BeezLuiz & Liquidintel's Outdoor Grow 2018

Thanks Luiz!

Great write up. I liked the comparative table too :D very clear and informative. I may take a lead from you as well, like halped, if I can manage decent enough descriptions. I’m just getting going outside myself and discovering this grow just as I was/am gearing up for it has been just perfect.

Thanks AmyG! I'm happy to have inspired, and I look forward to your outdoor project :high-five:
Well deserved JOTM. Excellent professional quality work. Great detail. You have an oasis there for sure!
Thank you LadyG! I see that you have the July honor - congrats back at you. I'll go check out your journal as well :)
Just don't try to do all the sampling in one day. Otherwise, by the time you finish trying the 5th, you prob. won't remember the 1st...;)

One at a time... smoke then report, repeat as necessary! :yummy::bongrip::p

This brings up a good point @Teddy Edwards @Dwight Monk

I know it's a chore to set up new subforums, but it seems like there'd be an awful lot of benefit to splitting up the Journal sections of the forums into "Indoor" and "Outdoor" subforums. It'd help outdoor growers find outdoor journals for tips, tricks, & things to avoid. Same for indoor growers.

As an outdoor grower, I occasionally find interesting indoor journals that I follow, but I'm primarily interested in outdoor journals, which often take a goodly amount of time to find & I'm sure, that as a result, I miss out on some excellent ones. I doubt that I'm the only one & I'm guessing it's a similar situation for indoor growers & indoor grow journals.

Seems like this would add a lot of ease of use for those interested in journals.

Obviously, it wouldn't be tractable to do this for all ongoing/unfinished/completed journals, but seems like it'd be fairly tractable for the next wave.

Anyway, just a thought.

Great idea! :thumb:

Hmm - except that some folks run indoor/outdoor perpetuals... :hmmmm:

Always gunna be hybrids, but it could be a great resource for all looking for info and/or ideas. A somewhat consolidated knowledge base for outdoor cannabis cultivay

One at a time... smoke then report, repeat as necessary! :yummy::bongrip::p
Yesterday @Liquidintel handed me a packed pipe. I had assumed it was Dream Queen ('cuz that's what we've been smoking lately). I took a couple good hits. 10 minutes later I'm thinking "dang this is hitting me hard, feels more like Cookies". I went and asked him what he loaded the pipe with. "Cookies"! :Rasta:
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