South African Strains

Hahaha yeah its going boss.. Here is a head snipped off.. Can see she still has a while to go
The difficulty in searching online is that everything is overseas, I'm looking more so for local products and suppliers such as Stodels or Super plants etc...local nurseries. Will check out Talborne thanks Bud. BTW what are some of the goodness I can get from being at the coast
Awe, why don't you just go to the local hydro store and see what they have? Next to the cemetry in Kraaifontein. Open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Thanks once again. I'm still doing some research on lights and I've opted to try using CFL lights in a grow box of about 2m long x 2-3m height and 1-1.5m wide. Not to sure at this point how many plants I could end up having in that space, hoping around 4. Added to that I would like to perhaps Scrog my first grow to ensure good coverage and good lighting. Any idea on lighting needed? I had read various suggestions by would like to know from those that have done so and succeeded. Many Thanks ✌
Bru when you have enough post and can send pm I will help you, I am also in CPT. Btw you gonna use a poes load of cfls in a box that big
Thanks Bud, really appreciate it....we getting close as they are in Durban. I will contact them to see if they have a local supplier in Cape Town. I'm very impatient and need something around Cape Town should I be in need urgently. Once again a big thank you to those who have responded.
Hey brother. Try the hydro store in Claremont or kraaifontein.

Here's a link to their website for growing mediums, they have coco/perlite mix. Their own version of a supersoil which is a mixture of a whole bunch of organic stuffs - promix organic.

Growing Medium

Can also make your own supersoil from Stodels or Stark Ayres. They have all the ingredients; soil, worm castings, bone meal, blood meal, kelp powder, perlite, vermiculite and more. And well priced.
Pretty cool they make a super soil. Props to them. We working hard on a good hibrix super soil on the farm too. After this batch is done cooking we will take it for tests and start packaging it along with our worm castings. Cannabis farmers could school 95% of these company's on proper soil mixes hehe
I like it home made too :) my first grow was attempt at super soil. But I only let it cook for 2 days which i know isn't enough to get a strong microbial life going..

This is the description fyi incase you're interested. Realised its not actually soil used but coco.

Yeah super soil is not a soil as in ground dirt or sand. All super soils tend to have a coco or peat base. Our super soil is coco coir based with a bunch of added goodies and baked for a couple months. It's a good mix they have. The good thing about the rock dust is it will really kick in effectively on the 2nd and 3rd runs in the soil.

Interesting Gona have to look into this more cause I love coco, can it be used in a flood table ?
Any of you ever use the Mars 2 400 watt LED? Thoughts to cover m2? Lol...wondering if this will all be worth while considering I can get about 80-90 grams good stuff for R750.
Sun where do you pick up the CFL? Online or Hydro shop? They are crazy expensive yet cheaper than an LED but very rare on local websites. I believe it should be around 50 watt per square foot or 500 per square meter. That would be a shit load of standard cfl if you can't find the higher wattage ones. Local advertisers on the net sucks !!
A few of the big lighting warehouses stock them. I'm. In too clued up on ct side of things but if you only getting a few then I'd recommend just saving the time and going to a hydro store. Your best bet is to just go through and consult with their staff. I'm sure they will be more than clued up and should be able to put something together for you according to your budget and space.
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