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Motafina Fall 2018: Damnesia, Chemdawg & Royal Cookies


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Background: This is my fourth grow since starting up again after taking a long time off. My previous recent grows had varying degrees of success. One grow was a great success and the other two were not.

Chemdawg #4 - Humboldt Seed Organization - Sativa dominant? - 24% - 9 weeks
Royal Cookies - Royal Queen Seeds - Indica dominant - 23% - 8-9 weeks
Damnesia - Strain Hunters - Amnesia x AMS - Sativa dominant - 'high' % - 9-10 weeks

All feminized seeds - all purchased from Seedsman.com

Supersoil mix with about 50% recharged used soil and 50% Coast of Maine Stonington Blend potting soil - loosely based on Subcool's recipe

Seedling stage: CFLs
Veg stage: 400w MH + CFLs
Flower stage : 1000w HPS

The supersoil mix should see me through to early flowering. The plan is to start adding Nectar for the Gods nutrients alternated with compost teas at mid-flowering.

Pots: 7-gal (two are fabric, two are plastic)

Status: Flipped to 12/12 5 days ago after 52 days of veg. The two Damnesias and the Chemdawg are confirmed females from pre-flowering, but the Royal Cookies is a freak show plant and has not displayed any signs of sex yet.


Tent: Damnesias are front and back on the left. Royal Cookies in front on right, Chemdawg in back.

Damnesia #2 - in fabric pot:

Chemdawg - in fabric pot:

Damnesia #1 - Plastic pot

And finally a few shots of the Royal Cookies. This is a strange plant. The leaves are showing variegation on leaf tips - I don't think it's nitrogen toxicity as the tips look completely healthy, not burnt. And the leaf lobes overlap on all leaves. I've never seen anything like this. I guess it's cannabis, but not like any cannabis I've ever grown. I don't know if it's worth the effort to try to finish this plant or not:

That's it for now.


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Update: Day 99 from seed - Day 34 of 12/12 - Day 27 since pistols

I was out of town for two weeks. The plants were looking excellent upon my return. They went the full two weeks without any fertilizer. The Chemdawg is showing a slight deficiency of something - maybe calcium. I gave them all a full dosage of Nectar for the Gods 3 days ago - sample box lineup with some added Aphrodite's Extraction. Tonight they'll get plain water. I might brew up a compost tea for the next watering after that.

Here are some pics:

Tent shot: Front left is Royal Cookies, back left is Damnesia #1, back right is Chemdawg and front right is Damnesia #2:

First up is the Royal Cookies (top view). Still such a weird plant. The buds are very small, while the stems are massive. The buds are interesting, with large calyxes and some nice frost, but there's not much weight here and almost no smell at all.

Royal Cookies bud shot:

Damnesia #1: This one is looking awesome - very frosty on the top leaves:

Damnesia #2: Also looking great...not as frosty, but looking really good.

Chemdawg: This one is putting on weight nicely and smells a LOT!

I'm really excited about this crop. It's been super easy. The supersoil seems to be feeding them so far, so not much need for fertilizing. I'm guessing I've got 4-5 weeks to go.


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Another quick update: I top dressed with some worm castings, compost, and michorizae. Then added some Aphrodite's Extraction and Olympus up to plain water. Here's some pics:



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This is my first attempt at making compost tea. I put a handful of worm castings and a handful of lobster compost into the bag, added various sources of microbes to the water, then added some Aphrodite's Extraction for food. It's been bubbling for about 20 hours. I'll feed the girls when the lights come on tonight.



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Update - Day 110 from seed - Day 45 of 12/12 - Day 38 since first pistols:

The compost tea was not really what I expected, so I'll need to work on that. Still, the plants seem to have liked it and are doing just fine. This is a sort of monotonous period of the grow, where time seems to pass very slowly. The way the light timing is setup, I only have a couple of hours in the evening to check in on the plants, so that has become the highlight of my days.

Here are some pictures:

Tent shot - 1000w HPS with a few 6500k CFLs supplementing:

Royal Cookies (Royal Queen Seeds):

Damnesias (Strain Hunters):

Chemdawg #4 (Humboldt):


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I made some bubble bag hash this past weekend. I used about 2.5 oz of mostly sugar leaves and some popcorn from a previous grow and about 2 oz of Bubblegun buds from the last grow. It produced mostly 73 micron and 25 micron stuff.

I'm not sure how long to dry it. I've still got it out on cardboard and it feels pretty dry, but I've had problems with moldy hash in the past, so I don't want to risk that happening. If anyone reads this and has an opinion on drying time, please offer any advice.

Here pictures of it:


Far East Buds

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I broke one of the major branches on one of the Damnesia plants. Damn!
Prop it up in place and use tape around the wound. A good portion of the time it will form a knot and continue to grow.
Looks like this was days ago but going forward...



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Already frosting up.
Thanks for stopping by LEDRF! You're the Perfect Sun guy right? I hope to upgrade to LED at some point...need to bring my power bill down. It looks like your lights produce similar or even better results than the HPS - with what, 50-70% of the draw? Just need to pull the trigger.


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In week seven now - thought I'd do a check of the trichomes on Royal Cookies (8-week strain). And since I had that one plant out, I thought I'd try to get some pictures without the HPS yellowing. Unfortunately, I can't take a good photo if my life depends on it. So, this is what I got - at least they're not yellow.

Tiny little buds on this plant, but they're plenty frosty.

And here's some microscope shots of the trichomes. Looking mostly cloudy, with some clear still and no amber. The first capture shows one of the odd things with this plant - the leaf edges curl upwards and get filled with trichomes.

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These last weeks the plant will gain all the bulk. This is when the humidity is important as the plant will want to drink and you need it to be able to transpire...

Things are looking good. Keep at it!


That's what I'm hoping. That little Royal Cookies really needs to bulk up. I googled around a little and it looks like the cookies strains are pretty low yielders.

I'll check humidity, but should be pretty low now since we're going into winter. Got a dumping of snow here yesterday.

The Chemdawg is starting to look close to being done. It's bulking up a little and is starting to fox tail. That might be the first to be harvested. The Damnesias still have mostly clear trichomes, so probably a few weeks to go for those.


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Here's some photos taken last night with a DSLR - slightly better than what I've been getting with my point-and-shoot:

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