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Jgrowlove's 50 Fire Strain Hunt: 1000W HPS


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Cool, I have Chem 91 and 79 Xmas Bud Nspecta at CSI going right now. I'll do a directional preservation with the XB and I'll S1 the Chem. Will be very interesting to see how your Underdog turns out.


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Great to see you back! Underdog is a much loved strain. When it was going around here in the 90s, it was Chem91xMSS. Anyway, there's some great genetics in there, hope they come out an play nice for you! :Namaste:


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Hey Jgrow!

Wanted to let you know that I have been thoroughly enjoying the Liberty Haze. Mine turned out great. Buds on the small side but super dense, and a great taste and high like a lime Diesel.

I have a Black DOG going now but it had lots of problems early in veg. Just not the greatest seed I guess, it was a freebie. It has improved a lot but probably won't yield well as I've had to make this grow as short as possible.

Hope all is well in your world!


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Good to still you up and at it... GL

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nice J, what lights are they under?

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Ya those are the ones I framed for her. You're doing a nice job with them :thumb:


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Day 40 flower for the Lemon tonic, Critical Cure CBD, Mendocino Underdog. L.T on left, C.C on right, M.U up front
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Lemon Tonic
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Mendocino Underdog Is definitely the most terpy. Hoping she finishes up fast since she's in a smaller pot than the others!
Loving that Mendocino! I was looking at the og Mendo Purps last night and thinking about going there...


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Day 50 flower.
So far so good for my first hempy plants! Harder to control plants when they get heavy in those smaller pots of perlite they are leaning!

Lemon Tonic on left

Lemon tonic

CBD Critical Cure


Mendocino Underdog



Platinum Scout V2 Day 28 Flower



The Mendocino Underdog will be coming down this weekend. She smells so amazing!! Pure grape candy terpenes which I can't get enough of! Critical Cure has pretty strong sweetish terpenes which are hard to pinpoint but its not as pronunced as the Mendocino Underdog. Lemon tonic is probably gonna yield the most! She's picking up more frost and citrus terpenes every week! I remember the Platinum Scout V2 having a strong "Cookie" gas smell. Can't wait to get a good whiff of her. She's already pretty frosty! Again I definitely want to thank Sweetsue! None of this would be possible if she hadn't kept my plants while I wasn't able to grow!!!


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She is absolutely amazing :5:
Helping out is a part of being a friend to someone :5:
You too will have a chance to help a friend in need. We call it pay forward :5:
SweetSue is the most beautiful, caring and amazing person I ever met.
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