HSO Lost Coast Hashplant - One Plant 2 Lights One Love

Scrubby..any plans for a journal? :)

Actually yeah! Im moving this coming weekend and as soon as I get my caregivers permit, which should be around the beginning of February, im gonna put 16 plants in the ground. Then ill start a journal with multiple strains!...big things to come!!! :)
Happy holidays and happy new year!!!!

:bravo::bravo::high-five::high-five: GREAT GROW GREAT PLANT GREAT JOB :high-five::cheer::bravo:

WOW nice job Curso! Agreed plant of the month no doubt about it!!!!

So looks like that new Drench worked out pretty well, what are your thoughts??
Thank you all so much!!! Everything is really nice. It's been pretty dry up here so things are progressing a bit faster than I had wanted. But man does it smell good. I manicured it and it hit jars last night. It's already joint dry.

This harvest is pretty impressive. I am happy with the way these lights have performed. They provided my plant with so much light. I am going to give my estimate now that I have put my hands on everything (but a couple branches that are "mine") it's about 1.75ish lbs. I haven't put it on the scale because at this point I'd still be weighing water, but I have a pretty good eye with that kind of stuff from years of inventories in kitchens. I mean roughly 1.4gpw is pretty fantastic in my book. So, my quest for a 2 lb plant will continue for a little while. I am sold on the lights. They work and work well. Missing my goal is my fault.

These next 2 OPP are the true testers for the Salty drench. However, I think this LCHP is going to taste really good. My buddy came by the other night with a really nice organic OG from a local. It was nice. But...I am a snob and was like "Oh yeah" and went and grabbed a bud or 2 that were dry enough to smoke. He passed out after 3 rips. So I have a feeling that this drench with the Mg we have to add really turns up the flavor profile. We'll see in a couple months. I will have those tested too. Ya know its fun being able to get meds tested. If you are by a lab and are a grower, there is no better way to see how well you are doing. I strongly suggest doing it.

I'll try to get some bud shots today at some point it might be after the holidays though....

Merry christmas, if thats your thing :high-five:
Curso, so no 'zigster' truffle? What? :) can I claim a kg grow for all of your future grow? I promise you'll hit someday! :rofl:
So do you use both switches on when in growth or just blossom? I ask because in nature its always full spectrum. I guess at different times of the day the angle of the sun, location of plant on earth, etc, different wavelengths are present in different quantities bathing plants, but I doubt there is ever zero red or zero blues during the day. Yet, we do this with artificial light? Why?
Isnt the whole greater than the sum of its parts? :)

Thank you Curso, for sharing your love and expertise of the most amazing plant on earth with all of us in this great community. You, Doc(Gandalf-for his Wisdom, and Magic)and the rest of the Fellowship of the HighBrix Growers are helping so many grow amazing food and medicine. We are truly Blessed to have you share with us. Thank you!

Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year to you and yours!
Beautiful harvest, Curso! Congratulations! Are You making any NYE truffles?
Champagne and budda infused ganache, dried cranberries, budda, chocolate, budda, tincture, budda :)

Actually bro I was asked by a friends husband to make him a 1000mg truffle. So, there are a couple of options to make the extract. One is to make BHO then decarb it. Which would work. However, I am going to bypass the butane and just make some RSO and go from there. Once I get this tested I can do the math right for it to work out. There is no guessing with that shit. Some things you have to know when handling them. What your starting material is for sure one of them. You need to know the answer to that equation. But I will be making something for myself today, not sure what yet though. I have some fun cookbooks to choose something from. Maybe this weekend I'll cook a menu from one...we'll see....
Curso, one wouldnt decarb first before the extraction?

I don't decarb generally. I can obtain 99.99% activation without that extra heating in the oven. I guess it really depends on 2 things that most things have in common....Time and Temperature. How hot and long are we doing our original extract, if hot enough and long, why add a step. Remember I am looking at things from a chef's point of view. That extra step is unnecessary if you originally planned properly.

The RSO because its a reduction is already activated. The BHO would need further processing to make it activated. I wouldnt decarb anything before I winterized it personally.
Here are a couple bud shots from the LCHP...Once I get the results from the test I'll close this and finalize everything. But here is some bud porn from this grow. I have loads more but holding out until I get the tests...

For being a michigan fan, you sure do love your green too! ;)

If i wanted to grow 6 plants, Doc's style... Would i be able to get away with 1 900w led? or would i be better off spending the extra coin for a 1200? Its going to be my first grow but willing to make the initial investment even if it takes a little longer to obtain.

TBH Curso, still on the fence wether to go 1000w HPS and a blue MH for veg... looks like id spend less than half on all that which is needed.
So what would be the honest effective area of a 1200? I didnt expect it to cover the entire tent, its to add more later. I want a set up like docs with a tray. One light is about all i care about spending on lighting at the moment. Their site says the 1200 at 18" covers 6x5.5. That seems like a good enough foot print for a first grow.
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