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Cornell Hood - Louisiana Man Gets Life in Prison for Marijuana

Jim Finnel

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A Louisiana man has been sentenced to life in prison following his fourth marijuana conviction.

Cornell Hood II was convicted in February of attempting to possess and distribute marijuana after police found two pounds of pot in his house during a routine probation visit last year.

The conviction usually carries no more than 15 years in prison. But according to a report in The Times-Picayune, the prosecutor argued at sentencing last week that since this was his fourth conviction for the same crime, the 35-year-old Hood deserved the harshest penalty possible.

The judge agreed and sentenced him to life in prison.

Under Louisiana law, drug offenders are subject to life in prison after being convicted three or more times of a crime that carries a sentence exceeding 10 years.

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What a waist of tax payers money and time...Don't get me wrong, everyone who breaks the law to some extent may deserve a consequence, but this is a little harsh...I have marijuana for medical purposes but even if someone uses it socially or for recreational use, this sentence is bullshit...What will ever happen if the law on Marijuana changes and it is decriminalized?? Will the prison and jail systems let out all convictions that were for non violent marijuana crimes?? Can you imagine how many people would be let free on just that circumstance....I hope to see the day


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"life" is kinda harsh,,, maybe if he had guns and had a shoot-out with the police or something,, wow....but, being busted 4 times for the same thing is kinda harsh too,most people LEARN from their mistakes,,, i'd say the guy needed a new job anyway.....IMO...


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and child molesters reoffend and reoffend and reoffend......


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I lived in Louisiana 2 years. The most terrifying period of my smoking life. My advice to all smokers is the get the hell out of there and do not drive Interstate 10 dirty. They will be the last state to ever go medical for sure. I had a small CFL grow there that was discovered by a carpenter and I tore it down as soon as I knew he seen it. You can get 5 years for a second mj offense in New Orleans no matter what the amount. You have Barney Fife shaking out your floor mats looking for something that will turn purple in a test tube. No shit. 90% of the weed I seen was Mexican Brick because growing it will guarantee a trip to prison. I drove to Houston one time (3 hour drive) to buy some Sour Diesel. I am not even going to tell you what that ounce of weed cost me, but it involved a very high retail price, a full tank of gas and a motel stay.


Plant of the Month: June 2010 - Nug of the Month: July 2010
You have Barney Fife shaking out your floor mats looking for something that will turn purple in a test tube.

backwoods podunk mofo's.......


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Wow, thats pretty un just. Life in prison for a plant when their is some crack head murderer smoking rock tonight in your local bar. Fools.


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Was in LA for a month or two back in 2003. Was too afraid to smoke, after neighboring hotel room got raided by a SWAT team. Hotel mgr said the guy was busted for pot. Also saw long time ago, some town on I10 was pulling over expensive motor coaches, planting drugs, confiscating the motorcoach, auctioning them off. 20/20 exposed them, I think. Never going to Louisiana again.
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