiples. My future ops, at least the second cycle, will be clones of clones that I take most likely from the Dream Queen ladies once they get more robust.
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Ya sorry for that was a little medicated lol, just was wondering if you had a group of mothers and stuff because I see your other grow and that is a lot of clones! :popcorn:

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Alright this has been long overdue but you'll definitely be able to see the changes in the pictures ;). So far they are spot on with the Fox Farm Feeding Schedule and are starting week 2 today. They are still being fed twice a day for 15 minutes and lights remain 24/7. I outlined their progress below. All have been supercropped for the second time and most have stood back up or are on the verge of standing. There are three titans of industry in the back named: Rocky, Morgy, and Carnie. Also the roots are poking out of the bottoms of several of the rockwool cubes.
I can rest easy knowing they have a solid root structure. :morenutes:

Oh and it should be worth mentioning that I had to let the Purps clones go because I had no place to put them. I did end up with 3 seeds in a bag from the club of Org. Outdoor Panther Puff. As I found them I threw them into a solo cup that I kept in a cabinet. I am happy to say that two have germinated and have begun life. The newer seeds are looking great in the cup. I'll include a sneak peak to that upcoming journal in the pics below. :cheer:

  • initial week of low dose nutrients
    [*]seedling/cutting week
    [*]week 1
    [*]beginning week 2 today





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These ladies are looking retardedly good with the roots are pouring out all the rockwool cubes. The light is at 15" and the plants are roughly between 13-14" tall :yahoo:






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clone clipping tomorrow, look forward to pics :cool:
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Hanging back and watching. Growth is lush and green from what I see in the pics. Nice work.
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So here are the pics of the clones. This is the third day so they're wilted but hopefully they'll make it through. I figured out that the bubble I had on top of the tray actually added too much humidity and restricted airflow so it had to go. They were all sprayed with an anti-wilting solution when the were first cut so I can only imagine what they would look like if I hadn't used it. Hopefully they'll root. Also you'll see the pictures of the mommies. I supercropped a few of them yesterday to make a more even canopy. I should be able to move them into the flowering room in 2 weeks, give or take.


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First off your name rocks +Rep :headbanger::tommy::headbanger:

Now on to your wilting issue :Does your dome have holes a top of it? If not then just prop the tray up with a rockwool cure spray the dome, then it dry natrually. This will help to maintain a higher RH ti the plant get use to the enviorment. One must keep in mind that clone feed via stomata on the leaf surface. So the enviorment has to have a high RH for at least the first week. After that you can tart to remove the lid then just feed them by misting every couple day. Just a thought though, This till definetly help to keep from having them wilt and die. Trust me I know what you mean by to moist, thats definetly calling for a pm issue.
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UPDATE :yummy:

I realize it's been a minute since I've updated, I hope I haven't lost any followers in the process lol. So at long last I snapped some pictures of the ridiculous overgrowth going on. Needless to say I really hope that the flowering Purple Kush finish soon so I can have these Dreamy Queens bear their fruit.

You'll notice that the clones have rooted and are looking well. Several are already showing strong growth and are poking out of the cubes. Does anyone know how long they will last in this state? It won't be for another week or two until I'm able to move the mothers out and move the clones down. I'm going to go ahead and clip more clones today to keep the mommies away from the lights.

Bottom line, should I look into donating the current clones to a club or will they last another week or two?

enjoy the pics :hookah:



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nifty way to eliminate odors, works way better than expected
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if you cut new one they will take approximately 2 week to root. So the question becomes can you wait 2 weeks before you get more clones. My suggestion is to keep them as long as you can.

Suggestion: Cut new ones, keep them in a different cloner, if and when they start to root and you still have time, then in that case donate them if you choose to. you can keep the clones rooting for another week, 2 would push it, but its definitely doable. Your issue will be that you want to keep their roots moist. To do this get a humidity dome and prop it up to keep the RH a lil high just not so high you get any mold. If you do this then you should be all good. Just be sure to check in on them. Its best to get your roots nice and big anyways. A strong start is THE BEST START IMHO!!
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Butcher, thank you so much for the input! I now know exactly what to do :thumb:
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