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Stoked on this simple auto T5 grow!


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Man this plant smells so nice! Pretty large Auto from what I'm seeing and this was all done in a simple 54watt T-5 shower setup. 18-6 and only used properly ph water 5.8-6.0 in 50-50 coco-perlite, 75-82 degress and 65-75% humidity. Only used Bloom nuts starting at 300ppm and ending at 700ppm.

90 days total once I harvest her on Wednesday! I think she gets 80-120 grams from the videos I see, I hope more tho!

I flushed her for 5 days and am putting her in darkness for 2 days without water. My first and last grow 2 yrs ago yielded 10 grams lmfao...it was nothing like this. I'm actually having to think about how to go about the harvest and removal of branches.

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