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The Great White Rhino Shootout!


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Thanks for the report. You will get a better smoke if you cure it longer. And not to be funn, dude where did you get your scale from. That thing looks ancient. Lol
Yes, thanks, my scale is an analog kitchen scale from back in the day but is accurate just the same. I should get a digital scale I guess. You are right about the curing and I intend to let it cure for awhile before I smoke more of it just to be fair. I do plan to take just a tiny bit for this weekend to give it another go but will cure the rest proper before indulging more. Same with the Greenhouse WR. I have some hydro from a friend in the meantime. Thanks for the comments.


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SMOKE REPORT!! Greenhouse Seedbank White Rhino

Time now for the much anticipated, long awaited smoke report on the Greenhouse Seeds White Rhino. This shorter bushier plant yielded a much smaller cola than the Nirvana Seeds WR. At first hit, I waited for the taste. And waited. And waited. After exhaling I discovered there seem to be no taste or it was certainly very subtle. A little relieved it wasnt gasoline tasting like the Nirvana strain was, I forged ahead, wary of the devasting effect I got from the Nirvana WR. Surprise! I managed to finish that small bowl and was ready for another. The high was more heady for me than body, but VERY heavy and excillerating. Not couch lock but the potential was there. All in all, it was a very powerful,strong,deep high that was also long lasting. Very curious about the taste though. Maybe just a hint of pine but thats about it. Interesting for sure. Will smoke more this weekend and see if its any different. Sunday will be the final weigh in. Thanks for looking.


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Dry weight later today. Lotta shrinkin' goin on. May not weigh as much as hoped. Also looks like the Greenhouse may have more yield but we'll see.


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The final tally is here on the weight of these 2 fine strains. First off the weight is measured using my trusty old analog kitchen scale. The buds are weighed before trimming but without stems. And the result? The Nirvana Seeds White Rhino produced fewer but much larger and more potent buds. Its weight came in at 2 oz. plus the cola weighed earlier at 3/4 of an oz. puts it at around 2 3/4 oz.'s total. The Greenhouse Seeds White Rhino produced more smaller buds and its final dry weight came in at around a little more than 1 1/2 oz.'s
All in all I got slight more than a quarter pound untrimmed. I will do the trimming and save the clippings for hash or cana butter. In smoking more of the Nirvana this weekend, the taste has definetly calmed down from that intial gasoline taste into more of a piney, minty taste. But it still packs a hell of a punch. The Greenhouse seems a bit harsher and given enough, will still throw you for a long lasting loop. My final word on the shootout is the Nirvana Seed White Rhino produced a better high and more bud. But the Greenhouse is still an amazing deep high as well, just not as devastating or plentiful. Was also shorter. Thanks for your interest in my little grow. I am looking at Arjan Haze #1 for my next grow. 22% THC cant be a bad thing. This is Mortimer signing off.


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some pics now:

I finished the horrifying task of trimming and got them all bottled up. I will cure for the next few weeks in the usual manner. Huge difference in the 2 plants. The Nirvana Seeds WR is sticky wicky and pungent as hell. VERY crystally and sugary. The Greenhouse has a great high but not sticky,pungent or tastey. Still it gets the job done better than most but isn't devastating like the Nirvana Seed. Depends on what your looking for, I guess. Me? I got the best of both worlds!

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in my honest opinion, comparing such a small sample size is totally unreliable.

Even if you ordered 10 seeds from 1 company, you might end up with different phenotypes. Different seeds from the same place might show different characteristics from their parents.

that said ... I hope you get some killer herb from both.
yes Chicago Joe is correct I'm currently doing a run of white rhino and popped 50 seeds out of these there is the broad leaved indica pheno with tight nodes and it sits short , the thinner leaved sativa pheno with internodes further apart and grows taller but also more viney eg for scrog etc and also a few freaks I got , a two headed untopped seedling a trifoliate( 3 leaved) seedling and a quadfoliate(4 leaved )seedling also an indica Dom seedling with furry leaves lol, so I guess what I'm trying to say is you could of ended up with a quadfoliate from one seedbank and a sativa Dom from another and neither would really be representative of the white rhino mass gene pool
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