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Pineapple Express by Fast Buds

Sir Budlovski

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Strain Name - Pineapple express auto

From- Fast buds.

Price - bought one seed from pick n mix seeds, can't recall price.

Type - hybrid, Sativa dominant ruderalis

Appearance - deep and light shades of green with bright orange/amber hairs, half fluffy half dense kind of bud.

Smell - very fruity, strong weed smell, type of smell the puts a smile on your dial hahaha

Taste - Absolutely delicious taste of a berry chronic flavour, however the pineapple taste wasn't quiet there for me.

Type of Buzz - Was an INTENSE cerebral high, put my thoughts in the fast lane, very constant buzz.

Length of Buzz - 2-3 hours rushing cerebral high, 30-40 mins relaxed/sleepy.

Best Medicinal Use - seemed to be good for appetite, pain and buck loads of energy and likely creativity.

Overall - absolutely loved growing it, smelling it and tasting it, however being an anxious suffering person the cerebral high was not for me, toke some before bed and was up for a good two and a half hours. Was a good strain to toke in a group and everyone else who tried it loved it. :high-five:

Sir Budlovski

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Forgot to mention its a great grower takes care of itself but did get quiet nuts hungry as it got through flower, yielded well with just over 7.5grams with only 4 full cfls and not the best soil and no cannabis specific nutes either just garden nutes I had lying around.


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i am growing some blue blood at the mo , check my journal below the specs from the strain is there , very high on the cbd and might be a good strain to help you sleep , too early to give you a review but ive been recommended by another member her , i suffer from back pain and now my knee keeps me awake half the night so im really looking forward to this one ,

hope it can help you too


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I heard that blackberry is real goodfor sleep I guess what I'm gonna do next. I got problems with sleep due to my adhd and add I'm still searching for a strain that'll slow me down enough to finish a complete.... oh look a banana


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i am 42 and only now i think have adhd all my life , 2 of my sons have it which makes me think it even more , went through hell at school . just couldnt hear what the teacher was saying , i was miles away


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Yeah same here ive been on so many different pills and sleep medications it was like i was a ginny pig. I never did finish school.... But hey it's all good now I think growing my smoke is not only beneficial for the actual meds but it also gives me something to focus on for more then ten minutes. I'm 32 now and only thing that has worked is the entire process of growing


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A quick copy and paste on the blackberry.


Blackberry-is one of the latest creations of the-Fast Budsseedbank, a mix of Spanish and American genetics that offers you the chance to grow an-AutoFem strain-with purple colours and a delicious and fruity scent.

To develop ir, Fast Buds used a-Cream Caramel plant-and a purple-Kush genetics-from Pakistan. The cross was then stabilized until achieving an offspring that showed the best traits of both parents. Once stable, the strain (Blackberry Kush) was crossed with a-Canadian Ruderalis-to supply the autoflowering gene.

Thus, this plant grows like most-Indica varieties-, reaching up to-120cm tall-and developing short internodal distances and lots of side branches that surround the main cola.

Its flowering lasts for about-8 weeks, yielding-70-300gr/plant-when planted in the ground, around-600gr/m2-indoors. The buds are totally frosted with a thick layer of-trichomesinherited from the Pakistani parent.

Some of the most appealing traits of this cannabis strain are its visual aspect and smell, since it acquires beautiful-lilac and reddish-hues during the growth phase which are a true pleasure for the senses. The buds turn to a darker and spectacular colour once dried, what gives them a great-bag appeal.

Its smell is-sweet-and-fruity, complex, with-earthy-and-spicynotes and pine and berries undertones. Its effect is-cerebralon a first phase, becoming hten more-body relaxing.

Many growers recommend this strain for smoking before going to bed, since it provokes a truly refreshing sleep. It is also suitable for several medicinal treatments, being effective to combat-anxiety, stress, muscle pains-and-sleep disorders.

Blackberry from Fast Buds features:
Genetics: Blackberry Kush x Canadian Ruderalis
Type: Autoflowering feminized
Mostly Indica hybrid
Indoor yield: up to 600gr/m2
Outdoor yield: 70-300gr/plant
THC: 20%
CBD: 0,8%


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very cool , here the specs on Blue Blood from medicann

Medicann Blue Blood Seeds Specs
Genetics: OG Kush x Blueberry
Type: Indica (70%) / Sativa (30%)
Flowering time: 6 - 10 weeks
Yield: Medium
THC content: 15 - 20%
CBD content 10%
Medicinal Uses: Chronic Pain, Body relief without mental intoxication, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, MS, Gastrointestinal Issues, Arthritis, Anorexia
Medicann Blue Blood Seeds Info
With this plant we have crossed our OG Kush with an astounding Blueberry that has been with us since 1998. This plant produces buds that have the strength and density of the OG but have that wonderful smell and taste of the Blueberry. The Blueberry overtones over wash the OG so for those of you used to OG this plant will smell and taste more blueberry, however there is an element of diesel fuel to the smell and taste. Not one for an inexperienced medical grower, but well worth the effort for those who can. Blueberry x OG Kush has been bred to contain higher percentages of CBD or cannabidiol the part of cannabis now considered to be most responsible for pain-relief, nausea, as an anti-inflammatory, and for many many other symptoms. CBD has been found to provide physical relief, it actually works to counteract the psychoactivity of THC, allowing patients a much desired element of clarity unassociated with so many other types of cannabis. This strain can also be a very effective insomnia killer, especially if you have pain that keeps you awake.

In short for medicinal users this would be the strain we recommend for a multitude of different ailments. Medicann are currently working on other strains to increase the CBD ratio to further help sufferers.

Sir Budlovski

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Hi guys
In all honesty I was shocked when I got on and seen this thread had comments it was awhile back this one.
But thanks love to have and see some good conversation.
Its true what you said apart, I'd like to get another seed, and with what I know now and supplys I have to see what kind of proper yeild I could get out of one, some proper care would give an ounce I reckon.
Thanks nutty professor I'm always on the lookout for another good strain to add to my list,especially a cbd one, that sounds like a good one too.
Atm I have a strawberry cough almost complete which should be good for my anxiety sativa though so that's more daytime smoke, I have 2 bloody skunks which is alright for sleep, red poison dunno how that one will go, I have a thc bomb which will likely be sold, an amnesia which I may try and a bagseed which will be sold aswell.
I have started a DP blueberry now and I'm hoping she will grow well and be one of the more indica phenos.
I agree with both of you about growing, it is simply a great medication on its own I myself havnt been smoking much at all the last few months but growing calms and relaxes me :)
As for blackberry that is also one of the top on my to get list heard great things on it and you just simply can't go wrong with dark coloured strains I love em :)


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Pineapple Express-is an-autoflowering cannabis hybriddeveloped by the Fast Buds Company by crossing a Skunk x Hawaii x Traniwreck hybrid with a-Ruderalis-genetics. Thus, we have a strain with pineapple taste and strong effect, thanks to its-20% THC-content. Now available in Alchimia's catalog of feminized seeds.

This strain not only outstands for its-fruity, tropical-taste, but also for its vegetative vigour, reaching-140cm-if planted in the ground and producing around-400-600gr/m2-in-indoor cannabis grow rooms-.

Pineapple Express needs-9 weeks-from seed germination to be fully ripe, allowing us then to enjoy its-amazing pineapple taste.

Pineapple Express from the Fast Buds Co. features:
Genetics: (Skunk x Hawaii x Trainwreck) x Ruderalis
Type: Autoflowering feminized
Indoor yield: 400-600gr/m2
Outdoor yield: 50-300gr/plant
Harvest: 9 weeks from seed germination
CBD: 0,9%

I think for what you were us in you got a pretty good yield. The pineapple express from Barney's seeds said expect 30g per plant out door.

Sir Budlovski

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Wait you only got 7.5 grams off of one plant..?

Yes I did, autoflower, under a few cfls, stressed and in low quality soil and hardly any nutes.

Yeah spart, I reckon it was alright for my first half proper indoor grow, it was quality to so that was nice.
I wouldn't mind giving it another go one day but like you mentioned is also like to give the barneys one ago, think I prefer its genetics and from what ivebread can sometimes produce alright indoor


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This type of weed is more for someone who like a unique taste not mass volumes. I'm really starting to like the tastier weeds and not so much the huge yielding.

Not Me

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Well I was thinking about growing this as my first grow. I'm just worried about putting in a lot of work for only a few grams. I want to feel rewarded for a few months after the grow :blunt:
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