Paddy Goes Auto for the Winter

It really helps to put you in a better mood , cant get enough , sometimes i feel like a cannabis plant just wanting loads of day light, hating my night time darkness interrupted , but i hate it too warm also i get stressed and i could turn hermie LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Is this where the Nutty bit in NuttyProfessor comes from? :rofl:

Like you mate I would rather be out in the light and not stuck indoors. So much to do in the garden and greenhouse at the moment.
the skunk haze so far so good , added some protection :)

I can smell the moist soil and feel the gentle caress of warmth and humidity every time I look into your greenhouse Professor. It transports me right back to the one we once attached to the south side of our house. I know from experience how much you love to walk into there.

The plants obviously love it too. They should be bushes in no time. Good work paddy.:green_heart:
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