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:welcome: to the forum...

:woohoo: I do have something that would test your superpowers...

Send me back to to my 14 year old 1969 body, with all my current knowledge and skill intact. :adore::snowboating::3:


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Seed-o-Vision- He can look at a seed and tell what strain it is, whether it's male or female,auto or photo.
And if it will germinate,or be a "dud".
He's working on predicting the yield,but says that's kinda "tricky"
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Make Cannabis and Hemp legal world wide with no hint of stigma attached anywhere ever again, free to go anywhere we like and smoke a spiff with no boundaries, free to grow as much cannabis as we want anywhere we want and no one says a single word about it, EVER!!!

Supersize that power brother!!!



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The the capts mission, to spread endoquality thru out the galaxy, you can help by not acting so douchy towards that person, place, or thing you don't like,
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