Jodyhighrollr’s MoB, Liberty Haze & GG4, 2019

They look great Jody. Sweet tent you got there too.
Thanks. I like it a lot. That is only half the tent I will be working them into two separate scrogs. This tent I have is 10x10x7’ and the veg is much smaller but would like to get a bigger veg tent and use my current one for clones and stuff like that.

@bobrown14 thats a great idea but she doesn’t smoke a lot and is more interested in doing a garden this spring/summer. I like spending time with my plants and I will be giving them a lot of love this weekend coming up.

Really excited for these plants. Trying new techniques so hopefully everything goes well :)
Hey everybody. I meant to transplant and set up my scrog this weekend but I dealt with a close friend in the hospital and a break up and Game of thrones. I have a lot of things in place to make it go smoother and have my screens mostly set up for the scrog. I only work 4 days this week so I will be getting after it on Friday so I can relax this weekend. Really excited about themes screen although it did take a while to string up but once I got a system down it flew by. Here’s a couple pictures of two of my helpers :) take it easy - jodyhighrollr

Hey everybody. Just wanted to post a quick update. Unfortunately my good friend who was in the hospital passed away so I’ve been a bit distracted the last week. I got half of the plants transplant last weekend and will finish them tomorrow. Got 5 of them set up under the scrog and will let them keep going for another 2-3 weeks or so.


I have a lot of interest in quadlining my next grow or at least attempting it. Take it easy - jodyhighrollr
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