Newleaf's First Grow - Soil - Mega Jackpot - 2016


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Greetings! Me and the Mrs. started our first grow and really appreciate the chance to learn via this journal.

Here's our set up:
4x4 Gorilla Lite
T5 2x4'
600w MH & HPS with enclosed hood
Apollo inline fan 390 cfm
Charcoal filter

We successfully germinated 3 mega jackpot and 1 "mystery" seed using the paper towel method inside a plastic food container in 75 degree room. Mystery seed sprouted 1/4" in 36 hours. We decided to give it more time and then planted at 1" on day 3. It grew into paper towel a little, so would not wait as long next time. :thedoubletake:) Mega jackpot took longer to sprout and we planted them all in 1 gal smart pots in FF - LW, OF blend with added perlite.

So 4 pots under T5's for 18/6 :cheer:



We're stoked!
Happy Grow Day 14! :thumb:

Here is a pic showing what we got so far:

Found out our Mystery Seed (far left) is Jagermeister :circle-of-love:
Jagermeister is an indica-dominant (80/20) strain named after the tinge of black licorice in its aroma (and quite possibly the intoxicating punch it packs). Little is known about its genetics, but rumor has placed Jagermeister somewhere in the Hindu Kush genealogy. Some also suspect Jagermeister was bred and popularized in Southern Oregon. As stupefying as its name makes it out to be, Jagermeister's full body effects are better described as relaxing than sedating. Patients looking for long-lasting alleviation of pain and nausea may find relief in Jagermeister's purple crystal-coated buds.

If all goes well, this will pair perfectly with Mega Jackpot.
Mega Jackpot is a sativa-dominant hybrid that mixes genetics from Jack Herer, Northern Lights, and Haze. The three-way combination creates a potent strain with flavors of grape and vanilla. The effects from Mega Jackpot create a cerebral energy that incites creativity and happiness. While not the easiest strain to grow, seasoned growers will appreciate Mega Jackpot's purple hues and THC levels that reach upwards of 25%.

The not so great news is that we have no seedling growth on #4 pot on end right side. When should we give up on her? What happened is we dug too deep a hole, dropped her in, panicked and tried to scoop her out, and she be lost ever since. I gotta believe she knows which way to the light ... so who knows? Please root for her!

WATERING: We have found that each small smart pot takes 4 cups of water every 3 days.

PH: We finally got the technology to test PH and we got 7.8 (after setting out for 24 hours). SHould have done this right away :( !! - What impact likely so far? I read that high PH effect is dark green leafs and slow growth.

We are going to try white distilled vinegar (2 tsp per gallon) to hopefully knock it down from to 6.5

Keep your fingers crossed and any comments/input WELCOME! :Namaste:
Here is our beauty shots today:

Looking good & healthy, don't ya think?

WATER-PH issue:
The white distilled vinegar brought the PH down dramatically. 2 teaspoons per gallon = 7.8 to 6.1

Too soon to tell, but can't wait to see if Jager is FEMALE! Looks like we need to wait longer.
whoa ... we have some catching up to do. Good news are plants look great and we're pretty sure Jagameister is female!

=we switched from T5 to HS light on about day 18 (4+ nodes)
=Up potted to 3 gal about day 21. nice amount of roots, nothing stuck so easy transfer. Timed it to one day after watering for moist yet not too wet soil to hang with roots but not catch on pot
=topped each at 5 node. did not seem to phase them much


-topped plants at 5th node
Newleaf's First Grow - TOPPING


=Cuts off top of plant at stem in between nodes
=Creates 2 main colas at the top of the plant, and LST can be used to create more
=New colas are evenly spaced (attached to the stem in the same place)
=Unlike FIMing, topping can be used to reduce the height of plant in vegetative page
=More stressful than FIMing - it takes vegetative plants longer to recover from topping
The extra main stems grow from above the node where you make the top cut. The lower growth tips also begin rising up, and can produce even more main colas.


STATUS: Plants did not appear too stressed with topping. We did notice that the result is different with the smaller Mega Jackpot plant. It is the one the the foreground in the photo above. In the upper bkg - LEFT is our larger Mega Jackpot & RIGHT is Jagameister. Notice how much more green stems were jump started in smaller Mega Jackpot. Maybe because it is less developed than others?

ALSO: Note how similar the "broadness" of leaves In the upper LEFT of Mega Jackpot & upper RIGHT of Jagameister. We were surprised that MJ leaves are not skinnier since they are sativa dominant strain.
Re: Newleaf's First Grow - Top #2

Once again, some catching up to do. Back on 1/10 we topped plants again. :high-five:

We are following LBH's Famous ScrOG Tutorial which recommends topping twice and LST to prepare for Scrog

4-way LST - Building the perfect plant for Scrogging

This style of LST (low stress training) is to increase canopy square footage, not so much to make a plant fuller or bushier although that is definitely another side benefit. This style of LST is very good for ScrOG grows.

Put simply, what we are doing is taking a plant that wants to grow straight up as 1 main arm and splitting it so it becomes 4 main arms and then we train them to grow horizontally, symmetrically, in preparation to go under the screen. This ensures a proper scrog where you maximize the footprint of your light to cover a perfect blanket of bud.

Re: Newleaf's First Grow - ScrOG

Check out our fancy SCROG!!!


2x2 frame with eye hooks every 2.5 inches. We tied a strings individually because we wanted the flexiblity to cut one if needed to make room for any reason. We also thought it would be easier to have tight lines. Scrog h is 8 inches above pot base. It is recommended to be 4-8 inches - but our plants are a bit larger than ideal to place scrog. but next time we can shorten the legs for the 4 inch target. (we will top sooner next time too)

THANK YOU LBH! :goodjob: LBH's Famous ScrOG Tutorial
Re: Newleaf's First Grow - SCROG Strategy

Scrogging, or screen of green, is a form of LST (low stress training) where the main goal is to maximize the footprint of your light.

(Ideal is to run 4 plants under a 4x4 screen and top twice (in hydro) (4 times when I ran soil). Top any more and you'll get MORE... SMALLER buds.)

A Scrog is when you bring those arms up and run them lengthwise under the screen. All those would-be popcorn buds become real buds because they become part of the canopy and receive direct light.

Lower buds are brought up to the screen or the screen is lowered, allowing them to become a part of the canopy.

Grow the plant horizontally until a few weeks into the Flowering stage.

Use Tucking to Keep Plants Growing Horizontally Under the Screen

TUCKING = While those arms are stretching, you allow each one to grow up and through a square in the screen. I like to get them about 2"-3" above the screen and then I GENTLY, pull it below the screen and move it to the next square away.

You continue to do this all throughout the stretch, ...continuing until about 2-3 weeks into the Flowering Stage.

Remember, you are controlling where that arm is going by moving it 1 square at a time. You can change your mind tomorrow if you see the need for it.

The screen takes constant manipulating until the last stretch is over but once it's done, so are your Scrogging duties.

To obtain maximum control don't be afraid to use zip ties if you need to attach branches to your SCROG screen

You want a 6-8" bud above the screen when the stretch is done. At this point, your Scrogging duties are over! You just let your beauties finish flowering.
Hope all is well in your world.

How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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