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Watch out dude...she may be a little frisky. :cool:

Oh she's ready man...

Yeah, I'm actually thinking of 4 900's. Because the footprint is fairly narrow I'm thinking I'm going to take them up to about 5' tall (including pot) and hoping to get at least 36" of good penetration. I just cloned 3 scripts of pre 98 bubba kush that I'll be vegging under a couple of 300-450's. What I'm really excited about is the 24 different seed strains I'll be pheno hunting with for they coming out door season.

Nice!!! thats a good plan :high-five:

For 3 x 10 I would take 5/6 450

That is a good plan too. Although I wouldn't want to run all those cords. That's the only thing I can say that is meh about these lights is not being able to piggyback them.

Curso, i just received word from a somewhat reliable source that Im on Santas list for 1 of those 450s'
I Love Santa! :thumb:

Awesome bro!!! You're gonna dig it. These things are powerful, cheap to run, cool and inexpensive. Can't ask for much more from an led

One more day bro....One more day.

I love this place and its citizens! :)

Me too!!! Because of this place I am able to grow buds that look like this...


Yeah man!!! I took so many pics, it's gonna take me a few to go through them. I still have to clean the flower tent and deal with the opp. I'm getting there. I was up washing and hanging bud till 530 this morning :high-five: There's a lot of really, really nice bud in there. I am sold on these lights. These get both thumbs up from me. I'll get the pics up sometime today I promise.
Ok now that answers everything... So explain the details of bud washing and why.

It's all in the thread scrubby linked man. But suffice it to say, if I spend 3 months spraying fish emulsions on my plants, I am going to want to get as much of it off as I can...especially if it actually enhances the end product by simply being cleaner.

Ok, sorry I did not see the hyper link. I have follow this post, though not from the beginning and did not see any applications made to the foliage of the plant. My Bad.

Did I read correctly it was fish fert? What is the advantage of this on foliage, (I used it on tomatos, in the dirt)

I see some people believe in washing their bud and I agree that if you were to use some sort of pesticide of such to take care of a problem I get all that.

But here's where I am dumb founded... wouldn't you loose the crystals off of the plant by washing?

I am sorry for my ignorance in advance but this is something I have never heard of. I've grown veggies and fruits and yes it goes with out saying that you wash them before consumption. But then I'm stupid and will go to the garden and pick a ripe tomato, cuke or carrot and just brush it off on my shirt or pants and eat it. And not taste anything different except freshness. Are people really using stuff on their bud that would give it such a foul taste when smoked? Wow!?!
Negligible amounts of anything are lost in the washing process fishingbuddy.
Like gov said, those of us who use foliar sprays need to wash that gunk off. If youre not foliar feeding, think about all the nasties that are floating around...id still wanna wash that off too :)
Just a Dumb newbie here. What do you mean by this quote? I understand the hanging part but "washing"???

With the methodology that the HiBrix Blend is, we foliar feed. That stuff leaves a residue and this plant is 6+ months old. There has been all sorts of airborne stuff stuck in those sticky trics and on the leaf. So Doc came up with a wash. 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup of lemon juice to 5gl of RO followed by 2 rinses of plain RO.

This is basic food science. I make edibles, I wouldn't want to be served a salad of dirty lettuce, so I would also expect the same in my edibles. Clean produce. So, this washing method serves as a food safety issue to me. While it also makes the smoke smooth and aids in drying. With the leaf clean the air it can properly breathe.

It just makes all that hard work you put into it even better. Remember you will only get out of your grow what you put into it.

There are no newbie questions. If you don't know, its better to ask than ever assume. :)
Thanks all.

I have found the thread and began reading it from a year ago. So much information I never new growers did.

Filling my pea brain full of different information.
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