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Hi my fem autoflowers from royal queen seeds have been growing great in my stealth d.i.y box but today on the 4week I've noticed pistols coming from the top i know this is normal for female plants I'm not crazy,But they only have 3sets of leaves. It still looks really young only 8inches tall.... Was wondering if any1 else had this problem? Can't upload pic from iPad will get 1 up ASAP Any help be much appriciated


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I believe it is normal for certain autos. Indicas are typically smaller and more stout in size, and Sativa is tall and lanky.
And some are bred for stealth grow in mind.
I have a Berry bomb Auto that is 1 week from harvest and is only 12 inches tall.
I'm only looking at maybe if I'm lucky, 10 grams dried.... Hopefully more.


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I had LowRyders , Highland Skunk , Early Wonder Skunk and my own crosses and back crosses. The EWS , HS and LR all have some smaller pheno's that spring up once in awhile but most were medium plants and some tall sized. The smaller pheno's were roughly 8-12 inches tall but matured quicker. I consider some short pheno's to be normal part of a batch of auto's.

From germ I suggest potting in its forever home , I find it helps reduce ratio of small plants they seem to know when they have big earth under them. I started auto in solo cups they were stunty. I started some in 3 gallon pots they were beefy. Also any shock to roots will stunt them.

Happy growing!


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Hi Jsully :)
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