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Results After 96 Days


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Hi again everyone,
Its been about 20 something days since I posted picts
and about two weeks or so since I switched to a 12/12 schedule
There is a difference in the plants that I can tell
I just can't tell if it's good or not
Below are some picts and the rest are in my gallery

The first one to bud (I think) - could it be male?



The one right next to it started to bud (I think) a couple of days thereafter


...and the one people thought had been eaten in the last post I put up

I have added some dirt to the pots as they had roomo and seemed a little
low and I have given them some fertilizer. Liquified worm poop.
I wanted to take pictures of my two outdoor babies, but the neighbors were
out and pictures of "basil" and that thing growing behind the garbage cans just wasn't a good idea. Any thoughts or suggestions are always appreciated.


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The top 2 plants are both male unfortunately. The last pic you posted could be a female, but i'd need a higher res pic to be sure. Sry man.


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Are all the plants the same days into flowering? If so, then the last pic looks like a female...its pretty simple, if there are nuts, they are males, if there are hairs, they are females. Here is one of my pics of an early female.

See the little hair on the right side of the stalk. Its white and its curled over right now cause this pic was taken early. Eventually it will be 2 hairs sticking out over the little spur. Hopefully this helps. Peace.


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Yes, they're all the same age and all have been in the same light
Is there anything I can do to convert a hermaphrodite?
The hermie in question was next to the male and downwind of it,
so I guess that is what caused it to change
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I ended up biting the bullet and moved three of the plants out of the light
and away from the fan. I hope the last three grow up to be ladies.
I will get rid of the males tomorrow, but at least I think they're far enough
away to not convert the others. I have to get better pictures. I am always
in a sort of rush whenever I take them and move them away from anything
that reflects light back kas that seems to kill the pictures
thanks for all of the imput
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your first set of pics are definetly males, one of which looks to be hermie(hermapherdite)...shouldnt waste anymore of your time....throw them out.....if the last pic happens to be a female, and you dont get rid of the males you risk fertilizing the female which would riddle you bud with seed. Next time you should force flower earlier on in the growth phase to determine sex.


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yeah the first ones a hermaphrodite, the next few are males and the last ones probly a female.

you CAN fix a hermie, you just gota spend money unfortunately. and its not usually worth it unless your entire crop hermied and you were plannin on sellin it to pay your rent or grandmothers medical bills or whatever.
dutch reverse spray
dutch reverse spray - Google Product Search

id get the males out quick, and if youre not gona get the reverse spray, the hermie ota go too. any plant with pollen sacks (male or hermie) will pollenate your females and make them seedy as hell.

if you DO get the spray, id make sure the hermie and female plants were isolated enough from each other that the female wont be able to be pollenated when the hermie releases its pollen.

are those from bagseed or do you know what strain it is?


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ay bro, i didnt mean to say "those are ugly plants" in a sense of me dissing your plants. i was just saying it in a funny way but still apreciating what you grew bro. my bad if i offended you man but i still got love for what we take pride in all doing.
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