HSO Lost Coast Hashplant - One Plant 2 Lights One Love

So what would be the honest effective area of a 1200? I didnt expect it to cover the entire tent, its to add more later. I want a set up like docs with a tray. One light is about all i care about spending on lighting at the moment.

I'm currently using 2 1200's over a 3x6 tray. I can without hesitation recommend a single 1200 over the same space probably with better results. Also, the DormGrow G8600's worked well in tandem over this same tray.

Two of them is so damn much light the plants can barely keep up and that's with rich, high brix soil, Co2 enrichment and a perfect environment.

For a 4x8 I'd use 2 1200's or perhaps 3 600's

Keep in mind, I'm still trying to overcome years of bias towards LED and their outrageous claims in the past about such nonsense like a 90 watt light replacing a 600watt HPS, etc.

Things have changed. These lights really do perform.
And i was thinking the 1200 would be perfect for the 4x8 tent since ill only have a tray in there similar to yours doc. If it replaces a 1200watt HPS then thats alot of light...
The idea behind the 4x8 is i have room to expand/add more lights... Maybe grow some plants in 20 gal pots and some in 7-10. Ill get a separate 4x4 for veg down the road. And i dont want to be crammed in there.
I plan something similar and go with some 450.
I like to overlap some light get it more even and not such a big hotspot in the middle.

In my mind 6 x 300 would fit best but more expensive and as I will ad on one at a time a 450 fits my needs better.
Congratulations on your harvest Curso :goodjob:

You are an inspiration to us mortals.

Did you keep a record of all our guesses of your final weight?

Thanks bro!!! I did, I just have to remember wtf I did with it..lol Once things get tested (sometime this week) I'll do it all up. I also had to make some not so stupid strong ganache too. Man I have to admit...that 1000mg truffle is over my head. I couldnt fuck with it.
Here they are...I posted them in my other thread but just in case someone didn't see the Salted caramel, tofffee truffle, here it is...1000mg on the left 500 on the right. Made with LCHP butter. 2oz : 1 cup, and then broken down from there. Math is fun folks...lol
As if I never ate enough sweet stuff and puddings over Christmas, you got me wanting more looking at that picture. They look fantastic Curso.

Thank you!!!

I have to admit that I am looking forward to being able to eat one. I haven't been able to enjoy one of those yet. I can't hang with those ones. Waaaay over my head. But I have a plan. Make the same thing, just normal...LOL I have 2 other ones on deck too, I just got everything together for them so its an easy knock out today.

I am also debating a habinaro/orange truffle we'll see what I can come up with.
I showed those truffles to some people here and they were like...can you make those too?!?!?!
Im sure I can get the recipe but exactly like that? Probably not! Lol
This thread and another, is the reason I finally joined a righteous forum. I would love to know a opinion. How many plants could I place under 2 450w fixtures? I've been researching this led technology for almost a year, and it makes me dizzy at times. I know that platinum led is for me, but lost at what my setup could be with 2 P450s fixtures? I'm thinking a 4.5x4.5 rent, or a 5x5 tent. Would die to know the thoughts of those who used the fixture. And right on with those truffles!! Good Growing as well!
This thread and another, is the reason I finally joined a righteous forum. I would love to know a opinion. How many plants could I place under 2 450 fixtures?

You could flower anywhere from 1 plant to 144 plants, in a 4x4 area, so it's up to you unless you wanted 150+ plants...I think you could flower with 2x450's in a 4.5x4.5 area, but I don't own the lights so that information is somewhat redundant :)
I ve got 1 450 and it does 4 x 3 quite well so I would go with a 5x5 tent.
The rest is personal option and how big the plants are.

I don't have a tent and plan for a 2 450 in march that should cover about 4,5 x 6 with 4 x 5 core coverage and 6-8 5/7gal plants.
And some 6-8 little ones in 1gal vegt for 1-2 weeks to put on the sides.
Curso I just finished 60 pages of the previous journal and then the 49 here and I think I'm caught up. Thanks for all the wonderful info. I love over sharing info on the best practices for this plant and it's because of guys like you and Doc!
Thank you all for waiting pretty much patiently. The lab results are back 16.74%. What a disappointment, I am not going to be guessing things that are meant for some chemistry. The funny thing is....this is a really nice smoke, its almost hard to believe that it's just average. When I tell people its funny, they look at me like a deer in the headlights.

So to sum it all up I got 792g of 16.74% bud. That is nice, I am happy with it. Didn't hit either peak that I wanted to, but its still a nice smoke. I love the lights, I for sure love Doc's kit, the lchp was fun to grow but just average results, makes me happy to grow some OPP.

Thank you all for following along, please join Doc Bud's HiBrix Blend, and myself in my next thread...where my high brix plants just kicked PM's ass...I'll update it shortly...DocBud's HiBrix Blend - OPP x 2 - 20 Gallon

Again thank you for your support, without all you fine people this wouldn't be half the fun....

Great looking buds, Curso!

You, and a lot of the other High Brix growers are inspirations to many of us that are "beginner" HB growers. Your contributions are greatly appreciated...:goodjob:
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