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Getting Scroggy - 600 Watt 4 Plant Modular Mixed Freebie Super Soil Grow

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Hey guys I'm back! Upgrading my 2x4 set up a bit so I can turn my 600 all the way up got a separate fan for my filter setup so my cooltube has it's own dedicated 6inch now.

Here's what I got going on and my plans for this run.
Some freebies from attitudes last birthday promo I need to use up.

I've started germinating
Delicious seeds: Black Russian
Emerald triangles: Blueberry Headband
DNA limiteds: Snowcap LA aka "SnowLAnd"
Dinafem: Critical +

(Or In case of duds I have WWxBB, grapefruit, and chocolate heaven)

So far the critical + and the snowcap la have already sprouted and the other two didn't pop after 36 hours of soaking so I put them in the soil anyway if I don't see any progress on one or both of them in the next few days I'll start to germinate first the WWxBB from Female seeds followed by either g13s chocolate heaven or positronics grapefruit if needs be.

Essentially I just want 4 plants that will eventually be trained into 4 modular 1x2' screens.
Will be using subcools soil recipe in the finale pots with the exception that I'll be using humus and bio thrive grow for veg nutrients as I'm recycling my soiless media from my last grow and using that as my base soil.

I'm shooting for a pound hopefully knowing that's a pretty cramped goal that'd be 2 zips per sq foot. Or roughly .75 grams a watt. But I'm sure I'll get at least 12. Never used this mix indoors so this will be fun new experiment!


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Re: GeTTinG SCRogY!!! 600watt 4 plant modular mixed freebie super soil grow.

Hi Elibrium,

I'd like to follow along as well.
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Re: GeTTinG SCRogY!!! 600watt 4 plant modular mixed freebie super soil grow.

My original picks hopefully the 2 that haven't sprouted yet do if not the white widow x big bud I won't mind heavy yeilder along with the critical + should help me closer toward my goal of a lb this run.
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Well all my packages came except for my humus (I'm strictly using this in tea's) another speed controller and my new phresh filter. Phresh has always worked out for me in the past, last grow I decided to cut corners on a filter and get the cheaper off brand.. NEVER AGAIN! I ended buying an CAP ozone jr and a bunch of ona because the cheap one was leaking Odor all over my house!!! Lesson learned. Glad I did get that ozone generator that thing seriously is amazing.. 3 year warranty on it too. House smells like a swimming pool if I run it when I'm not home. But after smoking fat joint in my living room guess what it dosnt smell like? Anyway here you go guys. Super soil will get mixed tonight I've already got the other ingredients on hand doing a quarter batch for these and possibly a fool around auto project this summer. This willsit till I use these five gallon dirt pots. That's a 3 gallon in front that I've rolled into a 1.5ish.
I'll be reusing my mix from last grow peat lime mushroom compost perlite azomite pretty simple.

The humboldt nutrients myco maximum was a great deal for the price like 12 with shipping for 8 ounces gunna mix it all in except for a small amount to dash my roots during each transplant. Between it, the wc, and the humus I should have impeccably healthy soil.
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Already troubles... :oops:
I mean this was a soilless reused mix. Shoulda spent 20 bucks on some light soil. But we are already where we are. The two in the right are the critical and the snowcap la. The snow cap is showing signs of over watering but I haven't been really. They are already yellowing a bit. Seem to have stopped growing So I mixed up some tea with ewc and humus and I put and 1/8th of a dose of biothrive bloom in with it.wich may even be too little. Hopefully this will take care of the problem. My fear is this peat base media has become to acidic after sitting in my garage and my inpatients left that unchecked before I started these seeds. Fingers crossed!!! If the feeding dosnt show through in the next few days ill give them some ph water anybody have a better idea please feel free to make any suggestions. The Black Russian (back left) sprouted a few days ago and the WWxBB in that little coco pot sprouted yesterday. The bb x headband never sprouted.

In other news I limed and myc'd the rest of my base soil and the super soil and it got some tea to super charge the Benny's as well. The tub I've got the ss in is already putting off a notable amount of heat when I turned the water in she's definitely composting.
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I bet they'll be alright man! they dont look bad man i love the organic setup awesome.
They'd better be haha! Thank you, seedlings make me so impatient haha one of the lessoned learned when growing anything. Now pepper plants.. Seed germination slow slow slowwww
Hello, Elibrium :ciao:

Grats on the new babies!

I'm interested in seeing how your soil/soiless mix works.

For my current grow I'm only using worm castings, perlite and vermiculite.

It has been working fine, but I'm toying with the idea of the brix mix or super soil next round.

I'll be following along with your grow from now on.

Have a great day!
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Thanks dres! I would love to get into brix I've been doing a lot of research on it. Cool stuff for sure! I'm interested in doing it with my vegetables as well for taste. But for now good ol super soil should do. I don't think I'll be doing much foiler feeding this grow. But this should be a tasty smoke non the less!
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Haha ya surprisingly lights at 75% right there. these 20$ China made bulbs have done me alright my light was at 75 percent last run 400ish watts and they pulled me 9 ounces off of some autoflower's. No complaints honestly we will see how they yeild with properly trained photos this time. I'm probably going to swap them out after this run either way though.
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Holy crap that was fast! I know the picture doesn't show it well maybe if you zoom in a bit (bad lighting phone camera sorry) but it's only day 3 on the soil being mixed water it with tea just barley like yesterday or the day before but there's already very rhizomorphic growth clinging to the tub and covering these loose clumps eating away all around the edges very web like (trich I believe). And heat coming off the soil surface especially radiating from these clumps a very noticeable temperature difference just using my hand hovering over it. Haha! Damn it I love biology! Just surprised it's going so quick under my stairs here. Between the soil mix, my humus/ewc tea, and the 6 ounces of granular myco madness I put in there, it all should be amazing! Woot! If it gets a lot thicker I'll make sure to take some macro shots and post them