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Jodyhighrollr's Cluster Bomb 2018


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@Blew Hiller is one of several!

Try using Malted Barley and grind it to a fine powder and water that in in place of the Molasses. You're going to get your plants a lot more with the malted barley. Enzymes are the catalysts of microbial life. It's big....

Molasses is best used in a EWC/compost tea and bubble for 24 hrs. Can skip to the chase with the malted barley powder (grind your own version).
Thank you for the info. I will do some research and look into it ASAP. Take it easy - jodyhighrollr


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Hey guys I’ve been crazy busy. Everything’s been pretty good. I probably could have defoliated more but did enough to let some light down to the lower branches. Im going into day 8 of flower and everything is going good. Can’t wait until I start to see some nugs form

This is the one cheese plant I have the rest are clusterbomb.


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I stopped by to check on my plants today but didn’t get there until the lights were out. Some really good progress. Once they are done stretching I will get the lights as close as possible and get everything adjusted. Really excited for this harvest. My last one was good and had no seeds but my first grow had hermd and some had seeds and others didn’t but the smell and quality seemed better. This is my first completely organic grow so I’m hoping the quality blows them both out of the water. I’m hoping with how I trained them I will see an increase and yield as well.

I would like to get peoples opinions on defoliating before flower and how much they like to take off? I believe there is a lot of wisdom in leaving the leafs on to do their job besides lollipopping and that the plant will take what it needs from them at the end of harvest. Always trying to learn from other people’s experiences - thanks in advance. Take it easy - jodyhighrollr


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If you cut off the lower leaves and leave the budsites as is, I still think you will have the
in leaving the leafs on to do their job
All though, any defoliating, plant needs approx. a week to recover before flipping.
Cutting the lower fan leaves will help the plant to bud up.


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Plants look great. Be all frosty in no time.

For trimming, like Birdie said, cut the lower stuff out that isn't going to amount to anything. Get better airflow too for benefit. Plus that's where the hermies are down low. If you cut it all out then no hermies sneaking a bomb on you.

Is that Cluster Bomb from a breeder in Ontario?? Down near rt 7 by chance?


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Hey jody, you're growing trees! There beautiful.
Thanks!! I appreciate that a lot and the feedback from everybody as well. I veg’d fhem a bit longer than I intended but that’s okay. I really like the community on this page and have been trying to be more active in the forums.
Plus that's where the hermies are down low. If you cut it all out then no hermies sneaking a bomb on you.
Thanks for the advice on defoliating. Also this is a good piece of information that I didn’t know about so thanks again. I honestly don’t know who originally breed that strain but I got it from someone here in Maine so there’s a possibility it could of made its way over here. I have tomorrow off and will be stopping by to water before the lights turn off and will take a few more pictures tomorrow.

I’ve decided that my next grow will be GG4. I have a source for clones of good genetics. Thanks again for the help and positive feedback. Take it easy - jodyhighrollr


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I am sitting on the top of that (broom) stick.. Going.... :adore::adore::adore::adore::adore::circle-of-love:when I look at your ladies
Thank you :) I switched to fully organic this grow and am really happy with the results so far. I love the support and knowledge from the community here. Want to help spread knowledge but still have a lot to learn myself!
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