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Help with autoflower grow - 2nd attempt - New grower


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They all seem great.Nice bright green in natural light. Couple staying small but it might just be the strain. I feel like they are about to take off any day now. Going way better than my first attempt.


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2 r doing real good. The others r still small
Try to be patient. I was looking at your grow and thought maybe you could try CFL or T5 for seedling/early veg....The LED are great when the plants get a little bigger, but the CFL can be placed really close as long as heat is not a problem. I grew autos my last grow, look me up....


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Alright thanks. I was thinking the same exact thing to tell you the truth. I think I just blast em with too many rays too young.


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If they are still green, They are still either growing up or growing down. My guess is that your small plants will now only get about a foot or so tall when done. It just happened to me. 2 identical autos, 1 got 28" tall, one got 14" tall. Short one looks like a perfect pyramid the big one looks like a bush. Auto's can be freaky..
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