TheBlaze's LED & HPS Grow - Coco & Perlite

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A 600w blackline or something jobbie. Nothing fancy.
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This post is the work of someone who is listening to his plants.
No gimmicks. Just heavy frosted flowers.
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My baby girl was born this morning!! :) :) I'm in love. Going back there now so that I can stare at her like some weirdo. LOL!

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New to this post but this looked like the closest to what I am embarking. I started off one grow in soil before switching to a hydro system that I made myself. I have used the same systems for over a year now with varying results until I recently. I have two rooms (one grow and one flower). In the grow area I have my seeds under Fluorescent. I have my Grow under a single 200 watt (actual wattage) LED grow light and I have two systems in my flower room. On one side of the flower room I am running two 400 Watt HPS grow lights. On the other half of the room I am running four 200 watt LED grow lights (same lights as in grow room). Up until this week I have been running the full line of GH Floranova nutrients. I have started using the full line of Growmore nutrients now. The nutrients are not the part I want to discuss but so far the plants do seem to have responded to the Growmore nutrients much better. My flower room had been all HPS lights until 4 months ago. With the same wattage used on each side of the room I am seeing better yields, more large buds, a reduction in small lower buds and it is more potent. I am not going to debate anyone about these results but it is consistent in each crop. I was going to go to all LED lights on both sides but I want to try up the yield on both sides and see if I get the advantage of the HPS penetration and the spectrum of the LED lights. I will be running one 400 watt hps light in the center surrounded by four LED lights for a total of 1200 watts of light over each grow area. My question to those who are running both systems together, are you seeing an increase in yield per watt of light over running a strictly HPS or LED set up and also is how I want to set up my lights the best way or have you come up with a better set up. Thanks for any reply
Yeah, HPS in the middle with LED around it sounds good. Similar to what I was doing and will do again. I would regularly rotate my plants around so that they could all benefit from intensity and spectrum. I did notice an increase in yield when I added the LED, but I suspect if I added more HPS I would have seen a bigger bump in yield. However, potency and terpene profiles were both positively affected by the addition of LED. So for me, it is the best compromise. A smaller bump in yield, but more importantly, a better end product.
In my system I am not able to move the plants so that wont be possible. My grow room is also height restricted so I am using shorter bushy strains. I am also increasing to 1200 watts from 800 watts in the grow area which is a little over 85 watts per square foot. I have a crop every 4 weeks with my set ups. I guess my next questions is if it would be good to also run CO2 with the increased lighting or would my plants grow too tall with its addition.
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