Jgrowlove's 50 Fire Strain Hunt: 1000W HPS

You talkin to me?

Brownie, hey whats up?

Hey BB. :hug:

Just chillin’ with the neighbors, none of which have any idea who I am. Lol!
Royal Cookies Frosty Pheno 5 weeks in flower. She provides an amazing mind numbing punch and finishes up quickly around 7-8 weeks





Cali Connection Buddha Tahoe OG 8 Weeks in flower. She smells amazing!!!!! Like a sweet orange vanilla cake. Super unique terpenes on this frosty plant. And her buds are super dense even tho she revegged a bit because of my light leak mistake thanks again @SweetSue for the seed. I might have to invest in a pack if she passes the smoke test since I couldn't get a clone to root. She's probably gonna yield well because she grew 6 HUGE colas like the one I showed plus a bunch of other thick ones.



a thing of beauty :thumb:
Nice and frosty. The last one I grew had that sour citrus smell at harvest but developed a very interesting linolool smell after it cured. I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's a nice heady sativa.
My buds are usually smoked up by my family and myself within a month lol. Maybe I'll get these to a proper cure since I pulled down 5 oz from that last one and have an even bigger Zam x Pan in flower now!
Cut them off for a minute till ya catch up?? Sounds easy huh????? I do hear ya......

Sounds like you got a good pull coming in,, and buds look great..... GL
Looking great brother J. Hey man appreciate your parents smoking all your herb. Mine were split by the time i was 9. My ma kicked me out at 15 for constantly having pot on me. My dad smoked but never got the chance to smoke with him before he died. Enjoy them smoke sessions.
Promise not trying to be a debbie downer.
Happy father's day weekend.
Im gonna grill and grow.
It's a good thing J. Family first. Wish my fam thought that way.

Somehow religion is against weed so my fam is too! Not sure about that! lol

Just keep pounding out the plants, you gonna be a head of them in no time.

Royal Cookies looking good and getting close... yummy.
Royal Cookies testers. STRONG fuel and berry terps and it always gets everyone really really high! 3rd or 4th time running this clone and I have two more in veg. 7 weeks in flower she is a quick finisher and her buds are dense too. No nutrients other than cal mag once a week in flower. All I gave her was fresh fox farms ocean forest soil when I up potted to a 5 gal a week or two before flower.


She's flashing some pretty colors for this time of year...........

Looks tasty for sure...
Nice purple eye candy :)
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