MaxBloom X4 Plus Cree Edition: Initial Review

Hey folks here's my initial thoughts and opinions on my new MaxBloom X4 plus Cree edition. I've owned a few different cheaper LEDs and currently use a QB type setup but I wanted more control over my spectrum than either of these options offered. I'm very happy to have won the opportunity to give these lights a shot many thanks to all who participated in the giveaway and many more thanks for @MaxBloom being one of our fine and generous sponsors that make this place possible.

The light arrived safely protected in the standard white foam layer packaging we see used for so many electronics now.

The X4 cree uses two water resistant mixed spectrum (primarily blue) panels and two water resistant red cob assemblies stuffed with legendary Cree diodes and capped with 90° lenses. The total effect is 12 different wavelength bands to help your plants get all the types of light they need from Ultraviolet to infrared. The "panels" are ~50w draw ea and the cobs are ~60ea for a total wall wattage of 225w with both dimmers on full.

This brings me to one of the best parts of these lights.
That's right you get to vary how much red to blue light your plants are getting allowing you to control plant development to a degree.

No need to worry about confusing which dimmer does what they not only used a smooth set emblem in the end of the knobs to prevent dislodging they went ahead and laser cut it into the casing for us as well.

If your looking closely you may have noticed the next cool feature in these lights.

There is a massive textured finned aluminum heatsink stuffed in there its literally the entire size of the light. The texture increases the surface area which allows for increased cooling capacity. That means cooler diodes for your light and cooler tent temps for your plants.

A big heatsink is great but if you can not cool it down it just becomes another hot piece of metal. MaxBloom has us covered.
Two big 120mm fans silently spin away inside the hyperventilated case.

Seriously can they punch any more holes in this thing? I love me some airflow!

It is a nice rigid single color sheet metal case with punched clip attachment points and a rounded top edge that makes for a nice clean appearance with a small vertical profile. This looks and feels like a real piece of equipment built for a purpose. The five year warranty makes sure you know that.

With sizes available to fit most growing environments be sure to check out what MaxBloom can do for you
Congrats again Turbo! Can't wait to see what they do in your hands.
What strain are you going to run under these?
Very nice write up.
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