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You remind me of the coach from the movie how high. It's bufu... By us, fuuuuuck you! Awesome pic though curso, what was that sexy lady vegged under again?

It's been vegging under some low powered LED in another area. I think it was in the 7gl pot for 2 months. I'm going to get 2 x 150 full veg spectrum sometime in the future. You can get custom spectrum's from LEDk. The tag in the pot says 6/6 so it's been vegging for a minute.

Let me tell you guys what a pain in the ass this strain has been. It was snagged at the border, replaced and then I received them smashed. So they finally replaced them again. I finally had a nice one going and had a mishap with my former light. So it didn't get to finish. This is a clone of that plant and will be the first time I get to finish one...
Well folks, she got trimmed and made it into jars yesterday (yep snappy branches already, wash your buds folks) and she also hit the scale. Man she was one nice heavy woman....28.74 oz, the best I had done with the Mars was 22 and that was starting it with a 600w hps. Pics and all that after I clean and crack some beans, Jack Skellington and MK Ultra are gonna get soaked today....
my journal has a Barney's Lysergic acid diethylamide that was flipped yesterday when the LED arrived, and there's a Cali Connection Sour Diesel vegging right now that will flower end to end under the LED unit.

there are another two, a RQS Sour D, and RQS Amnesia Haze flowering, too, but they had 14 days under a 600w HPS, so not sure if they will be of interest or not.

for what it's worth, and the dust fairy might have been on her way anyway, but the later two are starting to sparkle - and this is from a die hard HPS slag :Namaste:
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