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Jodyhighrollr's Cluster Bomb 2018

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Hey guys! I’m now 23 days into flower! Things are looking good, it’s hard to capture how many nugs are on each plant in a picture but I’m really really excited for this harvest. I don’t want to post often but here’s an update anyways :cool:

The next picture is of one of the clusterbomb plants and the second will be of the cheese

Thanks for checking it out. I have a couple yellow leaves but I believe I’m guilty of underwatering so I have a good watering and will monitor them closely. Take it easy - Jodyhighrollr
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Well, you are guilty of one more thing.....

Growing one super garden...
Thank you :) can’t wait to see the results. I changed from non organic to fully organic and also changed from 1x1000w hps and 2x1200 leds to 4x600w hps with leds in veg. My humidity and temp have been on point my whole cycle and I still have 4-5 weeks left for these things to get massive.
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Quick update before I fall asleep. I’m 25 days into flower now. Everything’s going well, got slight discoloration but everything is healthy and starting to smell really good. Some branches have a lot of buds and are starting to get weighed down already so I will be getting them tied to some bamboo this weekend.

This next picture is one of the clusterbomb plants I have the and the second is the cheese.

I expected the quality to go up while switching to organic, I can already tell it’s going to be better than my last grow the but there was other factors that hindered that grow that didn’t correct soon enough. The nugs are getting decent size and still have 3-5 weeks left!! Take it easy!! -jodyhighrollr
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Looking super, the Clusterbomb looks great!
Thanks :) can’t imagine things going much smoother. My next project is to set up a gravity feed reservoir soon so watering will be an easier process. I have a a spicket in the room so it will be easy to set up. Take it easy!


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Banana juice?? Maybe I'm a bit inexperienced but I'm not sure what you mean. I am trying to figure it out now haha
Sry, I was on the road..
Boil banana peels and give them the water.. Super good bud juice.


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It is not doing any harm, so in a small pot, cut up peel from one banana, fill until peel is covered with water. Boil on for 10 minutes..
Peel after can be dried and grinded to use as top feed.


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Eeeee we have a slight super windy day...
Jezzz... Open your arms.. No flap flap needed, wind will take me anywhere... :hmmmm::hmmmm:so why am I sitting inside, waiting for court tomorrow?? Must be blonde.....
Fly fly high!!!!! :laugh::19: