Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza: GSC, LSD-25, Northern Lights, Diesel In Coco

Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

Pheno my man! You kicked some ass on this grow! I've been meaning to check in with your grow, looks like you nailed it! Oh, and I dig that booty fabbed stonered up double swivel fan upgrade!! :high-five::slide:

*EDIT* Your page 17 is mine, mwuhahahahahahahaha!! :cough::lot-o-toke:
lol, thank you so much Stony!
I am very happy with this one. Just hope things to be as smooth my next run!

Just getting things all setup for the perpetual now.

Vegging up 7 clones to 5 gallon coco pots. about to transplant and move to the big tent, I predict flowering in a couple of weeks.

how's the garden? I will have to pop in and see how it's going.
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

That's crazy Age I could have sworn that I replied to this on my PC but looking at it on my phone I don't see a response...

I have a couple of dark plasma phenotypes and I'm going to run my two confirmed females in the five by five under a scrog.

Hopefully I can work with this strain for a while as a staple. I didn't realize it had a propensity for molds (not specifically, just in the OG Kush genes) and its probably not the best with the humidity here but I'll give it a couple of goes.

So far the slower growing girl seems very hearty and hasn't shown any symptoms of stress at all. wish she had the vigor of her lanky sister... I will pick one.

I have a journal made up for my perpetual I'll get a link up here soon. It'll have all that stuff.
I've got about 10 in the cloner for about a week so they should be popping Roots anytime now.

...and the last two girls are just about done... I keep pushing the one Northern Lights further and further lol. I just want to be sure I got something that will knock me out if I get a little too crazy upstairs ;)... for sure today the 25th. may as well make it a Northern Lights Christmas :)

We're just so blessed right now with all the meds we've just harvested. I'm thrilled.

I made some cookies with girl scout cookies 2 nights ago for my first time edibles...they are awesome!

I used a quarter ounce of nugs. made 20 small cookies, ate 3 throughout the evening and a couple more yesterday morning. had a bit of nausea later but its common for me so not sure of it was the cookies.

Anyway, hope you have a happy holiday season! what do you have planned this year?

I just found this... I killed a girl on xmas too, my Red Solo Cup, Blue Berry. I dried her for a few days and then jarred her up. Had the first samples on Saturday. Uh, yeah, that's some indica for sure. Got my muscles all slacked off and feelin very relaxed. I was playin ping pong with a friend and it was well I was giggling and then doesn't happen much! I'm very happy with my Blue Berry Xmas.

As for whats up in the new year... Well, I've got my seeds from the two crosses I've done and I just popped a few of those into some paper towels. I dropped a tapper in the dirt last night and the seed head is above ground today. Moving in the right direction. My goals for this upcoming grow year are to see about getting two different strains worked up. And somewhere in the next 12 months hopefully I'll be able to get some other feminized and Autos into the veg tent and see about those. I've been collecting seeds from CKS and Seedsman for a few months now and Bomb Seeds as well as AutoSeeds are sending me some stuff as well. I've just got too many plants right now.

I've got a growing problem...
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

Neither do the rest of us
:) yep, I know what you mean. this auto grow was great because I love veriety. I almost talked myself into popping some Jack Herer but it will have to wait. I will do those with Malawi this summer.
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

Awesome grow Pheno! Ive got some catching up to do but I'm definitely impressed from the final numbers and buds!
Thanks so much Jgrow!

I'm definitely very happy.

knock on wood can only get better!
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

thanks so much guys for the love. This was a lot of fun!

Be sure to jump on my perpetual thread now and then!

oh ya, wanted to share another little easy tip. bought 3 white very basic baseboards.

Cut to 78 inches and used as vertical support in the tent, no more sucking in the sides of my tent like crazy and I can run my occilating fan all the way in the corner.

This gave me another 1/2' on every side!
Re: Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza - GSC - LSD-25 - Northern Lights - Diesel In

Late but I'm here. Trying to learn how to grow an auto.
Aw man FatNeil, I cannot believe that I missed your comment?!

My bad, I had come back to check something and saw your post.

I really hope that you were able to get what you were looking for!

Nice to have you stop in and by all means if I can help ask away. im no guru, but usually someone swings in to help. The best advice is to follow the busy autoflower threads. great folks in all the topics.
Incredibly impressive haul! Hope I can live up to your standards!!
Thanks! I am sure you will ne killing this in no time!
Ya believe it or not my autoflower experiment was my highest yeilding run lol.
Keep running into little issues/changing systems.
This time I am redoing a similar system only with tomato cages which I have done before.
I believe that it is by far my best method and will likely just stick with it.
Bad luck with scrog net, having girls free to spin amd move around etc seems to make a large difference in overall plant yeild.
I do however think my current run will be close...
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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