Lesions on the leaf


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Hey everyone.

Just wanting to know if anyone can help with this.

It's from a 1.5 month old rqs candy kush fast feminised.

Up till now no feeding just soil. Gave her a tiny bit of nutes today that's when I saw the lesions.

I have her under a solar storm 440w. I am running at 77deg constant with 50 humidity.

Checked for pests nothing showing so far.

Any help would be all good.


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How close is your LED? I wonder if that is bleaching from being too close to the canopy?

I think we need more information. What color are the the veins in between the leaves? Have you been spraying the foliage at all? If so was it during the light on cycle? What nutes specifically are you giving her? How close is the light to the plant? Are you able to check the PH of the soil?

You should compile a list of symptoms and measurements and then run it past the forums again or check that list against a list of deficiencies to narrow it down. It is hard to say it is something without knowing: What nutes you are giving her? How much you are giving her? What the PH of the soil/runnoff is? How close/far your light is to the plant?

From the looks of it I agree with Obi-Wan it looks like sun bleaching. But that is not to say it could not be something else either. Start with the easy things to eliminate such as bugs/mites. Then narrow the list further by checking for rare deficiencies. Good indicators are not just the leaf coloring but also the plants veins. Off coloring in the veins could indicate a deficiency. It took me a while to understand what a healthy plant should look like vs one that is being stressed. Heck I am still learning it. The best way to learn is to look at healthy plants and then question why is mine not look like that.

Again it does look like sun bleaching. If it is, you should narrow down what is causing it? It could be simply the light is too close. Another thing that causes sun bleaching I learned first hand about is Did you spray the foliage and then keep the lamp on? I made that mistake and burned up one of my girls pretty bad. I never really did get a good diagnosis but that is because I never took proper steps to relay information. I just showed a picture of the leaves. I did not share enough information to go on.
Sorry for late reply. I have been pretty sick for a week or so.
Thanks for the advice, definitely bleaching as I backed the solarstorm off another 15 inches or so and the plant has responded beautifully.

She's asleep at the moment but i will get some pics tomorrow.

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