JoeGrower619 Running 8 New $trains Perpetually Under 1200 Watts

Subbed! Lookin great so far man. Can't wait to see the rooms!
As far as Roots Excel...
I use it all the way up to week 4 of flower. Once or twice a week when they are in Solo cups and then its constantly in the res for flower. The ladies love it. I'm stoked the SLH is turning around. One of the favorites aside from XJ-13.

Much love and respect!

I agree with up to week four of flower do not. I repeat do not use past week four of harvest it will cause lock out and lower yields. I've used house and garden awhile and even had Humboldt wholesale reps here to take pics of a 1.4lb 4ft tall Jillybean

I use there full line up minus amino treatment and I add dyna gro pro tekt and age old organics optimize


I also use docs high brix kit
And am doing a water only start to finish grow with tga super soil.
I don't use any nutrients either until there in 1 gallon pots. All they get in keg is water and occasionally 10ml per gallon of clonex solution once maybe twice
So I went out to give the cabinet ladies some love and it was a Lil hot in there around 92° no bueno I hate the heat man I can already tell this summer is gonna suck ass. Anyway I got two Lil PC fans don't know how much it'll help but one sucking in and one blowing out. There only Lil 12 volt ones but they should make a little difference. I would like to atleast try to keep it under 85 and I would be happy. So I gave them so nice cold ph'd water. Tomorrow I think I'm going to transplant them and install the PC fans. After that I think I'm going to move my new strains out to the cabinet too. I also planted my Lil cuts from the bucket last night give them a couple days see if the make it okay there's four or five of them but ones a Lil rough looking though. We will just have to wait and see. I also want to maybe see if there are Anny possible cuts to take off the new strains and start a new round in the bucket.
Heat will be difficult to control with 2x 12V fans. They will do for air circulation, but I would get a small ductfan for the outlet, and an intake fan is not needed in that case.
Heat will be difficult to control with 2x 12V fans. They will do for air circulation, but I would get a small ductfan for the outlet, and an intake fan is not needed in that case.

Ya I prolly will have to get a better exhaust fan for the cabinet. I just figured I got a 6" in. Clip fan blowing down on the canopy and I just had a few Lil PC fans sitting around an I dug around to find a couple 12 volt power cords and hooked em up. I knew they weren't gonna do to much but it wasn't gonna hurt anything to install them and has to help some. We will see when I go out there tomorrow and check on the temps and hope they are a Lil lower. It would be nice to take my noob strains out to the cabinet and get them to shoot up quick and I can take some cuts n throw them in the flower with the bigger wet dream girls in a couple weeks. Any way I got the big girls on the cupboard transplanted also. I will try to post some pics of what I did today b4 I pass out but no promises.
So I went out to the cabinet today it was alot cooler in there so I was happy with that. I figured it was a good time to move the new strains out there I hope they take off and catch up a Lil to the dreams take some good cuts off each of em and throw them into flower I need to get something going I hate being off track like this.
Soil a and b

Ya the hydro store right down the street from me has soil a&b on sale the pair for $22.00 I think I'm just gonna grab it cuz it cost that much for 1 usually but the dudes are cool they always have a bunch of sales. I already use root excelurator and magic green.So I'll grab those and budxl cuz that's what they have and i will prolly have to order top shooter multi zen amino treatment nitrogen boost and algen extract. I think that covers it for the most part right.
Protect I love that stuff I'm gonna get that agian and optimize I will have to look that up haven't used it b4. I am waiting till I have more funds to order a brix kit from doc too. But I'm in a battle with amazon atm over them charging me and saying they didn't and canceling my order of rock nutrients. I have heard and seen awesome results with them and I love the rock resonator. Also I had supernatural b4 I really loved there line up I had great results.
So since amazon bent me over and well let's just say I didn't get a kiss. I ordered rock nutrients rock box from them and after I put all my card info and address an all that pick my shipping and confirm my sell it tells me to be expecting it between march 6th and march 10th then I give it a few days I check on it and track package it says it hasn't even been prepared to ship and this was on march 5th I ordered it march 2nd so I email amazon and I'm like WTF!!! They tell me were sorry sir but were out of stock ATM. But are expecting more in the next week or so we are sorry for the inconvenience we will discount your order from $99.00 to 74.00 and cover your shipping cost which was maybe $5.95 but whatever okay cool with me I guess I'll wait so I gave it almost 2 weeks and I check it out and all of a sudden my order isn't there so I look around and find it in cancelled items are u kidding me I'm pretty heated so I call and there telling me there's an error with my credit card. I told them no there's not and why would that matter now you already took the money out for it I got a text to my phone on the 5th saying amazon withdrew $99.00 for rock nutrients rock box they try to tell me that's a confirmation its been ordered not paid for I said its from my card company it tells when money is taken off it and for what its for not a confirmation so they tell me I need to get a purchase statement from the card company and send it to them and then they will look it over call me and I can dispute it then. As of now I called the card company and they tell me I got to go online fill out a form for what I need why I need it and where its for who I need it for just a bunch of sh@t I don't wanna do then they will get back to me within 5-10 business days. So no rock nutrients and a loss of a hundred dollars my mother in law said she will follow thru with it all and do it all for me I told her its okay but if u want to or do get it taken care of you can keep the money and she said we can split it how about that I said sounds good but I'm not getting my hopes up.
Okay so I planned on the rock nutrient line being here by now but it's not nor is it even coming (THANKS AMAZON)!!!!!!! I officially ran out of what Lil nutes I had left so I said screw it and went to the hydro store after I spent the day with my wife and dropped her back off at the program. So when I get there I'm kinda just shopping around checking stuff out trying to figure out what I want and they don't have the rock line in yet just the resonator. Next I look around and I was thinking about supernatural Terra brand but of course they're out of that. I kept looking and I just said well its expensive but atleast I know I can't go wrong with them and its pretty much the top of the line nutrient company so I went with house and garden I still have to get a couple more bottles of stuff cuz its so damn expensive plus they didn't have all of it but I got House & Garden I picked up soil A , soil B ,Algen extract , and magic green. I already have roots excelurator. I still need to get nitrogen boost , top shooter, multi zen, bud xl, and drip clean then I should b good. The main 2 I need to get are bud xl and top shooter. All the rest will be in time.
I'm happy with it though I've wanted to run H&G for a while and I finally am so I'm stoked I like to think of them as like the evian of water or the grey goose and patron of alcohol its like the high class nutrient is how I have thought of it lol kinda why I never even bothered to get it b4
Okay so I got one room almost completely done just gotta finish up taping all the walls together and it will be complete so since imma have 2 rooms now I gotta have two carbon scrubbers so I found a thread on another site for a pretty legit one I'll show the process for it but I can't take the credit for it that goes to an unknown source but I'll take credit for finding it lol I got the materials from home depot today its gonna be a 6" inch filter I'll put all materials and instructions together after this post for everyone its pretty much the best one I've ever seen looks close to a real one I still gotta get the carbon and panty hose tho gonna b an awkward purchase lol.
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