Motafina Summer & Fall 2020: Peyote Critical, Jack Herrer, Gorilla Glue Haze


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I'm just getting my summer/fall grow under way. My seedlings are up and are officially in veg now for a few days. Here's a couple of photos of the lineup:

This is an indoor soil grow using newly mixed super soil. At some point I'll enhance the soil with some 'organic' nutrient lines and teas. I tend to mix it up with what I have on hand, which presently includes:
Nectar for the Gods (liquid and dry)
Earth Juice (liquid and dry)
Geoflora (dry)
Cultured Biologics teas
Big Foot Mychorrhizae
Mikrobs Microbial Superpack
AACT (my own recipes)

For lighting, I use CFLs in seedling and early veg stages. I'll add 400w MH for middle/late veg and early flower, and then I'll switch to 1000w HPS for flowering.

I've been down for a few months now due to high summer temps and humidity, so I'm anxious to get this show on the road. I'm not a prolific poster on the forum, but I love that I can keep records of my grows here. Any and all advice and feedback is welcome.
Awesome my man.... I'll jump on board for a watch. Some awesome strains there!
Thanks for having a look Bionic. I've only grown the Peyote Critical, Jack Herrer and the Damnesia before, so the others are all new to me. We'll see how they do.
A quick update - 17 days from seed, pictures from yesterday:

I've put the lights on a timer running 20/4 - from 6 AM to 2 AM. I'll probably start transplanting to 1-gal pots tonight or tomorrow. No nutrients yet other than a mild dose of rooting juice (kelp I believe). So far so good.

I have more plants than I have space, so a decision needs to be made to cull at least one of them. The Gorilla Glue Haze is an unknown - it was a 4/20 freebie from a local hydro store from last year. I don't know if it's feminized or not. So, I need to go into flower with 5 plants just in case that one goes male. I'm hoping I can find someone to take one plant off my hands - either the Mama Mia or the Damnesia.
They're looking happy in their new homes. Transplanted last night into 1-gal plastic pots using a 50/50 mix of my supersoil and Coast of Maine Stonington blend - hopefully it's not too hot. Watered with some root juice. I also added 3 CFL's for a total now of 6x26W and one 40W, all daytime spectrum.

Next up will be topping them. I'm guessing they'll be up to 6+ nodes in about a week. I'm planning on quadlining everyone this time around. So I'll let them grow to 6 nodes, then top down to 4, then remove the growth from the bottom two nodes.
Thanks Sparkey...and thanks for stopping by.

Yes, we've been dipping into the Bluedream jars. It's really good smoke. It has a spicy blueberry flavor, and is super sticky. It's a pain in the ass to roll because of the way the buds grew..... Definitely lacks bag appeal. But it's strong and has a nicely balanced high. Picture below:

Good luck on the RSO!
Interesting thing I heard that had me thinking about the Blue Dream....I was watching a breeders conference on You Tube and Mean Gene from Freeborn Selections was talking about what decisions breeders need to make in light of the market. He said "some of the best weed might look like shoelaces and be all messed up and look like Dr. Grinspoon or something". Sounds like he was talking about my Blue Dream plant!

His point was that breeders can't choose a plant to breed just based on how good the weed is. They have to breed for what the market wants, which is bag appeal. If the weed doesn't look good, it just won't sell.
I started training last night - 22 days from seed, 16 days of veg. I topped all of the plants down to 4 nodes and then removed the branches (but not all the fan leaves) from the first two nodes. Here's some pictures:

Quick update with photos - Day 30 from seed, day 23 of veg:

I've started tying down branches - working on the quad. I'll be installing the metal halide light tonight. Also, I'll be starting up the intake fan, adding two hours of dark (from 20/4 to 18/6) and switching the timing so the dark period is during the day - lights will be running from 2 PM to 8 AM.

The plants are starting to show their personalities.

This is from a seed that made it through the grinder, then through the smoking of the joint down to the roach. The roach got tossed into the flower pot and seed sprouted like a champ.

Update - Day 38 from seed - Day 31 of veg:

The plants were up-potted last week into 3-gal plastic pots filled with pure supersoil. The Mama Mia was adopted out. Tonight, I did the 2nd topping - of the 4 main branches on each plant. This will probably be the last topping, although the Peyote Forum has some very rapidly growing branches up top that might get topped later. So far the only feedings they've gotten have been a light dose of fish emulsion, an instant tea, and some root juice (kelp). Everything is looking healthy and on-track at this point.


Things tend to get pretty boring here for a while now as there's still almost 4 weeks of veg left. I'll up-pot them to their final 7-gal pots in about two weeks. I'll probably add a couple more CFLs around the perimeter as the plants expand out past the edge of light from the MH light. And I'll be turning on the extraction fan very soon.
Here's some info on the strains I have in the tent:

StrainBreederIndica/SativaTHC %GeneticsFlowering Time
Peyote CriticalBarney's Farm90/10'high'Critical Kush X Peyote Purple8-9 weeks
Gorilla Glue Hazeunknown - freebie from grow storeunknownunknownGorilla Glue X unknown Hazeunknown
Jack HererSeedsman50/5018-23Haze X Red Skunk9 weeks
Peyote ForumSeedsman75/2520+GSC Forum cut X Peyote Purple65 days
Damn Dawgmeunknown'high'Damnesia X Chemdawg9 weeks?
Update - Day 49 from seed - Day 42 of veg:

All plants except the Damn Dawg were transplanted yesterday to their final container - 7-gal fabric pots. I added some compost, EWC, fish bone, mycos, Geoflora Bloom, and Earth Juice Grow to my cooked supersoil and used that at the bottoms and all around the transplants. It could be a rather 'hot' mix, but hopefully not in any detrimental way.

Here's a picture just after the transplants:

I'm not seeing any preflowers yet. I expect to start seeing them any day. I'm hoping for all females in the big pots, so I can move the Damn Dawg out. There's just not enough room in a 4x4 tent for 5 plants.

Next up will be continued training to even out the cannopy, then a light defoliation of the lower branches in about a week. Two weeks now until flip.
More photos after the up-potting. All except the Damn Dawg are in 7-gal fabric pots.

I might be seeing another female preflower, this time on the Peyote Critical. It's the Gorilla Glue Haze that I'm really most anxious to see preflowers on, since I don't know if those seeds are feminized or not.
Update - Day 59 from seed - Day 52 of veg:

It's getting close to flip time. Looking at my past two grows, I went 63 days in veg on both of them, but I think I'll only go 56 on this grow. I'm still not seeing preflowers anywhere. I thought I had seen some on the Jack Herer and the Peyote Critical, but I'm not seeing any now. So this is causing a crowded tent and one of the reasons I want to flip ASAP. Without preflowers, I need to keep that 5th plant going - just in case I get a male somewhere.

Here's a picture of the tent:

I'll most likely flip to 12/12 in 4-5 days. I'm going to do a minor defoliation of lower branches tonight. I need to get some air flow down there. I'm seeing some fading of the lower leaves on some of the plants. I'm not sure what to think of that, but it's really early to be seeing fading. So it could be nutrient deficiency or lockout. I'm still not too sure how to determine which of those it is. I should probably try a soil slurry pH test.
Update - Day 66 from seed - Transition day 4

Just a quick update with pictures. This might be the last pictures in decent light. I'll be installing the HPS bulb in a couple of days. Somehow I missed the Jack Herer, but it looks about the same as the others. They're getting BIG! I'm going to have height issues if I don't start tying them down or supercropping.

So far, it looks like the Peyote Critical, PF, DamnDawg and Jack Herer have all shown female. The Gorilla Glue Haze refuses to display her private parts. She looks very feminine. But until I see those first pistils, I'll keep the DamnDawg in the tent. That's sort of hampering my ability to tie branches down. But should just be a couple more days.
Peyote Critical bud from my last grow, which finished in April 2020.

I'm installing the 1000w HPS bulb into the tent right now. It's transition day 7 and I'm starting to see signs of flowering on all except the Gorilla Glue Haze. I just fed them micros (instant tea, micros, and SLF-100)
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