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West Hippie

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This grow of clones we are going after MC nutrients in hydro.
The tent is the 5’x5’ x7’ can’t use the extension because the ceiling height in the building is only 7’8” got ripped off . Don’t buy a building with a big G on it!
Can’t run the the hps so I will put 9 amps back in the tent. The Kind k5 750 w 4.68 amps plus 2 viper spectras 600 -2 amps each .
Still with the flood&drain, 20 gallon reservoir.
Started with 14 clones , four were for this grow .
Started the clones May 11

May 16

June 5

June 7

June 10

June 23 three times bloom veg then both .

July 4

We are still in the cloner as of today. Going to bring info from the other thread .

West Hippie

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OOOpsss must be in the front row... Been a while Hippy, gonna hang for this one if you don't mind... Where is the beer ?? Green days all
Welcome MaddHacker , it’s all Bud Light on the Brazos River . WhiteWidow is today’s green !

West Hippie

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Definitely in for this. Hope it goes well as I’m going to run one of my buckets on the MC against my regular nutes. That’s not until the autumn though so just enough time for you to iron out any problems! Lol. Good luck mate and nice start, looking great.
Signature not working yet .
Hit that first problem yesterday, topped off with ro water 7.3 ph , thought it would be AN Nutrients ph Perfect nope didn’t work !
Phed it to 5.7 back today it was 6.0 so I mixed a1/2 gallon and put enough nutrients for a gallon and a half ph went right to 5.8 .

West Hippie

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Ph perfect will let the nutrients absorb no matter what the ph is. It doesn't look at ph. If you use all ph products you shouldn't need it to ph it.
I don’t know about that , I wished I could say that was right . I didn’t get to finish talking with Andy at Advanced Nutrients but he actually told me what I saw in the ph 5.45 on the blue lab . Learned that it’s hurry up and wait for the ph to rise so it could get all of its nutrients intake from 5.5-6.0 .
I used the full line of the Connoisseur grand master.
That’s what I like about AN nutrient don’t touch the ph but I watched !

West Hippie

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Checked the water and nutrients. Ph 5.5 ?
The water is down over a gallon, brought another jug I left outside yesterday temp is 82 degrees ro water . Mixed easily need a circulation pump in the cloner for when nutrients are added . Ph still at 5.5
@InTheShed have a pic

Still pointing to the light

West Hippie

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Ph this morning is 5.8 , I see the water is down about 3/4 gallon. I’m gonna leave it alone . Had to untangle the roots as usual, guess they just like each other! Last Sunday the girls were 14” today two of them are 22” and the other two are 18”. Pic

West Hippie

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Day 54 of veg
The roots are trying to ball up so I hung them across the chairs and slowly separated the runners tangled in each other . Can’t believe they do this in one day now .
The ph is showing 5.7
It needs another gallon added , wait till tomorrow. I see rust add 50% of sensi cal mag !
15 mL but I may have a problem this calmag will move the ph ! Ordered a small circulation pump for projects like this ,with a 70 pint with drain hose dehumidifier yesterday!
Dropped.1 to AN Nutrients supposed 5.6 ph Perfect
Temp water 73.1

West Hippie

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I just bought a 70 pint dehumidifier as well! Good choice lol!! Bought mine at Canadian tire on sale.

Looking green and healthy!! Just what I like to see!! :thumb:
This little 500 mL dehumidifier will take the humidity to 65-69 % , I’ll leave the small one in the tent and the big one outside doing the whole building 12’x16’ .

Green with a little rust , lm ready to see the MC IN THE TENT !


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This little 500 mL dehumidifier will take the humidity to 65-69 % , I’ll leave the small one in the tent and the big one outside doing the whole building 12’x16’ .

Green with a little rust , lm ready to see the MC IN THE TENT !
I didn’t even notice the rust!! :thumb:
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