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CottonBalls Garden 2014


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Hey 420 this is my first attempt of a journal here and I would love to hear any input from you all. In the garden I have several strains but don't have all of the individual info for each of them. Since I signed up for this forum I have learned more in one area than any other sites I have seen and thought I would put up some pictures of my garden. We recently switched nutes to Dina gro and dyna bloom, call mag and liquid w8 during flower.

What strain is it?
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly hybrid, but there is one sativa
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg and bloom
If in Veg... For how long? 3-4 weeks
If in Flower stage... For how long? 2 weeks
Indoor or outdoor? Both!
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Pro-mix
If soil... What size pot? 5
Size of light? 2,125 cfl's and 2 600hps
Is it aircooled? No
Temp of Room/cab? 73-77
RH of Room/cab? Wut?
PH of media or res? 6.3-6.7
Any Pests ? No
How often are you watering? Till soil is dry about one
Type and strength of ferts used? Dyna grow 7-9-5/ 3-5 ml per gal, dyna bloom 3-12-6/ 3-5ml per gallon, cal-mag 2-3ml per gal

Bucket Size - 5 gallon max but have 1 gallons as well
Medium - will have next time
Lights - (2) 125 cfl's and 2 600hps
Strain(s) - Qush, cheesequake, critical plus, conspiracy kush, blue berry pie, white Russian, alien moonshine and a GDP baby
# of Plants: 25 I will need to count, we just took more cuttings
Yield : Na since we just switched nutrients

I have a headache right now but I will get the pictures up tomorrow. Sorry guys but please check in later. I would love to get any feed bk in the future.


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white russian
top of white russian
W.R number 2
Qush, x breed of space queen and kush.
G.D.P from seed
GDP top
full view of the veg closet
our bloom room is hurting right now, we put several plants outside a few months back (will have those pics up when asap) but these plants stressed out really badly, we flushed very heavily and switched nutes so hopefully something good comes from these babies
temp is good now, had a really hot streak for a month but humidity looks good?
this is called alien moonshine, we got it from a local shop, but i dont know much about it, no info on other sites about it and this is the first attempt at this strain


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RH is Relative Humidity. Should be around 50% for established plants and ~80% for seedling/clones/smaller plants etc.

Subbed and awaiting pictures! :)

thank you good sir! i will have pics of our outdoor plants as soon as they finish uploading to my email, it takes a while to send from my phone. :thanks:


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forgot to add the feeding schedule :-D

feeding once a week. increasing the amount by .5ml but not going higher than 5ml for both bloom and veg with watering one to two times depending on how dry the soil is.
Dyna grow 7-9-5/ dyna bloom 3-12-6/ cal-mag 2-3ml per gal


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Hey all, these are all of the outdoor plants we have, four total strains outdoors but one is small and not a great pic, but the other I must have forgotten to take a picture of it when I was there, but its critical plus.

The strains are conspiracy kush, critical plus, BBP, and crazy train.

Conspiracy kush, we almost lost all of our conspiracy kush clones, these really snapped out of it. If I can find the pictures of what these four plants looked like in the past ill throw them on here, this is just one of the four that are doing amazing outside.


This one we call Blue Berry pie, staiva dom hybrid i think, but it is extremely skunky


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That alien moonshine suits its name! Personally I'd say 60% RH is optimal at the stage your plants are in at the moment, They all look healthy anyway! ...Apart from the 3 under that HPS, I thought you must have been stressing it's branches prior to taking the photo:/

Looking forward to updates!


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That alien moonshine suits its name! Personally I'd say 60% RH is optimal at the stage your plants are in at the moment, They all look healthy anyway! ...Apart from the 3 under that HPS, I thought you must have been stressing it's branches prior to taking the photo:/

Looking forward to updates!

Yea those plants under bloom stressed really bad. We were in the middle of LST and the heat wave nearly killed them all. When we started the new nutrients they error budding and we tried stopping them but nothing was working so we threw them under hps. Not expecting much from them but keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks kjc I'll look into one of those, maybe a near by shop has something I can grab. Stay posted! New pics by the weekend!


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Just a random question, but how often should I be feeding? I posted a few days back that it is once a week with increasing amounts but other people do feed, feed, water. From our problems in the garden in the past our plants have been yellowing in flower abd the yields have be a complete joke, I know some yellowing is ok but not like what I've had.
With this new nutrient set up I'm hoping that once a week will be enough, feeding on Saturdays then watering every other day. Thanks all


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Kcj you have shown me these products before and I will switch to them if my dyna gro set up doesn't work, how often do you water with this set up?

If anyone has used dyna gro and dyna bloom I would love to hear your feeding set up. I've looked on their website and found the schedule there but or plants in the past with a different set up has had yellow and Brown leaves from to much nitrogen. I dint want this to happen again with dyna gro so I'm all ears


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Gotcha, three to four is how often we water as well in dirt. We haven't had any yellow leafs with dyna gro, that was with medi one (bat and fish poo...) We also didn't flush often enough to keep pH good.
Everything is going great so far with the new set up. I'll get some updates this weekend and post it up. I'll probably keep increasing the amount of good little by little and see how they take to it. Thanks again kjc


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hey all, i have a few updated pics of our garden. I didnt get all of them though, I was in a rush today because I got engaged!! :circle-of-love:

We took about twenty clones and they have been doing just fine, its only been a few days so no sign of roots though. Now on to the green stuff



Critical plus, by far the largest plant we have outside. I have really high hopes for this girl.

I think this is the blue berry pie but shes showing buds!

Conspiracy kush

full line up

I will have the pics of the plants we have inside probably next weekend, sorry for the delay on those, but it was for a dam good reason lol. Ill post a pic of the ring on my now fiance's finger later, i got some celebrating to do lol.

Stay posted stoners! :peace:


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Hey all, I only have a few pics that I can add here, im trying to upload all of the pics from my phone but its taking a while for some reason..
Quick update on my journal though
The plants outdoors are simply blowing my mind.. they all are LOVING it!! Buds are forming up nicely and the stalks on these babies are ridiculous. We are going to bring them inside when it gets closer to the rainy season here and will finish them then, all of the top colas are going to be quite packed especially for only getting a few months of sun. The wind was blowing a little but so some of the leaves look like they are drooping but not to fret :)
Once i get the rest of the pics uploaded ill put them on here, let me know what you think!

Conspiracy kush is doing great!


This is the best i have ever had this strain do- our Blue Berry Pie

This is the GDP from seed, I think we might have slightly given it too much nutrients, some of the leaves look burnt :( we are going to cut back and only do about 1/4 of a teaspoon per gal for a few weeks to see if it will snap back, but other than that it is looking pretty good.

Veg closet, its been almost three weeks with the new regime of feeding and nutes, the new growth is really pulling through and coming back really fast from a stressful month of heat. Some of the leaves only have one leg, it doesnt look like a normal cannabis leaf, but that is most likely due to high heat stress. Just a quick snap of them on this pic, I have some more close ups that will be coming asap.

This is qush from our indoor bloom, she took a really bad hit and was on MG for a while.. in previous posts I brought up that we flushed it really heavily. Some residual stress marks from salt build up, but the new growth and buds are packing in tight already with our new set up. Not the biggest we have had but the new nutrients are really snapping this one back.

More will be put up when they come through, check back in and let me know what you all think. :peace:


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White Russian is looking good. Usually it is a very tall lengthy plant but we did a bunch of LST on it this round to see if we can keep the height down and buds tighter as well. Really likes the nutrients we are using too!


Qush from the top down, you can see how we pulled down two of the tops to get the inner nodes more light and let this thing bush out.


This is Alien Moonshine, a strain we got from a vendor here and I dont know what to expect out of it. First round of growing it, but you can see a few of the leaves only have one foot, the only thing I can think of is from the heat, but if anyone else has any idea of what caused this I would appreciate it. Its doing pretty well now though, new growth is coming in strong.


My lovely ladies outside :) :)
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