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Who Wants To Be An Official Sponsored 420 Magazine Grow Journalist?


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Hi. I really enjoy writing, however do not have gear that is from a sponsor, so I really can't right much about them. Take a look at my grow journals so far. I'd love to write about my experiences with various products. In fact, I have a tent dedicated experimenting.

Thank you for your consideration.


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I'm not sure if this is still going on but I would also love to be a sponsored grower. I have one grown currently running and everyday I am on here with any updates with what I'm doing. Here is a current link to my journal and if I was picked to be a sponsored grower id literally document every single step of the way right down to the last drop of water being used to how many hours a day I spend talking to them. Hell....my fiancee don't even like me cursing around the plants because it upsets them ( and she don't even smoke ) . Good luck and congratulations to the person who is selected for something as awesome.as this.

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