RC grows White Widow with CFLs!


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Well here is my long ago promised journal on growing White Widow. The seed came from a bag of some really white, sweet, dense White Widow nugs. There were 2 seeds found in the bag, the other was grown last year and was a very nice smoke, only wish i knew more then and had grown bigger! This time I am going to be doing things a little differently.

Mother White Widow was started from the seed. She started out as a slow growing wrinkled & twisted leaved mutant but straightened out a couple weeks later. She has been vegging a few months now being topped once early from which i ended up with 3 tops do to staggered branch pattern. Right now she is sitting under a 100w daylight CFL

look at the future WW clones all over her, or maybe future buds depending on what i decide to do with her.




after i put the oldest clones into flower i might take a few more then put her outside to flower in the sun. either that or try to flower with CFLs or cut her down :( I dont really have the space and light power to veg her for a whole lot longer. I also have a Kush seed and a couple others waiting to be germ'd. Also might have some special seeds in my hands soon that i will need to make room for.

here are the clones looking good and happy, growing fast also. i decided to try my luck with LSTing 2 clones in a single 3gal container and another in a 6" container with my first FIM attempt . clones are all under 4 100w(equiv) daylight CFLs (i think 26w ea?)







and here are the nutes, moms been getting the vigoro 10-10-10 liquid every other watering with a drop of superthrive. went a little heave on the nutes last week and she is recovering, found her happy spot i think. dont think clones will be ready for any nutes before i flower them, only hoping to veg for another week or until branches start developing a bit and they grow just a little larger and stronger. if they get hungry i might give a small amount of 10-10-10. clones will be flowered under 5 68w 2700k CFLs (4200 lumens ea)




hope you all follow along and enjoy. feel free to give your input whenever you want. im always up for tips!
looks good spike, hope mine look half as good as that!

I'm in!

Great results with the clones!

What's your method for cloning?

lookin' good!

my cloning method is rather basic and no special sterile instruments needed. except i dowse scissors in denatured alcohol first

i just find a young green branch atleast a few nodes long clip off all leaves but last large set and new growth then set them in a cup of water while i gather the rest. then i scrape the outer layer of stem off from the bottom to about .5" up and cut the bottom at a 45 degree angle. dip in water, dip in shultz rooting powder and stick into a cup of 1/3 vermiculite and 2/3 perlite. slits in the bottom for drainage+soaking up water to stay moist and leave covered about 5 days with humidity dome, then if they dont wilt uncovered i leave them uncovered for about another week. if they do wilt i mist with water every 30min till they stop wilting on their own. after the second week they should have some resistance from the roots if i try to tug on them, if they want to come right out i know they have a few more days. i dont know why people cut their clones leaves halfway up, had 100% success without cutting them and i tried cutting my newest ones and they look the same, but with their leaves cut halfway off. only advantage i see is to keep track of new growth. btw they are kept between 75-82 degrees 50% ish humidity 24hrs of 6500k 23w CFLs x4
after i move my clones into flower (maybe a week) i can take a few more clones and take pics for the journal. i just took all the similar info from everyone elses cloning methods, looked to see what i had sitting around cut out all the bs special things everyone does differently for good luck and went at it. never had 1 clone start looking sick so why mess with a good thing. but im sure some strains take to cloning better than others.
Not a whole lot today, looks like clones had a little growth spurt while i was at work today, they were trying hard to reach the lights. did some more tying, as you will notice in the pics im also trying to pull the leaves away from the stem to get them branching out as much as i can as quick as i can. the upright/FIM'd clone seems to be branching more. you can really see the new branches comming from the top now.

Double LST



















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YO , RC Those plants are lookn Great

:grinjoint: Great lst work also ,They look like their reacting nicely and the FIM Does wonders for sure ,with cfls

As to the light you were talkn about ,if ya dnt mind me askn . what kinda light ya got

anyways Keep up the great work ,and ILL be around for this one for sure

for veg i have a 2x 100w "flourex" CFLs (only using 1 atm) and 4 23w (i think) for small clones. flower ill be using 5 68w 2700k CFLs (4200 lumens ea)
Great work with the LST. Curious about the heat from those 68W CFL's. I run 8 42W 2700 CFL's in my small cab, air entering is 75*, and exits the top exhaust fan at 80*. Also, do you need a ballast to run those higher watt CF's?

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