Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza: GSC, LSD-25, Northern Lights, Diesel In Coco


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Second Grow: Journal start August 31, Phenomenawesome's 2017 Auto-Cannabonanza in Coco: GSC, LSD-25, Northern Lights, Diesel -Others?

Hello all and welcome to my second grow! :high-five:

This is going to hopefully be a quickie (10 weeks?) and good time to get ready for winter!
:cheer: YAY!!

What the heck is Phen doing?


Why? To grow and have some variety while we hunt for top shelf photo moms. We will start that 4 weeks into this grow. The final goal being by end of winter to have a perpetual setup, starting my first run with clones only.

The Strains:

2 - Fastbuds Girl Scout Cookies

2 - Greenhouse Seed Co. Auto Northern Lights

2 - Fastbuds LSD-25 -This is an insane looking plant but sounds amazing.

2 - Royal Queen Diesel Automatic.


I originally was going to use half of the tent only, but since getting the little Mars 300 LED light I can use it to get the mom hunt veg started in the office closet and not waste my flower tent's space or light. I would like to them all to flourish but if I lose a couple

Based on my skill level and what i've seen of others and talking with some folks here i'm going to throw caution to the wind and plant 8 plants. I hope they all do well enough that I'm forced to deal with crowded plants rather than waste canopy space as I did the last grow.


Gen Hydro Cocotek Coco
Gen Hydro Flora Grow
Gen Hydro Flora Micro
Gen Hydro Flora Bloom
Gen Hydro Flora Blend
Gen Hydro Floralicous Plus
Gen Hydro Rapid Start
Gen Hydro Liquid cool bloom
Advanced Nutrients Sensi-Cal (Cal-Mag Supplement).

Got these bags, pack of 50 and GH CocoTek coco:

What I like about these is I proved to myself that 3 gallons is enough medium to hold a fairly large plant. Even though I had 5 gallon smart pots they only had 3 gallons of soil and these bags are taller than wide compared to the smart pots.

Can always make holes if needed but they have them placed well.


Each brick is supposed to make 2 cubic feet. I'm running 8, 3 gallon grow bags which equals roughly 24 gallons of coco....3.2 cubic feet of coco. Initially did math incorrectly so ordered some more..


5x5 Apollo grow tent.

Building a little platform that will allow the bags to be off of the floor and able to get a saucer under to catch the runnoff. The easiest thing I have so far is just a rough 2x4 frame with

8" inline fan

24" carbon filter.

AC controlled by home central air combined with a window unit.

1000w mh/hps. Not sure if I should be switching these bulbs or running the whole grow with the HPS for the autos...I'll have to look into this. Note to Self, look into light bulb change for autoflowers.

The tent is going to be moved to another room in the house after the reset. I'm currently doing the preparation for that, getting the I will also be moving a different AC unit to that room a 10k BTU window shaker, and this room freezes in the winter for some reason so all the better.

KISS - using pure coco and GH Grow Micro Bloom base. I wish I could have experienced the forums here longer before starting my first grow but at least I am now a part of the community it really is an honor to learn from some of the world's best growers of cannabis but really there are growers of all skill levels and I appreciate and learn from everyone's experiences. Thanks everyone.

World class bud grown here at 420Mag. :bravo:

More importantly, I love the support so thanks 420Mag friends and the people that make this site awesome!

I learned so much from my last grow, *technically as of creating this that grow is still happening. Week 9 day 2 of 12/12... cruise control.

*this just got pushed back 2 weeks as I need to go out of town for family in between my current grow and the reset. Germination was going to start this weekend but I'm holding off for about 2 weeks. It's a bummer but for the best.

Let's have another fun ride!:thumb:
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

Welcome, glad you are here! Let's hope I do them justice so that you know what to expect, assuming you haven't grown them :)
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Hi and welcome DaTenshi!

I hadn't planned on topping or any training that might slow or stunt the growth substantially.

I'm going to have to do it be the seat of my pants and kinda watch where they go and see what I need to do.

Hoping they won't require much but will likely do some form of light training of branches.
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

Damn son! You're on FIRE!! .
You're too kind Stony:)

I'm having a blast, learning and really enjoy the community here.

Back from my trip home and things went well. Will be resetting/popping this week!

Going to be lots of fun!
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

Just a quick update had a successful trip my Mom now has a new computer to play her MMORPG video games on :)

She's long retired, mainly why we're moving closer to her in the spring.
It's also working out that I should be able to start breeding after the move so thats what we are looking for.

Just for personal fun, friends and family. No interest in commercial.

Anyway, I got ahold of some GG4 x Chernoble from a local grower my nephew knows and I'm in love...depending on the Plasma I may see about getting a cutting.

It's like a super concentrated tanker of pine sol hit a skunk and exploded.
Super large calyxes and airy... Not my normal cup of tea at all. I chalked it up to summer.
At first I thought it hadn't been yet dried but it was all resin...a snap of a nug changed everthing though.

At first I didn't have a grinder and I actually had a finger hash ball just from breaking up a bud. Man I have to step up my game lol.

It presents the sticky glue that I always expected to see in gorrilla glue. Copious amounts... like how could you ever trim this?

I mean yes GG4 has been extra sticky but this is crazy. My wife squished a bud with a flat iron and got a huge dab from it.

Anyway long story long makes me very curious about chernoble itself. Ive never had it before this stuff. I love the high of this cross. its perfect for daytime. Right on a par with a Candyland we get sometimes. Not a looker but man if I could smelloscope this...

Reset time!!!! Seeds going in this weekend
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

The resets nearly done everything's all cleaned up and moved I moved the filter to the back and use the wooden support again just to make sure that I'm not going to bend that metal kind of worries me.

Anyway I got the HPS metal halide lamp on a better reil so I can now put the LED on the other reil and move them as needed so I can use the LED on the seedlings.

I noticed before that no matter what the temperature in the room didn't very once it was circulating by more than a couple of degrees so I think this layout will work better in the cooler weather it will definitely be more convenient for me.

Quick question I'm about to take my father-in-law out to dinner and I'm hydrating my Coco.
can I use tap water to do this or do I need to use RO water?

if anyone's around can throw in their two cents in the next few hours every great cheers everyone!
seeds in tonight :) !!

Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

Are some autos not feminized?? Ill pop all three if not just in case

Ironically th topic on the growtube round table is roots. And since coco can be treated in different ways this is something that I am most unsure of.
There's a guy I would watch on YouTube that use cocoa and would out water every other day let it dry out to the point of being a little late whereas on the opposite end of the spectrum I see people using cocoa and a flood table where it floods multiple times a day since I'm going drain to waste goal is to feed once a day when the lights come on but I need to build up to that and make sure they have a solid root structure so that's the biggest challenge we're facing right now.

I found a Nifty little idea for a pill container I'm going to fill them all up with water and then I've written down what each day seeds are (they won't get a number until they end up in the bags but at least this way I won't lose track of them.)

Sunday =greenhouse seed co. Northern Lights autoflower
Monday = Fastbuds Girl scout cookies
Tuesday = lSD25
Wednesday = Royal Queen Auto Diesel

I've written this down here and in my personal Journal just to be sure I don't make any mistakes. once they're in bags it'll be on in marker so we'll be good there.

As for tap water... We work with what we have and with my broken ankle and budget we're running tap water. Since its DTW especially.

I understand the arguments on both sides and given the choice I would use RO but I think it will do just fine without it using i the synthetic nutrients.
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Ok so 100% had a decent taproot after 24 hours in water and 12 in paper towel.

Rinsed coco in bags until runnoff was same as tap.
Im trying this pretty sterile for coco...however Im betting no problems getting food.
Thats my hypothesis :)

All of the Coco has been rinsed and pre charged with a 1/2 strength seedlings solution per General Hydroponics.

Seeds planted as before, 1/4 inche taproot down.

Squeezed a bit of water from paper towel over seedlings to be sure it doesn't dry, covered them with plastic and put in dark for a bit.

Will turn on the LED for about a week likely before 400w MH 4200k daylight spectrum. Love that bulb, I want to try to flower with it....Anyway, here we go lets root for some roots!!
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

Temps 81 degrees high and low.
55 to 65 humidity.

Quick update I had a 100% success germination and sprout rate which is awesome!

I basically followed the same premise as before in my first grow. 24-hours in the water 12 hours in paper towel then tap Root Down into the medium.

This is all done with tap water. I haven't germinated with RO yet figure now if it ain't broke...

It's awesome like there was no interruption at all they all from paper towel to medium. They popped up at around the same time approx between 1 and 6AM they all sprouted.
My first grow had a couple of days spread between sprouts.

Having four different strains that's pretty incredible I'm very happy so far.

For the first couple of days in the Coco I used saran wrap over the top and mist it just to make sure the top layer of Coco did not dry out too much.

Now that they've popped up I can let that dry out a little and hopefully I didn't soak the pots too bad and there will be enough oxygen for roots.


I screwed up the initial rinse. I totally soaked the shit out of the coco with unPHd tap water to rinse. Its buffered so hopefully I didn't screw it up too bad.

Mistake #2

Should have let pots dry a bit longer before planting but hopefully they will be ok. I used my sprayer and soaked the shit out of the coco with a super light seedling solution.

Lets hope I can still build some good roots!!
So happy to be gardening again!
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

For ventalation and light.

I put more panda film over the window. Still light comes through AC.

Used pantyhose and ductwork like this.

Need one more, doing that now.
too restricted but better for light than opening the bottom flap.
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

Ok and now for introduction into the world.
Pics in this order

Fastbuds GSC #1 = Kitty
Fastbuds GSC #2 = Scarlet
Greenhouse Northern Lights #1 Helga
Greenhouse Northern Lights #2 Marta
RQS Diesel #1 Lina
RQS Diesel #2 Gina
Fastbuds LSD25 #1 Janis
Fastbuds LSD25 #2 Lyra

Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

Shoot, should I plant a few more maybe?

I have some Bubba Kush Autos, reg Auto Kush. Critical Ogre autos. This is my first and maybe only auto run for a while, just a whim to fill the jars between the photos

See, now looking at some pics of autos and some of the damned things are tiny.
Like a single large bud with a few good ones surrounding. Others however are huge! Mephisto has some large ones on Instagram, the GSC looks larger as well. Ah rambling....

Thoughts? Anyone?
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

Is that yer only tent??

Autos won't fill it up but adding photos you can't flower till the Autos are done

I'd say wait a month ish, start some photos, then yer set to rock some huge plants in there
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