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Saying hi. In sort of a long way


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Hello everyone!

I know it is an old record, but yes you got another LED DIY-er amongst yourselves :D

I come from a part of the world where cannabis is "frowned upon". Unfortunately so, since cannabis is the only relief for me when my migraine pops up. We all know and heard the story. After years of shady meetings, always changing quality (mostly to the worse) I found two little seeds in a bag. I have no idea what strain, I had no idea where to start, but since I've lived 90% of my life in a houses with big gardens, and I am coming from a family where gardening is the ultimate hobby, I just shouted "how hard can it be?" and put them between two cotton sheets, soaked with water.

One month later here I am, wanting to be part of something bigger, a community, people with whom I can actually speak about something that in 30 days has become my main hobby, a plant that is more than a "pet".

Already I learnt loads from the beginning and made quite some mistakes, but seeing that little plant forming new leaves, not giving up (although poor guy spent the first 2 weeks of its life without proper lights, or proper sunshine for that matter) just whipped my curiosity. And so I say hello to all :)

Just a quick summary.
21/05 - the seeds put into soaked cotton
24/05 - the seeds germinated - planted
26/05 - and it lives!
17/06 - last pictures taken. Almost a month old.

P.S.: Some pictures attached. I am using an absolutely DIY led light, at the moment: 3 reds, 2 deep reds, 2 blues - 730mA driver, draws around 21 watts from the wall plug.
Also, a new design has been made. Some components already arrived, if everything goes okay it should be ready in 2-3 weeks, than the flowering can begin!



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cool welcome, i want to go see your journal, where are you n the world? the seeds were black :)
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