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The Kiefers' Winter Garden

Dusty Kiefers

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@Pjs420 happy new year brother. Glad you are liking the light. I have been busy busy. 60+hours a week. Today was my first day off since Christmas day. took like a three hour nap.:19: I need to get pics. MrsK took down the last plant today. The lemon aninal cookies. The new batch is in and flowering already. I have like zero time with them lights on every day so pics are slim at the moment.

@AngryBird @angryhey sis. Been busy. Hey still nicotine free. Dont even know how long now. Hey I love music. I have been playing guitar for a while and still suck. Lol just kidding I have fun. I dont get to play much anymore. My son is a teen now and he plays and is serious about it like I was when I was young. So he has realy got me back into it.
What kind of music you like.

Dusty Kiefers

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It been a minute. Hey my internet has been I guess in spread thin have had troubles loading pics. Pluss I have less and less time it seems. Putting my foot down and taking off on Saturdays.
Was able to load some pics. We have the cherry bomb gelato and lemon angimal cookies. They gelato has been in jar for atleast a week and wow its fooking tangie all tangerine and skunk. SVery uplifting and stoney at the same time. I like it a lot.
Lemon animal cookies just went in the jar. This shit is kinda nasty burnt rubber smelling with the animal cookie floral heavy in the back. Sampled a bowl out of the bong this morning and it hit you fast and right behind the eyes. Feel happy and relaxed. Taste is floral nothing much else. The smoke smells like burning rubber kinda funky. Only two rips off the bong and I feel like working in the garden.

Having a better run with this auto flower. I am the worst with dates I write nothing down and very unorganized shes getting there. Could still dial the N down and up the Ca maybe just up the Ca and the N will be more tolerable. Idk she still pretty.

The next batch of flowers is nice and on their way. I only have two hydro buckets the rest full on organics. Getting better I thunk. Only have sone pics of the noah cross and the star pupil. Both these girls are already putting colors on display. The noah huckleberry has thiss cool pink hue to the flowers and the star pupil is just purple already at two weeks into flower. The others are looking great nice coats of early frost. The sour papaya has my eye and the kush cake as well.



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The girls are looking frosty D.K! Full on organics with those genetics sounds like a match made in heaven! I've recently done some plants in hempy and megacrop and loved the results so I'll probably do both see where the total yield numbers end up. Love the info about the buds you just jarred up! Can tell you got some dank!!

Dusty Kiefers

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You had me :drool:over the pictures..
Really super buds!
I am in "reopen my artistic spirit again" stage. Just started with drawing a butterfly that nivek sent in my journal.
I'm sure it will be "pick up the guitar" soon :love:
Music is soul food

Dusty Kiefers

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