Icemud's Grow 6.0. Cherry Pie - GSC - OGiesel -SFV OG- University Hills OG- Perpetual

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Damn it man they look spectac! Nawiiiiccce nugsz so do you Notice they seen more triched out on the LED side? The pics seen that way,and I notice that in my LED zone vs hps zone ,,they survived isolation well awesomeness!:thumb::thumb:

Thanks BID for the compliments! Yea I did notice the same, the nugs on LED side definitely have more trichomes than the HID side. I can't wait to go full LED, very soon!
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Damn a 64 week flowering joke's aside they look great.:Namaste:

LOL, I didn't even notice that...Hhahaha :) That would suck having to wait 5 years for 1 whoa
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hmm how did I miss this
Happy Sativaday Ice :thumb:
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I watched your vedio on YT today :) thank you, very nice.

Hey Sara, I am so happy you liked the video I made!!! I will be contacting you probably this week to talk about my next order.
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FANTASTIC! I have to leave the plants for 3 nights in a few weeks and was worrying, you have just made me feel much better. Mad that one is still damp! I am a week or so behind you on flowering. Your buds look lovely :D

I'm glad that I made you feel more comfortable about leaving. I always feel bad leaving my girls but since now I have done it a few times I know they will be alright as long as I prepare for the trips away with watering and such. Thanks for the compliments!!!
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Alright everyone, so here is a long overdue update.

I left out of town over the weekend to attend my Cousin's wedding so again I left the girls by themselves for 3 days, but when I came back everything was OK :)

Before I left I gave the girls a good watering. This watering was only R/O water with about 1/2 cup of 3% H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) which was added to add extra oxygen to the soil. Since H2O2 is water with an extra oxygen molecule, in low amounts it will not kill off microbes but help give more dissolved oxygen to the root zone.

Since 2 feedings ago I gave them a big dose of Earthjuice and it seemed to have locked the plants up, there hasn't been much production since then, however recently I am seeing new growth and white pistils shooting out of the buds again so I think the soil has corrected itself and now the plants are back to being happy again. Overall things are looking really good other than the browning/dead leaves that occured shortly after my Earthjuice feeding about 2 weeks ago and the buds are still packed with trichomes. :)

When I checked my plants yesterday I noticed that they were already in need of watering again so today I am filtering 5 gallons of R/O water which I will add very low nutrients to and feed the girls probably tomorrow. I also need to get in there today and do some defoliation/cleaning of the tent to clean out all the dead leaf material.

Well here are the photo's of the girls in all their glory. I would say that I probably only have 2-3 weeks left on flowering, maybe even less but right now the trichomes still look mostly clear.

Full Tent Views


University Hills OG


Blue Dream

Cherry Pie

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Happy Munchday Ice :thumb:
Keep em Frosty :high-five:
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Happy Munchday Ice :thumb:
Keep em Frosty :high-five:

Happy Munchday to you as well my friend!!! You got my vote for MotM contest as well!!!
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Happy Munchday to you as well my friend!!! You got my vote for MotM contest as well!!!

thank you my Friend
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the buds look sweet my friend shame bout the earth juice is that organic? seems odd it would do that if its all organic, i dont see that much theses days (knock on wood) but im barely giving any food just tons of minerals and enough food to keep em going,oh and microbes a plenty, but still looking good and dank

Yeah I'm really not sure why I have been running into this late flowering leaf browning every grow... I have been extremely light with the nutrients, about 1 full dose feeding every 3 to 4 feedings or so, about 1x per month only. Maybe its a bad batch or something? not really sure though. Pretty much at this point I wanna use it up and move onto the TandJ tea that you are using. I also want to give Doc's kit a run in the near future. either way the nugs still come out great, but I still want better :)
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Happy Thurweed day Ice :thumb:
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Today would be day 61 of flowering and things are looking good in the flowering tent. The girls top of the soil is getting dry however the bottoms of the pots are still decently moist (so says my el-cheepo moisture probe) so I started a bucket of R/O water filtering which will be used with just a regular soil compost tea. (nylon filled with my pre mixed soil, and a little carboload) Since things are winding down in the tent and the ladies only have about 2 weeks to go, I want to spark up that soil microherd and really help them get any last minute nutrients from the soil breakdown over the next 2 weeks. The following waterings after this will just be plain r/o water.

I went through the tent and removed all the the dead leaves from the plants, some had quite a few (the og's) and the rest didn't have very many. I have yet to perfect OG Kush and it seems they always loose there leaves late flowering and I never get that perfect harvest I am yet looking for so I will have to read up more and see what I am doing wrong. I really have a feeling it is my waterings are too frequent and the roots are not establishing like they should after transplant, but I could be way off too. One of the branches of my GSC wasn't looking too good so I removed it, also it will give me a early taste of what to expect :)

Overall though I have to say the Ogiesel and GSC and Cherry Pie are looking amazing and smelling so so good already. I took a few photo's of the GSC and the Ogiesel with my 30x lupe to see up close the trichomes and they look to be just starting to become cloudy so I know time to pull is getting close :)


I plan on my next round of flowering to go back to the V-scrog. I really want to max out the yield of my GSC and OGiesel and I figure what better way than to V-Scrog them :) I also plan on going full LED in my flowering tent to help lower the cost of my electrical usage even more, as well as hopefully increase the quality of my overall nugs. I will be replacing the 400w Ceramic metal halide with 2 LED lights. As mentioned in my other journal I will be getting 1 more Mars II LED (standard spectrum) which will go on the opposite side of my tent. I also want to put another LED in the middle of the tent, but I want the middle LED to be a different spectrum than the 2x Mars II 80x5w ones that will be on the sides.

My goal is to get a full spectrum but also adhering to the PAR curve. Many of the LED lights fall short in the 490-520nm region so I want something that addresses this area. I also want 380nm UV in whatever middle light I choose. I also want a good amount of warm white led's and possibly even some orange/yellow in the 580-610 region. I know that TOP LED is busy right now before their break, so I am hopeful that after they return they can make a custom 140x5w for me with these ratio's...(may change slightly but for now this is close to what I want)

My goal would be to modify a Mars II 140x5w with these specs...

4 720nm IR chips
15 680-690nm Far Red
30 660nm Deep Red Chips
15 620nm Red Chips
6 580-590 Yellow/Orange Chips

6 490-520 aqua blue/green chips?
15 480/490nm Blue Chips?
10 420/430nm Blue Chips
4 380nm UV chips

20 Warm White Chips 3500K or close
10 Cool White Chips, 6500K or close
5 White 10K or 8K
This equals 140 total chips.

Until I get the yes or no if they can do it I may go with either a budmaster, LUSH, or the Advanced XML 150 for the middle because they all seem to address the needs that I have for the middle light. More research first before I make a choice thought :) Either way I do want to make a custom light with similar specs as above :)

Well here is today's photos of the veg tent..

Full tent views..


University Hills OG


Blue Dream

Cherry Pie

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Happy Skunkday Ice :thumb:
Keep em frosty
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Well today is an exciting day for me... but not so much for my GSC!!! Doomsday Mrs Cookies!!! lol

After shooting close up photos of the trichomes the other day and having them all milky/cloudy with slight amber I decided that I wanted to harvest the GSC tonight. I noticed that one of the branches wasn't looking so hot and looked as if it was drying out, just like my last grow this same thing happened? not sure why just one branch, maybe its something I did, maybe genetics? not really sure. Either way with the combo of the plant being ready and the branch starting to fade, I decided it was time to pull her.


GSC is not much of a yielder but boy are the nugs of the highest quality. Totally covered in trichomes, sticky as all heck and the fragrance this time is something out of heaven :) The scent is that of grape soda mixed with a very strong undertone of OG, very very pungent, but not smelling of minty cookie dough like my last run. I wonder what brought out such an aroma, could it be the LED? maybe :)

Either way I got to trimming and cleaned up the buds. I was semi lazy this time and instead of doing a 2 part wash for the buds, I just filled up a rubbermaid with r/o d/i water 0ppm (cold) and washed each branch for around 15 seconds, agitating it underwater. I then hung the buds to try in my drying box.


When I cleared out the GSC from the tent, this gave me room to move my Blue Dream out of hiding and give her more light and room to sprawl. When I spread her out to get more even light, I couldn't believe how much bud she was hiding all jammed up in the back!! Wow She is going to be more than expected :)


Other than that the tent is looking great. I probably am going to wait another week or 2 for harvesting the Ogiesel and the Cherry pie, and the blue dream and 2 OG's will probably be a little longer than that.

I also will be ordering another Mars II 80x5w to replace my 400w ceramic metal halide and also plan on getting another LED for the middle of my tent, but I am unsure as to what it will be yet.
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Alright everyone, so I am ready to go full LED and place my order with TOP LED.
I want to get rid of the 400w Ceramic Metal Halide light and replace it with Mars II lights. What I want to do is use 3x Mars II 80x5w lights in the tent. One in the middle and one on each side of it. This should lower my electric usage by another 100w and give me almost double the light if not more.

My only situation is this. I want the middle light to be a more full spectrum light, making up for the areas which the Mars II has, but I feel could be better. One of these areas is an increased blue end from 400nm to 490nm which is where much of the photosynthesis absorption takes place but also the absorption points for cartenoids. My solution well at least until I customize my own Mars II, is to pick up one of TOP LED aquarium lights. They are designed for aquariums, not growing but probably would do a fairly decent job vegging plants as well. The main reason I want one is because it has a very full blue end, which I think will add to the quality of the buds I am producing :) and also make up for losing the full spectrum of my Ceramic Metal halide. What do you guys think? Could be a good experiment :)

Here are the stats on the aquarium light.
Copied from Top LED's Website.

Dimmable 165W LED Aquarium Light with Beauty Lens for each led.
Dimmer One(28 LEDs): 8 x Cool White 12,000k, 6 x Neutral White 7500k, 6 x Warm White 3500k, 2 x Red 660nm, 2 x Green 520nm, 4 x Violet 420nm
Dimmer Two(27 LEDs): 7 x Royal Blue 450nm, 20 x Blue 460nm
Two Dimmers, two power cords and two on/off switches to control blue &white separately
Output Optimized for PAR, Sufficient Lights Spectrum, Super Light Penetration
PAR of the light is: 28PAR for Lens can output more PAR
3 Watt Epistar LED
LED Output Power: 55pcs*3watt
Dimension: 400mm*212mm*60mm
Working temperature: -20 to 40 Degree Celsius
Input voltage: AC85V-265V
Lifespan: 50000-100000hours
The range of power consumption under 110V: 123W-130W; 220V: 120W-126W
Black painted casing.
The LED Spectrum ratio can be changed for big order (more than 2pcs).

I ran the LED combo's through a spectrum simulator and this is what I came up with...

Switch 1 on

only Switch 2 on...

Full power...

This really looks like it will give that extra boost to those key area's I am looking for.

My goal would then to be able to replicate the color shift of the day even closer by having each day start out with about 1/2 hour of blue with the aquarium light, then 1/2 hour into the daylight period the middle Mars II LED would come on. 1 hour into the day the 2 other outside mars II lights would come on and the aquarium light would go off, this would represent most of the early morning to mid day hours with a heavy red coloration. At mid day I would have the aquarium light come back on for 2-3 hours to simulate the full mid day sun which is more neutral colored. After the mid day is over the aquarium light would turn back off to allow the plants to get the evening red coloration. 1 hour before lights off 2 of the outside Mars II lights go off and the aquarium light comes back on for 1 hour. 1/2 hour before dark the last of the Mars II lights goes off and just the aquarium light is on. Then dark..

I have no idea if this will be better than just running the aquarium light all day but I think it would be fun to try..

The sun basically goes like this throughout the day... I don't remember the source of this info but I believe I found it on a photography forum.
Before sunrise: 10,000 degrees K
Before sunrise the only illumination comes indirectly from a blue sky. This produces a characteristic strong steel blue color.

Dawn: 2,000-2,500 degrees K
The lighting will change to a very warm red color just as the sun comes up. Look for the first appearance of shadows.

Early morning: 3,000-4,000 degrees K
The color temperature will become more neutral as the sun continues to rise through the morning.

Midday: 5,500 degrees K
Overhead sun at noon produces neutral colors, though this may not be best pictorially.

Afternoon sun: 3,000-4,000 degrees K
The color temperature will fall as the sun goes down. The light effects become warmer and redder.

Sunset: 2,000-2,500 degrees K
Some of the reddest lighting conditions of the whole day will be at sunset.

Twilight: 10,000 degrees K

I know that I did read somewhere that the blue light induction increases the stomata opening much wider than red light and I believe this would be key in the morning and evening hours in which the stomata are open :)

I am trying to decide though if I should get the other middle light in my tent as a Mars II 80x5w or if I should go with a reflector version like the 96x3w to pair with the aquarium light and also to give a little bit different distribution. Or if I should get the Middle Mars II in the area 51 flowering spectrum to change things up...HMMM...decisions...
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Happy Munchday Ice :thumb:
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Well everyone, I made my decision and the lights are ordered. I decided to get 2x Mars II 80x5w and 1 of the aquarium lights from Top LED. This will go to replace my 400w Ceramic Metal Halide! Say goodby to hot summer temps in my tent! :) Say hello to even more electrical savings :)

So in total I will be running 3x Mars II 80x5w lights as well as the aquarium light periodically through the day :)
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