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Greetings to all of the nice fellows of 420 mag. It feels great to be back after a couple of months away.

I had to cancel all my grows due to some unfortunate reasons. I managed to harvest 3 plants(GZ,BG41 and God's Glue from Ministryofcannabis) during this time away. I have established a new small grow op and will be sharing all about it. I will try to post weekly and keep this thread as active as possible with lots of detail.

I have been growing seeds mostly from Barney's Farm for two years but I also get some interesting or proven genetics from associates occasionally. I am really satisfied with the california hybrid line of Barney's Farm. I have grown Gorilla Zkittlez, Blue Gelato 41, Pink Kush and Glookies so far and I am growing Purple Punch this time. I will be using 10 gal pot filled with coco coir for this plant.

Alongside with this plant, I am also growing an unknown seed from a grower in another city. He is an expert grower and he produces massive amounts with top shelf quality. I have tasted all of his inventory and this unknown seed will be identified as we observe some bud development. It can be either Super Silver Haze, Dinachem or White Widow. I can already tell that the plant isn't looking like a White Widow. As far as I can remember :smokin: it should be the SSH but we will see. I will grow this plant in a small pot with coco coir. I won't be pushing her too hard and try to harvest fast.

Some grow facts;


4x 288 pcs. quantum boards. Around 450W draw from the wall.
-- 2x Viparspectra R300's. 1 for small tent, 1 for red boosting QB's.
-- 3x3 and 2x2 grow tents equipped with Scrog nets, carbon filters and fans.
-- Fabric pots, coco coir topped and mixed with perlite, 1 gal. for small plant and 10 gal. for Purple Punch.
-- A stool and a grill for water drain. I am using two big plates to collect runoff and test when necessary.


--PURPLE PUNCH™ Cannabis Seeds Specifications

Type: Feminised
Photoperiod: Normal
Lineage: Granddaddy Purple x Larry OG
Effect: Very relaxed & de-stressing
Outdoor Yield (g): up to 1000 - 2000
Indoor Yield (g):up to 600 - 700 gr/m²
Flowering Time (days): 50 - 60
Indica %: 90%
Sativa %: 10%

--UNKNOWN seed to be identified.


-- General Hydroponics;

Flora Coco Grow and Bloom
- pH down
- Ripen and Florakleen (last week and flush)

-- Canna;


-- Xtreme Gardening

Mykos WP(powder form)

-- Advanced Nutrients

Piranha and Tarantula
- Big Bud

-- Plagron

pK 13/14


I am planning a long veg. for Purple Punch and a short one for the unknown plant. I will scrog both plants and feed daily with a mild solution. I will push them in flowering stage. I am planning to achieve a nice and tidy structure. I want my plants to breathe and I don't like weak nugs so I get rid of the parts that get insufficient light. I will not use the coco version of Big Bud because Flora Coco is very rich in nutrients so plants won't be needing more boost for coco. My last grow was God's Glue and that plant was very easy to work with due to its structure. I will share this plant in my next post if you guys want to check it.

Looking good. Curious, why such a big pot for coco? Most dont go above 3gallons but I've seen some crazy trees grown in .5gallon floraflex pots. Wishing you a bountiful harvest

Welcome aboard and what a nice question :passitleft:

I have interesting plans for Purple Punch. I know that this strain grows strong high yielding branchs so I topped my plant very late as you can see. I believe bigger plants produce bigger buds and I know that I have a limited space so after 2 grows in this grow tent, I decided to use its full potential. To start, coco coir is an inexpensive substance as grow medium and it is recyclable. So there is almost no downside using that much coco. I agree that this is too much but in my condition, it helps. I have a very limited time for taking care of my plants now. In past I had a lot of time and I was watering my plants multiple times a day but things have changed. I am watering once for every two days now. The root system is not yet covered the pot so the watering every two days is working for me. I think I will have to feed this plant with very large portions in flowering and I will do that.

As you said, a plant in 5 gal. pot can grow like a tree. I am using a 10 gal. pot but believe me, I am not crazy. My last grow with God's Glue was a very convenient grow. I kept my plant clean and cropped her a lot so I had a nice structure to work on. Normally its a nightmare but harvest day of the God's Glue was a joy man. I only harvested like 20 total pieces and no weak shit. I will do the same with the purple punch and leave like 20-25 main buds for flowering. I will chop everything aside the main colas and feed my plant everyday with at least a gal. of solution. I will stretch the plant as much as I can because like I said earlier, I believe that bigger plants produce bigger buds. I am expecting very fat colas from this plant and thats because I am using such a huge pot and I have proper conditions to support that.

We will dig in further. Stay tuned :passitleft:

I am back with the flip. I decided to swap both plants into flowering because the PP satisfied me with her size. I flipped the lights a week ago so today is the beginning of the second week of the blooming period. I tend to flush my plants in first two weeks of flowering to get rid of the excess salts and stuff to completely switch to flowering.

I irrigated the PP with 3.5 gal. of pH'd water. I added 3ml/l GH Florakleen to help removing the excess salts in the medium. I used the same recipe for the bagseed plant and used 2 gal. of water for flushing. I always let the water sit for 4-5 days before introducing it to the roots. PPM drops and some of the bad stuff evaporates as the water rests. Thats why I don't take my plants into shower and flush directy from the shower head. I think Florakleen does the job pretty good.

I prepared a table for a quick view, stating some facts about some values. I did a pH and PPM runoff test today and results were satisfying. Here they are;

As you can see, runoff water has higher pH and lower PPM. I collected runoff after watering with flushing solution, which had pH 6. That can imply that the runoff water could actually had slighlty more pH. If pH is going up and PPM is going down, you can understand that your plant is consuming most of the nutrients and other stuff that you feed. There is still some excess stuff in the runoff but I am totally sure that the amounts are within the acceptable region.

Here are some pics taken 3-4 days ago. I hope you guys are enjoying this ride. This PP will burst some nice buds because I will stack one of the R300's in the big tent. 450W of quantum boards and 120ish W of Vipar R300. Almost 600W actual draw from the wall, mostly using one of the most efficient LEDs in the market, with nice red boost. Lets see what they are capable of.

Cheers :passitleft:

Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride Fred :passitleft:

I am here with some update. I have just planted a Pink Kush and a Blue Gelato 41. I will veg. them until I harvest my PP and the unknown plant. I will cut some clones from PK and BG41 just a week before PP harvest. This way I will make my way into perpetual growing for one more time and use my limited seeds in a more efficient way.

I will be back with some photos from the grow tent. Plants are in 3rd week of flowering and they were flushed last week. I want to share a nice trick with you guys. When switching to flowering, I always flush my plants in order to get rid of the excess salts in the growing medium. I started using Florakleen from GH and I am happy with the results. I am using the formula for nutrient change right now but the ratio increases in final flush.

This is common knowledge so far but after flushing, some growers prefer to dry their medium out completely and I also do that. The reason behind this is simple. We transfer more oxygen to the roots if we let it dry completely in a fabric pot. I used to pump oxygen to water but my air pump is broken. I will get a new one soon because I want the maximum efficiency in my grows. Having a healthy root system is the key to harvest lots of top shelf buds. Another improvement can be a CO2 system but I don't have access to convenient systems around here. I used to prepare a system with yeast and sugar but I don't have a lot of time to deal with all of these anymore. If I can get my hands on some nice CO2 bags, I will go for it but otherwise, I'll stick with what I got now.

Stay tuned folks. We will observe some monster bud developement in 5-10 days. I haven't been feeding my plants for almost a week. They are hungry as f*ck :morenutes: I just love it when a big plant like my PP here starves and consumes 2 gal. of solution in a very brief time. I will try to prepare a nice gif focused on bud development.
Good morning @TriangleCheese
@ProfessorFlora. :ciao: Love being part of the purple punch bunch. Looking good man. I love the info! I'm using bagseed as well and have 4 pp beans popping for the greenhouse. Have a great day.:yummy::yahoo:
That Purple Punch looks great TC. Mines on her third week of flower as well. I think you might win in regards to yield though lol.

Subbed :popcorn:

Welcome aboard then :passitleft: It will definately be fun because I already detected some great purplish tones.

Good morning @TriangleCheese
@ProfessorFlora. :ciao: Love being part of the purple punch bunch. Looking good man. I love the info! I'm using bagseed as well and have 4 pp beans popping for the greenhouse. Have a great day.:yummy::yahoo:

Thanks to the Professor for covering all of the Barney's line for us. I am trying to do the same but in a smaller scale :ciao: I will try to share as much detail as possible. Feels great to be back in the mag :cheer:

I am here with some pictures from the small tent as well as the fresh popped seeds and the PP. I germinated my Pink Kush in wet paper towel and then dropped it into a small pot filled with soil. I top dressed the soil with Mykos before introducing water. I planted Blue Gelato 41 into a jiffy pellet and giving her clear water. As you can see Pink Kush is growing faster compared to the BG41. I don't know if its the soil vs jiffy or Mykos vs no Mykos or the genetics. I just wanted to compare different conditions. My conclusion here is that planting the germinated seeds in soil with Mykos helps because I have grown BG41 before and it was a very fast vegger. I can't be %100 sure though.

Flowering is going along nicely. I will install a fan into the small tent to introduce more airflow to achieve a more uniform humidity. I am feeding them using the last recipe and both plants look very healthy. I supercropped two branches on the small plant. They were getting too close to the light and I don't want them to get burned. I will share the results after recovery. I always use this technique in my grows and I think that contributes to the overall yield as well. You can check my previous grows for more supercropping examples.

Here we go;

Small tent;


Big Tent;

I am back with some update. I am now watering my plants everyday but the humidity inside the tents is around %58 and I think this is a bit too high. I will try to add more fans and let more fresh air inside the room. I am not planning a flush right now since the plants are looking good and healthy.

Supercropped branch on the small plant is almost completely healed. Today this plant is looking even better than before. I am expecting some big nugs even though the plant is small. She needs to be fed more but humidity is holding me back...

Purple Punch;

Small plant;

Supercropped branch;


I am here with some update. I've just fed my plents plenty. 2 gal. for Purple Punch and a gal. for the small plant. There was nothing dripping from the PP so I decided to feed her even more. Bud development is huge compared to the small plant. That much difference made me think what is going on with the small plant. There is nothing wrong but I was expecting more flowers by now. Unless... its a sativa :idea:

As I mentioned in my first post, this small plant is an unknown bagseed. I have taken some seeds from a fellow master grower here and I know that he is using Dinafem genetics mostly. These are feminised seeds and pollinated with accidental hermies. My friend took these seeds for me and told me which is which but I didn't label them and lost track. This can be either Dinachem, WW or Super Silver. I ruled WW out quickly because that plant looks nothing like a White Widow.

Observing this plant for several months, I can finally say that this plant is Super Silver. When I was picking this seed I was aiming to choose the SS and I tried to remember which is which and picked the best candidate. Thats why I feel sure about it but we will decide after the harvest, maybe the last week of flowering. My friend can easily identify the nugs for me so we will see.

Here are some nice shots for you guys. Enjoy :passitleft:


Well. Small plant is catching up... only with my expectations though. She can't catch up with the Purple Punch because this plant is going to be a freak. Amazing smell on both plants. Very indica like smell on the Purple Punch, intense and sugary. Small plant has an amazing hashy smell. Almsot smells like a fine charas. Definately a sativa and she started frosting already. My hands get amazingly sticky eventhough I don't touch the flowers. Definately will be a good plant for extraction.

Here is the current state. Enjoy :passitleft:

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