Sativa OG Kush aka Skywalker OG: Legal Medical Marijuana Grow

My OG KSH auto.. ready for chop down....
You say its a legal grow, but it looks like you got a ton of plants down there. I thought more than 6 was illegal? Besides the point, amazing looking shit you got there. :grinjoint:
6 plants was sb420.that shit is old news now. Also a judge shot down those limits in court pretty much making that part of sb420 null and void.done on a case by case basis.
Getting ready to pop my (free) Dinafem OG Kush (fem). Does anyone know the tendencies of this strain? It says it's Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis so I am to expect tall and lanky, short and squatty, or a medium sized (24"+)?Thanks for any input!
My og auto was around 2ft....She isnt a nute hog...She also did very well in roots organic soil..Hope this helps brother
Re: Sativa OG Kush - Legal Medical Marijuana Grow

The Caregiver for this garden had a little lighted microscope that we used to take pictures of the trichomes.




Nice grow looks excellent !

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One of the perks of owning your own cannabis-related Internet forum, lol.
I was just thinking of this thread earlier today as well hahaha. Never thought id find it again.

The forum's search routine works (as does using a web-search engine to perform a site-search of the forum, which may provide results even if one is unable to get them through an Internet forum's own search routine).
The forum's search routine works :rolleyes: (as does using a web-search engine to perform a site-search of the forum).
That was a bit rude, what if he didn't remember the name of the journal?
You are correct, as usual. My apologies; 45thdegreeMP3, I shouldn't have used the ":rolleyes:" in my comment, and should have been less abrupt/short in my response to you. If I was not in the midst of trying to do three different things simultaneously (which is no excuse for not being polite/helpful, I know), I'd have explained how to perform a site-search with an Internet search engine, as they can sometimes be more forgiving (e.g., correcting misspellings, et cetera) and help a person find a thread.

The thought of him possibly not being able to remember the exact name of the thread was one that caused me to mention the site-search thing. I was in that situation just the other day. But, yes, if he had forgotten that AND the name of the strain... it would have been a challenge to find it again, regardless of the method used. I once tried to find some information about this one and ended up trying to use the grower's first name as one of my search keywords. As you can imagine, lol, that gave me a lot of results that I had to "wade through."

How to perform a site-search if/when using the forum's (or any forum's) built in search routine is not giving you the result(s) you are seeking:
Use the "address box" in Google Chrome (it doubles as a search box) or the search box to the right of the address box in Mozilla Firefox - or simply visit a search engine's webpage (Duck Duck Go, Google, et cetera). To get search results from only one website/forum, you use the site-search function. To do that, simply copy the site's address, which in this case is:
...then paste it into the search box with it prefaced by "site:" like so:\
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Finally, add any keyword(s) that you wish to search for.
site: 420 skywalker

Now one thing that can sometimes give our forum's own search routine an advantage is the ability to search for posts by a specific user. In the above example, I used 420 as one of my search keywords, because I happened to remember that he posted this thread. However, that's, well... kind of a common thing to see here in a post ;). But with our search routine, I could have searched for posts written by 420, which is much more specific. Although with a truly epic post count of 80,661, lol, even that is not exactly an uncommon thing here. But with care in choosing one's search keywords (and a bit of luck now and then), one can often find what one is searching for.
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