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Good morning.

Well we are going to go with new seeds and new equipment with our old grow tent.

First off we are going to plant one plant each month for 6 months. and grow into a 6'x6'x7' tent.
Light - Spider 16 that was salvaged from prototypes.
White wash rocks in bottom of tent for reflection purposes
FF dirt and with few Chems used

for the Seeds.
we have list of seeds - starting with

Seedman's Jungle Wreck,Purple Bud,Mama Mia
Nirvana seeds - Snow White, White Rhino,
KC Brains - Double D
Pure Seeds- CBD pure
OS- Sweet Kush​


Seed poping and Cloning Jar (New) to try.
23" heating pad wrapped around 1 Gallon Jar for Humidity


Ok lets get Started.​
OK new seed is set for germination.

in our new Germination Jar ( i will start with JUNGLE WRECK)

Day 1, will be using the seed pods for germination. 8/16

Info on seeds. as follows.

Breeder Seedsman
Genetics Colombian Indica
Variety Mostly Indica
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
THC Content 18.50%
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Harvest Month October

cross of an unknown Colombian indica strain (thought possibly to be Santa Marta Gold) together with a mystery citrus-flavoured indica plant.
I popped 3 of your beans and they are all outside but all 3 were female and they are doing very well.... I don't understand why you couldn't get them to germ... If you keep them in a cool dry place they should last longer than that... I've got beans that are 3 years old and they will germ... What did you do different than what I do last time... I can't understand why they wouldn't pop...:circle-of-love:
I think humidity now the room as been insulated screwed things up for a bit. And this should fix it. Jar is make for clone process but I'm just going to leave top barely on and dark it out to pop seeds.
Germination jar works well.
.Jungle Wreck.
Well she popped.
Train wreck on its way to be a good girl.
Update on a Train Wreck
Growing good.
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