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Got a free seed with recent purchase of seeds - lost coast hashplant. It a photo so is difficult to grow round these parts due to the long days still in july/august. Thought what the hell and planting it alongside my autos. Can potentially grow to 3.5m tall outside but i will be happy with a plant half that size, even a third. This will be mostly photos of this plant and very little posting. Hope all goes well and hope you enjoy the ride.

Day 1-

Placed in pot, covered with clingfilm and a couple of small holes made to allow it to breathe. Placed outdoors on the balcony with the rest of the seedlings.
Day 12 (yesterday) -

Seed has shot up over the past few days and is looking good. It been put straight outside with the rest to harden off. Stem seems ok, no major stretching or any other problems. Think i will go for broke with this one and place outside with the autos next week. Will dig up a wee spot and just put a plastic cage around it and see what happens. May top this plant at several places to stop it reaching 3m+ high.
Day 31 -

Seems to have lost a shoot on the main stem. Rather than 2 growing up it just now 1. Not worried about it though. Will continue with it on the balcony for another month but gonna transplant to 1 gallon container within next 48 hours. Been given some plain water a wee while ago which will make transplant easier. Before i take it out to grow am going to force flower for around 2 weeks. This will ensure that it finishes outside in time. Not sure how it will cope with induced 12/12 flowering then outdoors to around 16-17/8-7 light schedule. Am hoping it wont go back to reveg. Mrs wont allow me to have a 3rd plant on the balcony so it will go outside for most of the flowering (approx 8 weeks).
Day 41 -

Not much to report. Re-potted it into a larger pot, probably around 2L in size not the 1 gallon i thought it was. Has grown a new main stem and some side branches too so once another node or 2 then it will be topped.

Somehow, unless this plant puts on some serious size and stretch, i don't think this plant will amount to much. Want it outdoor in approx 3 weeks so hope it triples from its current size of 4" but need to force flower for 2 weeks so it needs to get a move on. Even then i reckon i'll be lucky to pull even an oz from it.
Glad to see you along. Not too much to report. Had my mum up on tue and here for the night so plant was in cupboard. Decided to give it another night in there before moving outside again and start forceflowering. Now gets brought inside at around 8pm and then placed outside 12 hours later but forgot this morning and not out till 11am. The plant is not very big, 6"-7" tall with quite a lot of lateral branching. This plant will end up being 12"-18" tall after "the stretch" and i doubt there be much bud, perhaps 1 main cola and that it. Just hoping that while she under 12/12 and then moved outdoors the extra light doesnt revert her back to veg. She gets moved outdoors in approx 2 weeks time. Will post a pic of her later on.
sorry to say but she might actually try to re-veg man let's hope by the time she gets outdoors the hours are a bit less during the day. Did you look at the fast flowering genetics and maybe a mold resistance something like triple cheese -Barney's farm or I dunno pineapple kush -royal queen seeds both are done late September.
Late sept no good for me as am away in florida for 2 weeks then. This seed was a freebie so if i doesnt amount to much then so be it. Had no other way of growing it so decided to take a chance on it. Photos dont do so well here as i found out last year. My early skunk didnt start flowering till september so it was a rush to get it finished. Ended up with a measly 2.2g but a bag of experience. Days up this way are too long in july and august so it really only autos i can do outdoors here, photos flower too late. Even if they (autos) take 4 months from seed to bud it gonna give me more than what photos will. Start indoors in april, take out end of may/begin of june finish by mid-end august. If i pull 6oz for my own use that enough weed for a whole year.
If you wanna try and mess with photos again there are some stable danish strains that might fit your climate.
Check out Cannaseeds and Hybrids From Hell, they have some nice strains bred here for 20-30 years.
Pottasium defficiency. Found what is was looking for. Hardly surprising seen as it no had a feed. Thought the new soil would have prevented that. Will give a feed soon with all purpose plant feed at 2/3 strength. Wait 2 weeks and give a mix of half strength all purpose feed plus half strength pk 13/14 before it goes outdoors.
Not sure if i should just keep this plant on the balcony instead of moving outdoors. It was supposed to be guerilla style but took so long to force flower that it may be best to just continue what i'm doing. Days are now down to 16.25 hours (sunrise - sunset) so if moved outdoors it should not revert back to reveg but i then have another plant to deal with outside. I have no doubts that getting planted in the ground will help it grow a bit more but will wait and see. It only in a wee 2L pot just now so will be rootbound by now and growth will be restricted. It not a problem to take it out, just means i need to go out every so often to check on it. Hmmmmm, decisions, decisions.
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