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HI everybody My name is Kaboom, i am now living in Thailand with a super hot tropical climate.

I ve been smoking for Creational + Medical for 20 Years now both oversea and local.

Recently we ve been getting all crappy brick weed thats it, and i ll put up with the Brick weed no more so i decided to do it one more time.

I ve tried to grow back few moons and failed, i could not solve the temp problem with out the AC. I did harvest my plants but they all were crap. All Fluffy small bud and from leggy body.

The temp is pretty high out here 32C at day 30C at night.

A 1000W Bulb ll add another 5-7 Degree in a almost seal room here.

Back then i was trying with a smaller bulb in a closet with super ventilation system but still the average temp is around 34-35C when the light is on.

The seed was all land race so they stand high temp but they grew very leggy.

I was very sad at the time thought that there s no way i can do it without the AC.

However last week i met this guy, he grew an Indica based on top of his roof with 34-35C no problem, the plant even mature at super fast rate and the buds was absolute perfect.

He tought me a lot about how to learn from the plant not the text since most text re english base which talks about different environment from different continent of the world.

His technique is madness, some with EC up to 8.5-9.0. I am a newbie so i may not get to see a lot but from reading a never get to see those number.

But the plants love it, some of them show extreme growth in very short period a few of their leaves were about to explode if you know what i mean. a little crack on every outside bit of the leaves.

So i want to know and learn this properly while humbly sharing a fews techniques from the other side of the planet and i think this is where i should be.

I ll keep posting a lot of notes, infos and kindly asking you guy to response from your experience which i ll apply those technique to different plant and learn from different people.

Please kindly accept me to the community.

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I would really be interested in seeing a grow journal . Your really working against everything im used to...lol

Tropical Thai

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Hi, Iam back with a little photos from the grow.


These re like 2-3 weeks back on the CFL

A week ago i moved them outside, the sun here is monster even in the evening it measured 200000 lux with temp around 32-35 during the day

Recently,I put them inside due to rain i tried to avoid the heat by using led but still i ve to put on a portable AC 12000btu at last to keep the temp down at 23C and 50% Humid.

These re Thai Land Race, as we called Mango because they smell like Mango's Rubber Gel.

I ve fews Skunk on Hydro which i ll put inside and outside to compare the result. All Nutrient Co2 PPM, Light Measurement ll be provided as well.

As i said i needed help to get this tight and right. No more Brick its killing my health.



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Very nice so far! The stems look wild all twisted like that! I wonder if any of the seeg banks handle that strain. I am going to have to look it up. Keep the picks coming. I want to see what it looks like in flower!


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sabai mai? cool it will be nice to see a grow in thaland, i stayed 2 months in Changmai :)

Tropical Thai

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Yea Pantagruel, That is the plan. i ll split my plants into 2 different environment. Inside with by the book Style and Outside totally off the book. I need to do this because i can't afford electrical bill and so on,there must be a way to do it. If i succeed then life ll be much easier for me to plant them just outside since its always 12/12 here. I am not trying to become a master or anything like that just a simple grower who want to adapt to the environment.


These re hydro i was talking about, i ll put these inside and another 5 outside. Same Nutrient, same strains different temperature, sunlight and air.

These two re about the same size so i ll put one outside and one inside.


I am out of seeds now only thai landrace re available, i ll try to connected with some people here to get seed locally. I prefer indic a due to the flowering period and its taste.

I ll update weekly so that you guy can really see the different.

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Tropical Thai

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I also ve quick question about Rockwool you guy re using, Are they specially made for growing plants?

I work for sound industry so i ve plenty of 32 60kg sqm3 which i ve used the 60kg but it seems to get algae or fungus since they turn very greeny.

I must ve done something wrong? you guy soak it and plant the seed then place it above humid air or bottom half touching the water?

I did the second one and they turn greeny, one seems to be ok the other one is smaller and slow.

Now i use cheap sponge with extreme ripping at the bottom seems to work well for me. I ll also use Clytoderma to help with algae and fungus. I may got the spelling wrong but it does pronounce something like that.



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i grow in soil mate and have no clue about hydroponics! sorry.. hey post a thread in frequently asked questions :)


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hey man there still would be alot of light from the sun even with clouds :)


Just got myself a cheap Thermometer and here re some picture of the temperature here, its super hot out here.

The sun hit 70000 -100000 lux most of the sunshine even at 17.00. But now we re in rainy season so clouds block all the sun

Tropical Thai

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Yes Bro, you re right about the sun but the rain is just killing them.

However they re all outside, i can to manage the height of the light with them around. Sorry..


As promised one week pass by and here they re outside again, i found a place to avoid heavy rain but still got sunshine.

i burned them with too much nutrient, EC at 8 my ass !! just 3.00 burn the hell out of them. i guess my local grower re all shit about what he said to me. EC at 8 my ass.

The Hydro re looking alright, i just moved them into aero. got my self a cheap ass combination of kit. I ll post later each cost 5-6$ for each bucket.



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they look good man concidering! hey a tip would be to bring then out into the rain when its not too heavy.. the rain water is perfect for their balance :)

Tropical Thai

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It pouring down down like Niangara fall recently, i ve no choice to put them in the shade to avoid too much rain.

Root get rotten easily out here with high humid.But when it showering i ll take them out as ya advise

Another thing the soil mix i used turned out to be quite muddy even mix with perlite.





Only the last one is left indoor for soil however it is different strains from what i can see.


This is the setup i was talking about. it cost 140bth which is 4.5$ + A Bucket of your choice then you get aeroponic. AM i right? or just sort of aeroponic.



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fuck man i see your problem to grow now fully!

when i was up in chang mai i was staying in an appartment and i did think it would be possible to grow a plant on the balcony and bring it in when needed and keep by the window, but iwas on holiday really lol, and had no time to grow :) are you in central thailand? ive only visited all the northen towns and my mates told me we must go to bankok for 2 nights and then pataya for 2 nights ( they suggested it just because i had to see it lol)

Tropical Thai

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On the Move, Bro you know the nickname for Pattaya right? Adult Disneyland. So if ya in to that stuff then you ll be stunt.
I work as a sound guy, been in many of those places, saw many thing that i wish i never saw.

Watch out for Ladyboys when ya in Pattaya, specially when you re wasted. They ll penetrated your soul and there can never be a fix.
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