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CA215's Outdoor Session 1

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Thats some funny stuff i just read:laugh2:CA your plants look awesome man .Dutch is right to,in a few your going to be rolling in the meds brother...So thank the California sun and the lady bugs and pat your self on the back for a job well done.:bravo:


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Your plants look to be doing well. You are going to have a massive quantity of bud in a couple of months. Amazing how they are getting so big... nothing like that CA sun for doing a great job on MJ.

Love those tomatoes. About a month before mine are done. I didn't do organic though... just miracle grow amended soil.

All of my outdoor plants have re-vegged now. It looks like i will have a good harvest come October. The autos that I put out at the same time are starting to bud profusely. You may want to try some of the autos... very easy to grow, especially outdoors. I used soil from the site amended with organic nutes. Haven't had to touch anything in a month or so and don't have any nute shortages yet. The ones that I put out are 90 day versions - which means I am half way home.

Hope everything else in life is going well for you. You are going to be amazed when I post pictures this week... a good week for bud development.


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Those dark red at the right look good, veri veri gud. growing food is the best :)


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The growth may be too much for the plant to hold, nitrogen wise. Maybe shes just a junkie. ;) Maybe you should do a light folar feed of som N on a few yellowing sites and see if this helps. or Maybe Im just ripped. Or maybe both.


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Hey 420magers thanks for the responses I will reply tonight, droppin' in real quick to drop these micros in, noticed the unknown bagseed that had been supercropped about 2-4 days previous was starting to push out some pink pistils. I've seen this before but never had a microscope! Took me a good 10 minutes to actually get these pictures visible :laugh: Enjoy, :peace: CA




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This guy knows quite a lot of good organic stuffs. For you in America, this might be good!! Maybe try it with ganja as well? lol, Plants are looking amazing bro, big dinosaurs!

This guy does know his shit thats for sure! I have watched a ton of his videos when I first became vegan


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Call me old school, but I like pretty colors. :):)

Would be nice to have some nice outdoor white widow covered in pink pistils ya? :yummy:

Hey Ca215... you know if you have any problems with your plants, I will give you my address and you can drop them off for me to take care of them. :slide:

By the looks of it that could actually be a possibility! Glad to know my girls would have a great home if issue did arise :high-five:
Goodshit skunk :laugh:

This guy does know his shit thats for sure! I have watched a ton of his videos when I first became vegan

Thanks for stoppin by Backpackin, man, every day I eat meat turning the leaf towards eating straight vegan seems like the best thing to do, as much as I think of it I probably just should give it a go! Would like to thank Sinse aswell again for that video, I ended up picking up some woodchip mix and put a good top layer on all my outdoor plants. the mix contained sphagnum moss, dolomite lime, worm castings, and some chicken shit (which could be a littttle hot) which was sitting in my garage for the past year, good deal :thumb:
Outdoor girls are possibly still a little damp thanks to the woodchip, after this post I am going to go review and see how it did, if it is a little dry we will do a watering 6.5 pH no supplements, love&respect every1, :peace: CA215


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Outdoor appears to still be holding its moisture, which is awesome! Going to see if these girls can run the day without any drooping, if so, I will be saving myself cash on about, 14~ gallons of water every other day, sweet :high-five: Could see these wood chips playing a major role in all my future outdoor grows. The blue dream is filling in all throughout the bottom where I was having problems, will document it soon, looking awesome! Seems all the big fans were dying off to encourage a bunch of small lower chutes to push out and populate all the lower trunks, although they look to be killing off their leafs also, they are growing quick enough to out race the yellowage.. I topped a few main branches yesterday morning, side chutes look to be growing like nothing happened, starting to see some big buds about to be produced :adore::joint: I have plans today to get out to big betsy and prune all the dead growth and anything that looks to be un wanted. She seems to be about to break and fall over so I will give her a shoulder to lean on :laugh:
respect&love, :peace: CA


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I have plans today to get out to big betsy and prune all the dead growth and anything that looks to be un wanted. :laugh:
respect&love, :peace: CA

Pics or it didnt happen. ;)


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It didn't happen... :27: Haha, just got back home to see that my outdoor girls were looking very "saggy", all the fan leaves were hanging over and felt noodley, back to watering every morning. They just received about 9~ gallons 6.5ph and are already looking way better , definitely caught them right before they would have started wilting off, jeez close call. :wood:

:headbang: they will live!! :cheer:



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Pink pistils dude! That's hot. Thanks for your kind words CA. Peace


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nice catch. :) Still got enough light for some betsy pics...? :)

I did not last night but this morning I did have enough time in between coffee brewin' & laptop firing up!!
I am sorting through them now, update in the next hour :thumb: thanks for stoppin in Pimp!

Pink pistils dude! That's hot. Thanks for your kind words CA. Peace

Pink pistils right!! Sounds exotic :laugh: And no problem B, anytime my dude!! Hope everything is running well on their own, really hope you stumble across some massive trees :yummy:

Update in the next hour. Last night I tried ordering seeds from attitude but it seems my debit card will not let me purchase from a foreign country unless I first call my bank and let them know it is actually me ordering something not by debit card being used by other people. If I can figure this out this morning with the bank they will be getting ordered a s a p. My little bundle would look something like this;

Serious Seeds: 6x Biddy Early (fem)
Seedsman Seeds: 5x Mini Gun (auto)

With spending £60.98, about 92 bucks for those 11 seeds, I would receive on top of that these tasty sounding strains..

Dinafem: 1x Critical+ (auto)
1x Super Silver (fem)
1x Blue Widow (fem)

Seedsman Seeds: 2x White Widow

Serious Seeds: 5x Kali Bubba

If you cannot tell, my order was based on cheapest packs of seeds, for the best freebies possible :laugh:
If anyone would have recommendations for attitude on a pack of seeds, let me know, I will gladly spend an extra twenty bucks for a primo pack and opt out either the biddys or the minis! :blunt:

:peace: CA215


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Weather's been great and shows no signs of slowing, so here's hoping! Excited for your blue widow seed! I keep nearly ordering them. They sound tasty as f*** :Namaste:


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So I ordered some beans! Kinda switched up my order and got some other stuff;

Seedsman Seeds x5 Mazari (fem) x5

T H Seeds x5 Critical HOG (fem)
T H Seeds x5 Da Purps (reg), trying to get these switched out for 5x feminized T H Seeds Underdawg OG

Freedom of Seeds x3 Godberry (fem)

For freebies I should receive;

Dinafem 1x Critical+ (auto)
Dinafem 1x Super Silver (fem)
Dinafem 1x Blue Widow (fem)
Dinefem 1x White Widow (fem)

Freedom of Seeds x2 Freedom Haze (na)

T H Seeds x4 Sage n' Sour (fem)

Seedsman Seeds x2 White Widow (na)

Now for some pictures;
Berry Kush

Tops and what not

Unknown Bagseed with the pink pistils


Blue Dream

Sour Boggle
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