Lost Coast - Hash Plant - Balcony Grow

Personally i dont bother with mould resistant strains. Heard from a guy on here (purplegunrack) that tried "mould resistant strains" last year and ended up with mould problems (mostly budrot). I think if you can visit your sites enough and start strains indoors then you stand a chance of growing plants outdoors. Photos cant be done here as the days are too long to flower in time thus the reason i do autos as they are great for long sunny (ha ha) or just plain light days. Start indoors in april, get them out in may, ready by end of july so you avoid them being out in really wet horrible weather unless it a wet summer.

Nuttys soil mix would be good but the ground is fertile enough and i add fish blood and bone mix prior to planting outdoors so there plenty of nutrients for the first 4 weeks outdoors and i dont mind carrying a few bottles of nutrient mix to the site to help them on their way.

Check my auto grow from last year which went rather well. Still suffered budrot even though those strains were supposed to be mould resistant too. My grow this year is also going well so far. Not outdoors yet but i envisage a good grow this year. Each and every one to their own. Some will have success with some plants whereas others wont. I tried early skunk for my first ever outdoor grow. Was supposed to finish early but it didnt and was a waste of time and pulled 2.2g (had a few problems but learnt from them).
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